Monday, July 20, 2009

Workedy work

Yesterday was one of those days where most things go wrong/don't work, but it ended nicely :)

I got up to the farm early- before my bro was even up. So, I proceeded to pull t-posts. That is one cool tool. There were about 20 to pull, so I got that done relatively fast, and by then my bro was up. So, then the next thing was to talk about where to put the fence. So, we chatted, and decided that the sheep pasture would not go to the pond, so people could go there unfettered. Then, we walked and measured one side. It is VERY long. The topography is basically flat on the left/middle, then a hill to another meadow. It will be lots more fencing materials to get the top meadow in there, but I would like to, because then I could do bigger field work. But, finances may dictate... So, we shall see.

Okay, then my brother tries to start the back hoe. Nope, dead battery. So, he puts it on the charger, but also charges his other battery charger. That never got a good charge. Then I had to head out for diesel. Then we go to plan b- the brush hog- THAT is out of gas too. Great. Okay, then my brother decides to string trim around the cow fence. I had gotten gas, and he then brush hogged. Brush hogs are great :)

Finally, we got that back hoe going and made almost the full left hand clearing for the fence. There isn't much you can't do with a back hoe and a chain saw...

Soon, it was time to head to my parent's for dinner/cake. Got there, and my sister and her family showed up pretty fast. The kids went into the pool (it was a nice temp- I was tempted). We had a nice ham/scalloped potato dinner. Then more family showed up for cake. It was very nice.

I finally got home about 7:45 pm, after having left at 7:45 am. I had left Lucy and Danny out. When I got home, I fed everyone, did chores, and then it was time to head to bed. Lucy and Danny were ZONKED. As was I.

This morning, I slept later, not completely intentional, but good. Later, after work today I have to head back up to the farm and possibly start putting t-posts in. I have a pounder, but I am so not good at doing a lot of them. Joy. We will need 200? set? I don't know- a lot.

I just want to get this done. It's been on a low boil for too long.

This morning Danny was a poop head, as in did this in the house. Not good Danny! He was a good boy as a wee lad, and now he's making up for it ;) No more freedom unless I can watch you every single second. He doesn't "do" this often, but even once is enough for a life time.

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