Thursday, April 28, 2011

Never got anything domestic done yesterday, just couldn't get to it. Never got hay, so I decided that I should just go ahead and turn the sheep out to their pasture. It could be more replete with grass, but the area that the sheep hang out was just so overly gross and wet, I needed to get them out. The black flies are so bad that they really just wanted back to the barn. I put Swat on their ears, and left them. I hope they are not overly stressed by the flies. Those flies take chunks out of you!

Danny worked a bit nuttily yesterday.. I have no idea why. Lucy is having some sort of mental issue- when I go to leave work, or when I come home, she's panting. Not sure if it's separation anxiety, or what. I hope that she comes out of it. She has a fair amount of bruising above the incision site that grew a bit yesterday.

Last night Danny woke me up by puking- now, I don't think Danny has ever puked... So, since he soiled his blanket in his crate, I took it out, and then, of course, he would not settle, so I just let him out of his crate and he slept loose. And... it was fine. So, I think I will just leave him loose now.

Today they are calling for severe thunderstorms, and I hope that we get spared as much as possible. It will cool things down a bit, and I HOPE lower the humidity. I put the a/c in the window last night. Of course I messed up and left it on fresh air and in so doing was breathing in lots of pollen, which kept me up. Not very smart.

Well, that's it for now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

POURED last night. Woke me up. Actually, I may have sort of been up- I didn't sleep well, not sure why- possibly because Lucy was shivering a bit. She kept waking up and looking for me. Got a lot of rain- I can tell by the wash of detritus down the streets.

Today, I have to stop by Home Depot and get some outlet covers etc., and then I want to get that flooring installed. Also have to shampoo the carpet in the living room. I may pull the carpet in the bedroom- it needs to be replaced.

Was very humid last night. I may actually get the a/c in the window this week. I can handle heat, but not humidity when I try to sleep- add allergies to humidity, it's pretty horrible.

Very bad news, Lucy's mother Krazee passed away unexpectedly. Lucy, her owner just adored that dog, and she was quite competitive in agility and threw wonderful pups.
I was shocked to hear it, and very sad, because these two bitches are very similar.

Life is short. Keep enjoying your dogs, because you never know when they might leave you.

So, that's it for now....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today... Well, I met with the brother of the person who was picking up the fleece, and it's all gone and I have some cash in my pocket- which will have to go to groceries. Poor I am lately. Poor I will be. Ho hum.

Anyway, I worked Danny just a little today as it was HOT. About 82 degrees. The yearlings just can't accept the bug thing and keep running next to the barn for solace. As I returned from my walk with Danny, I see what I think are two yearlings who had gotten out of the field. That field is high tensile wire that is not charged, and apparently they are quite adept at snaking through it. The one yearling ran right back in when she saw me, but the other took a bit of convincing, and then went THROUGH the fence, instead of through the gate I had open. This leads me to believe that they are desiring good grass enough to fight fences, so as it stands, they got their last bale of hay today (leftover 2nd cutting which they LOVE). So, tomorrow is moving day- move over the water, and set up hoses. I need to get the barnyard fence up (brother has a friend who will do this) ASAP, so they can get to barn if they want- they appear to love the barn...

In any case, I will get everything set up tomorrow, and move them out in the field they belong. I should wait another couple of days, maybe I will... I just don't want the new grass ruined...

On the way home after dropping off the fleece, I picked Lucy up. Everything went fine, and the bill was less than I thought it would be. Imagine that! Lucy was hyper in the car, and when I stopped by John's on the way home- she barked for me. That is unusual, but she's out of sorts. The ewes and lambs were turned out today, and as I got there, John was using his golf cart to herd them back in... We need to fix his fence!

Pete was put down this morning. John's farm hand was there, and he led Pete out to the hole vicinity (after they gave a bit of ACE to him to make him less painful on the walk), and then it was done. John was gratified he didn't have to be there, and I cannot blame him one bit. His farm hand cried, and I would have too. He nickers at you, you know? He was a sweet old horse.

So, today I have done a little bit of cleaning, but I need to get cracking on putting the new floor down and I need to put the paintings back up etc.

