Sunday, August 11, 2019

Farm life this summer

This summer, not unlike last summer has had its share of rain.  Lots of rain actually.  This is a good thing, always- for sheep farmers.  Rain makes grass, grass feeds sheep.  The only thing to watch for is to make sure that you have ground that has good drainage, so that their feet do not stay wet- as that can cause problems.  Fortunately, there are lots of hills, and good drainage at this place.

Last weekend I for a load of second cut, alfalfa/grass hay.  These bales were actually mostly alfalfa, and they were HUGE.  These bales were easily almost twice the normal size.  I will need a wheel barrow to tote them to the sheep.  As I cleaned up the chaff from the unload site, and gave it to the sheep, they were immediately diving into it.

My young dog is doing very well on the sheep.  The penny has dropped, and he has proven to me, that he is indeed a real sheepdog.  Joe is still my number one helper, but Robbie will be a great up and comer.  He's got great biddability, feel for the sheep, and a natural gatherer - all qualities I require in a sheepdog.

Going into the fall, I feel ready for what is to come.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spring and LIFE

Hi everyone!  I am back again!  Shocking, I know!  Life has been very busy but I thrive on busy.  I have made another investment in the farming, and purchased a new Husqvarna lawn tractor for mowing the invasive, and toxic weeds in my fields.  Plus, I will use it to seed and all sort of other things.  After 9 years there I decided it was time to stop expecting the field maintenance fairies to show up.

My dogs are good.  Soon time to get Robbie back on sheep.  Planning to get some yearlings for this purpose. I am down three ewes this year, so it all comes out even. :)  I have to work out getting them next.

I need to get some work done at my house too- I neglected the flora around the place, and also, I need some masonry done.  That's what traveling so much does for you- something gets lost in the shuffle.

I turned the sheep out in the fields the other day.  They were happy (that makes me happy).

Anyway, I want to share some pics, and I will do so once I can figure out how to do this on my phone.

I hope everyone is well.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Back to dancing

Hi all :)

So, the updates as they stand...

Got the sheep sheared- had a new shearer this year, as my usual guy is retiring from shearing.  It is very hard on the body.  I am just very glad I was able to find someone, and someone local at that. Gladly, everyone looks good- one always wonders how the sheep will look when they have all that fleece removed.   I also realized that the one ewe I thought was not bred was, so this means that the new ram lamb bred *everyone*.  This is a great thing.  He also did well over the winter.

I have a ton of clean up to to at the farm, and I want to get some gates hung.  I can actually do that myself.  BUT I first need to remove a couple years of wool that has been sitting in the barn. 

Dogs are good, time to get Robbie pup back into training.  Meow, the kitty looks great.  He loves me not traveling as much, so I won't tell him that I will be at some point..

Had a great dance lesson the other day, and I say great, because I have missed a couple weeks due to being sick and other things, and it was like I never took time off.  I am up to seven spins on my own, as he turns me in a circle. 

I am so happy lately.  It is hard to really articulate. I feel productive, relaxed, and handle the stresses that come my way so much better.  The last two years I think, existed to  put me where I am right now. 

I hope whomever is reading this is doing well!!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Two years!!!!!

Hi Everyone!  I have no idea if anyone is still around.. I am here, finally.. present in my life.  It has been a long time coming.  Social media seemed to take up a lot of my keyboard time, but I found myself just a little less than satisfied with my ability to share honestly.

So much has happened.  I thought I found true love and lost it.  I almost sold off all my sheep.  Sold some dogs. Basically, I went through the wars emotionally.  Seriously, it was tough!  I did not share this publicly, and I won't go into great detail, but I became a true cliche- the one that shows you who is important to you when you are down, who is there for you when you are down, and what is important to you no matter what.

So, what now?  I have just two dogs.  Joe, and Robbie, who turned a year last month.  I lost Lucy a couple months ago.  Lucy, the dog who started this sheepdog journey for me.  I will be burying her in her field- the first sheep field I fenced, later this week.  Fitting because it was April 2010 that we got that field set for the sheep. 

I no longer sheepdog trial, the entire social part of the trialing is just not something I can handle.  I don't blame the people, I just blame the game.  So I don't play.  I wish everyone who still does trial well.  I am more a farm girl now, and a girl who likes her solitude.  See, sheep farming for me is not work; it's my passion.  I have always been an animal person- I feel right with them.

I have also gotten into dancing, which I learned on my travels to New Zealand of all places.  The dancing gives me a chance to express myself, and just focus on giving to me, instead of animals, or others.  It's a good balance, this dancing and sheep stuff.

This year, lambing was super tough.  I had mainly all first timers. I lost two ewes.  One to ringwomb, and one who had twisted lambs I could not get out. I have never encountered this ever.  Really took me down a lot of pegs.  The lambs I do have are nice.  A couple little guys, but on the whole very nice.  I hope to sell at least one of the ram lambs as breeders.