Thunderstorms forecasted for Weds/Thurs. Oh, better get a pen set up so Danny actually knows what I want for a pen.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Shearer came on Saturday morning. Turns out the punky yearling was fine when I checked her before he got there, and all the yearlings fought equally hard, so I guess the worming did the trick. Sheep all look so much smaller now. It's amazing the difference. Two of the fleeces' have been paid for and picked up, and tomorrow, the rest goes.

Danny is getting fitter and fitter. Today, after our second lap around the outside of the field, Danny took off ahead and in the matter of just about 1-2 minutes, made another lap and came galloping up from behind me. He's pretty incredible.

Lucy was spayed. Yes, I decided that the odds of me finding a decent male to breed her to, coupled with the fact that I am just not set up to raise puppies, PLUS that she is getting older, I just decided to do what I felt is right. I do regret it a bit, but what can I do? It's done.

John's horse Pete will be put down tomorrow at 8:00 am. His daughter and he had a row over him shooting Pete, so I contacted my vet friend who will come by and euthanize him tomorrow. He came by on Easter to check to see if anything could be done, but his legs are just completely shot. That horse (with no pain meds on board) is pretty much down all the time. He is able to move around today, but still limps, even with all that pain medication. Very sad. He's a very nice horse.

Supposed to hit 80 tomorrow. I do not like that idea, but spring is just a weird time of year. Oh, and thanks, if you did- for praying for my grass to grow- it is :)

Well, that's it for now.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Painting in lr and kitchen done
couch and table bye bye (old)
weak/wormy? yearling
shearing today
drive out to get better than cruddy hay I got
get b-12 for yearling
maybe work danny, but rain forecasted

update at eleven, or whenever I get to it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Minus two ram lambs. Two were dispatched this weekend by some buyers. Life is not so long for ram lambs :( Anyway, glad I wasn't there to hear the yelling by mother...

When I saw the sheep today, I saw that the lambs are really growing in leaps and bounds. Eating well and as of next week, they will be turned out onto pasture with the flock. They shall love that. Let's hope Coyotes don't appear.

My pasture is NOT ready to be grazed- no way. I got another name for hay- closer and a bit cheaper so, I am waiting to hear back. I think at least another 2-3 weeks... Yes, more money...

Didn't work Danny much at all today, just working on not being tight/tense in the small pen, as he needs that. Then, we just sat and watched the sheep graze for a bit. Oh, and we are now up to three laps around the outside of the field. Feels good to finally get some good regular exercise in.

Tomorrow I go and get the paint for the ceiling and walls- today, I will take everything off the walls in prep. I will also spot clean and dust them. Can't wait to brighten this place up.

Well, that's it for now, do me a favor and pray for my grass to grow....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

So, everything is sanded, and a few new spackle spots done. Funny, after I finished two spots on the wall, I went back and the spackle had disappeared. I thought "hmmm, did it get absorbed?".. That was until I saw Nikke licking it OFF the wall... Sheesh.

Well, I blocked off those areas, and will now have to sand them, and then wipe down the walls and get paint. Will do ceiling first, edging really first, and then the walls. Going to get some new switch plates as well. I also want to caulk the windows and paint them. Tucker, my Boxer was tough on this house, so there are nail pokes in the window frames.

Today, I am BEAT. Not sure what I will get done. Allergies are world record levels. Am using Zyrtec today, and so far not bad. Better than Allegra. My mom invited my brother and I over for some Prime Rib, so that will be tonight. I may just go to the farm later and combine the trips.

We did get a lot of rain last night. Three bales left.... Will I make it? Shearing is scheduled for Saturday, with rain on Mon/Tues. Not sure how long it takes for sheep to dry off, but I may barn them up on Thursday if it is going to rain. It is fore casted to rain on Sat when shearer comes, so we may do all the shearing the barn.

So, the rest of this morning will be just drinking coffee and getting up energy to do more on my list. Probably won't work Danny today, but not sure. Oh, one little milestone. It was a year yesterday that I have had my sheep. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am so happy. I wanted to take the opportunity to share that :) First, headed up to the farm this morning after grocery shopping, and worked Danny. Danny did very well. Then, we (Danny, Lucy and I) walked a couple laps around the outside of the pasture and I noted that the grass is growing nicely :)

Then I came home and set forth sanding the old spackled areas, and then I spackled new areas. Then, I made a nice early dinner, and had a bit of Blueberry pie.

Then, I just started thinking how happy I am. To be able to finally get this living room to where I want to have more get togethers at my place, to have a dog like Danny who is fun to work, and Lucy who is reliable at getting the job done. To have two great cats, and two cool Parakeets.

Also, to have so many fun events coming up and seeing people I enjoy hanging out with, and to have my own gig, as it were with the sheep. I don't have to feel left out when I don't get invited to work dogs at a friend's place, because now I am the one who invites people over :)

Moreover, that having two days off in a row has re-centered me in such a way that everything seems do-able. Putting my signature in my house, and re-doing it, so that I can be proud of my creation, well, that's just icing on the cake.

Things are good, very good.
YEAH!!!!!!!! I slept through the night last night!!!!!!! I took a couple of Tylenol PM, which has same active ingredient as Benadryl, but THIS worked! I was able to breathe through my nose and sleep, just sleep, and actually slept later than normal. I got the name of another allergy med to try, and will get some today.

Today, after I work Danny, take care of sheep, the plan is to start working in the living room- sand all the gloppy Spackle my mother left, and then Spackle other places that need it. Once all that is done, I have to pick a paint. I may go with a yellow- a very light yellow. I need color in this house. Of course, before I paint, I have to get my tarps out to protect the floor and furniture. I have cathedral ceilings in my living room, so it is no fun job to paint. Once the painting is done, however, then I can work on replacing the flooring at the entryways.

I hope to get most of this work done this week. Then, I can work on the kitchen, which needs a new counter top for the microwave counter. A butcher block would be the best choice, but not sure...

Then, I have to fix the deck stairs that some how have started pulling apart (the risers)- don't ask me how, but I have a metal dowel and nuts, and will get to it soon.

I have 4 bales of hay left... That's it. We are supposed to get heavy rain tonight, and then rain again on Weds. I pray that this rain tonight is just what we need to get the grass really growing. Don't want to buy hay. Sheep are feeling frisky, and I can't wait to let them into their home pasture- they will be very happy.

My new book by Diane Mott Davidson "Crunchtime" is GREAT. Just like usual. She's a great author. So great to settle down to a nice book at night.

My Forsythia a blooming right now, so pretty. Soon, my Canada Red Cherry trees will leaf out and that will be awesome. Spring is really a nice time of year.

Well, need some coffee and other sustenance (toast!) so better get a move on...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Allergies. They are HORRENDOUS this year. I was up again last night, even after having taken two Benadryl. Allegra is now OTC, and I think they must have weakened it, because it's doing me no good. Me and no sleep is not a good combination.

Other than feeling terrible, things are okay. Grass is growing in the pasture, and dogs are getting worked. Been walking them for longer and longer stints. Picked up some stuff at Home Depot to work on the house, so I plan to get that started soon.

Just found out that I will not be working at the fair this year- they have no money in their budget. This is good to know. Would have been nice to have the money, but to tell the truth, it is not enough money for all the headache. I have to tighten my belt, which is something it seems I am always doing.

So, not much other than this..... I just pray I can get a handle on these allergies.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So, this week has been going well. Got the seed in the pasture yesterday, and worked Danny just a little bit- only working now on whistles, a little each day. Sheep are keen to come back out of training pasture for their hay, which is a bit surprising seeing as there is grass growing there now.

Last night I started watching the Derek Scrimgeour dvds that John lent me. The first one is "A Hill Shepherd....". So far so good. Scenery is also quite beautiful. Danny can't be in the room with me when I watch this stuff (and neither can Lucy) as there are whistles and commands that they cannot perform, and I think it really bugs them...

Getting psyched for the lessons I have scheduled with different trainers. May/June is going to be busy for Danny, Lucy and I. I think, no, I KNOW I am the one who really needs the work.

Was raining this morning when I got up- should have known- the dogs did not stir at all before it was time to get up. They must hear the rain. This is good for the seed I put in. Now, we need days of bright sunshine and nights of some rain to get things really going.

I was thinking the other day about where I am now, and where I am going.... I think I am already there... Odd to say. But, I don't feel like I have to prove anything to anyone, and my goals have pretty much been met. Whatever I do from here on out, will be with an eye toward it being something I enjoy, and not a "must". Of course there are goals for my house, but that's pretty mundane.

I guess I am just in a more settled place than I was a few years back. I do think getting the sheep did help me to re-balance where I wanted to be. Takes the time from wondering WHAT'S next, to getting on with it.