Okay, now this part is hard.  Over the last two years, I've lost some real friends, and acquaintances.  Sometimes that happens in life, because we just lose touch, and sometimes it happens because one of us is just in no place to take *anything* that is not supportive and loving.  That would be me.  You all have no idea how bad it got for me.  I hope I can get back in contact with those who I am meant to be in contact with, but it just has to happen organically.  The healed me just doesn't go searching for rainbows anymore.  Been there, done that.

Every day peace, and solace, is really all that matters to me.

I hope you are all well.  I will be writing regularly again.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Long time no see!

Hi everyone!!!  What a journey I have been on!!!  I literally went around the world, both figuratively, and in reality... several times!  I thank goodness for my family and friends who saw me through all of it.  It was a journey I needed, desperately.  But, now, I am home.  I am home in my heart, and soul.  I am beyond grateful for everything I have, and any time I have left on this planet.  Perspective is a very big thing....

The Sheep are well.  Only have a handful now, and bought a very nice ram from High Road Sheep in Virginia.  I hope he brings us some nice lambs.

I have three dogs, Lucy, my 12.5 year old Kelpie, Joe, a BC who will by eight next month, and Robbie, my BC pup from Alberta Canada- lots of hope on his future.   Oh, and I have MEOW my kitty, the light of my life.

Still doing the same job, still same house, all of it.  I hope everyone's lives are going well, and everyone is smiling every chance they get!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Getting back into the groove

So, I am going to "Make this Blog Great Again" ;)  Well, I will at the very least try and post more than once every couple of years, maybe several times in two years...

So, life is good for me.  The Sheep are doing well.  I brought out a bale of hay to them two days ago, since they had moved in to the close field, from the outer field... this is their way of saying that there is no more feed for them out there.  So, anyway, I brought a bale out to them, and they seemed interested... Now, they are all fat, except the ram- he's a bit thin. 

Yesterday, when I got there, there was not a scrap of hay left, nothing.  I could not have vacuumed and seen it any cleaner.  Oh well, that right there tells me they are hungry.  So, I brought out a bale yesterday, this one was larger, and had more alfalfa in it.  The ram was not dog broke, so Joe had to do this.  Joe is such a sweet dog.  He does not want to bite, but he will if he must.  So I had to gee him on a bit-- and then the ram came at him, and that's when he nipped him.  Now the ram realizes Joe is not to be ignored.  Joe LOVES this.  It is absolutely the most rewarding thing to him- to feel useful to me, and to get real work done.  So, now for the next several months I will be feeding Sheep.  Joy.  Whatever, it is what you gotta do.  I do love my Sheep.  No, not in a lovey dovey way, but in a shepherd's way.  I love to take care of animals.  It is what I was born to do.  And,  Sheep really require very little in return- other than some feed and freedom to move around.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Faceboob (spelling error on purpose)

Facebook. The debil (my attempt at country slang), the ruination of society.  I will preface this by saying that Faebook can in fact be a good platform to 1) Advertise what you are selling and 2) To keep in touch with far away contacts.   Other than those two things, Faceboob is an absolute time waster, and keeps you from living your real life.  Is real life boring to you?  Then change what you are doing.  Do you feel like you are living through others by reading their exciting posts?  Then, get off the sofa, and start living your life, because before you know it, you won't be able to 1) Afford to live and 2) Actually enjoy it.

Here is a good way to discern if Facebook is the debil to you:

1) You post a photo of yourself and memorize the number of likes.

2) You post passive aggressive memes so that that special someone will see it.

3) The first and last thing you do in the day, the moment you can get on the internet, is to see what everyone ELSE is doing.

4) You take time away from real people to be on Facebook-- scroll through while at dinner, or family gatherings.

5) You believe that attention to your photographs is meaningful, that the like is for the whole you.  It is not; that like is for your physical attributes only.  This is all well and good, but it's a cheap attention, and cheap ain't what matters in life.

6) You have real life conversations on what was said on Facebook.

If all of these apply to you, at least at times, you need to step back and start living your life.  I call it Faceboob, because it does reduce our intelligence, it really, really does.  I am guilty of most of those things...  I have taken steps to walk away...  Here is what I do.

1) Remind myself daily that Facebook is NOT real.  Messages through Facebook are simple, and cheap ways to maintain connection to people without working for it.  If you want what's real, you gotta be willing to shut the phone off and get it.

2) Understand that most people are on there to advertise themselves in some way.  Not all advertisement is bad; especially if it is quality.  But, those who put up photos designed to get cheap attention, will in fact, get cheap attention, and then be sad when that is what they got.  Demand respect, do not ask for attention.  Girls, seriously, you can do far better than having someone "like" your scantily clad photo on line.  Please, have some self respect.  And guys, just be men.  Share your lives, no need for more.  I won't go further than that ;)

3) The biggest thing for me, was to delve so far down into Faceboob, that I lost all sense of who I was.  And I had to go searching for help to identify who I truly was.  Now, the people I admire more than anyone, are the ones who are rarely on Faceboob; for they have mastered life... Faceboob is simply a diversion from real life.  Don't miss your life for a like on the fake Faceboob.  Please don't.

Live your life like it's the only one you've got, don't miss a thing!!!