I don't envy folks who are always striving for that next achievement, or to impress others, or any other such folly. Basically, life is what you make of it. It's not always fun, or exciting, but at the end of the day, if you can say, "yes, I am happy", then you have made it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well, Sunday was indeed quite productive. I did all I planned to do and then some. The house looks great, and I started the work week ready to go.

Rained all day yesterday, so I didn't work Danny, we took our daily walk around the farm, and he and Lucy wondered off, and I heard barking- like they had something cornered. I yelled for both of them... Neither were injured, but they looked exhilarated...

Today after work the plan is stop by Agway and get more pasture seed and get it spread. Grass is starting to grow, and weather has warmed up enough that new seed has a chance.
Sheep are still in their winter quarters until the grass is really well established.

Got a new book by Diane Mott Davidson yesterday- so excited; she is one of my favorite authors. Also, bought some new clothes, and had lunch with some friends. Was a very good day.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Regaining traction

Well, here it is, the second of my two days off in a row. This is the first time I have had this in over two years. It's rather um, I don't know how to define it.

Mr Big cat tried to get me up early, but being that I was able to chill yesterday, today I was even less apt to get up and run. It was really good.

It's still quite early, but I have already started laundry, and tackled this mish mash pile of clothes/bedding/rugs to sort through and put away/get rid of/put down. I am going to put away my heavy winter comforter and bring out the summer one, and I may even order a new one since Danny chewed a hole in it...

Plan is to clean the house, bird cage, etc., and then up to the farm to work Danny, and maybe leave my sheep out in the field to graze a bit... We will see. It is windy again today, so no new seed going out, but the good news is, it appears that warm weather will stay around now. So very happy about that. Need to find a shearer- closer than the one I used last year. Gosh, I am almost afraid to see how fat my sheep are... Although, with the dog work lately, I think they are taking some of the extra weight off.

Did I say how cool it was to have another day off? Really, it's just amazing. I think for dinner I may get a rotisserie chicken, and some potato salad. Not sure, but it sounds good....

Will definitely stop by John's today, and see how the creep feeder we set up is working- it's a pen John bought with the door opening only large enough for lambs. Once they get the hang of that, they should all start to really gain some good weight. Ten ram lambs are sold already for Easter by a long time customer of John's, and then I will pick out which ewe lambs I want. I think John is striving for a smaller, but healthier flock and I think once we get them wormed, he will see a great improvement in weight gain and milk production for his breeding ewes. This has been a lot of fun, and a lot of learning for me- helping John every day. I went into this lambing with a lot of sentimentality for the lambs, and losing one was really hard, but as time has gone on, I see that you have to do what you can, but realize that not every single lamb can/will make it.

It is so green outside today- almost, well, amazing. Dogs are all laying around my feet and cats are back asleep after their breakfast. Oh, and Ginger, my old kitty is 18 years old today. Amazing. Who would have thought. She isn't very agile, and she can get a bit demanding, but all in all, she's still my same wonderful Ginge.

So, basically, life is good. Very good. Here's to a great day for everyone!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

This is a photo of the falls at the old mill near our farm. I used to walk there as a kid and just watch the falls

Here is a recent shot of the lambs- not all inclusive, but you can see that they are growing and now that they are outside, they have more space to run.

Can't believe it's been a week since I blogged- it has been very busy. I got the dogs to their spring check ups, and everyone is well. Danny was proclaimed "beautiful" by the vet, and he weights 39 lbs. Lucy is 36, Kylie a whopping 45 and Nikke, at fat 34 lbs. Kylie doesn't look/feel fat, so she really is just a bigger dog. Danny nailed her (his herding behaviour again) right before we left for the vet, and when we got there I found her ear with a tear or two in it, and she was put on antibiotics.

My sheep are doing well- trimming feet as I go. Soon I will be able to leave them out but not for a while. Still no real grass growing. I seeded the pasture today, so I hope to heck it starts growing soon!

John's lambs are doing well. Growing and outside. Today we put together a creep feeder for them. Four yearlings were sold to a woman today, and I put them in her sub compact- back seat- for her. Odd, but true.

I continue to work Danny, we need to start to learn how to shed, and also get our whistles solid, but other than that, he's doing amazingly well. It's like, well, simple for him, therefore, simple for me. He's really just a great dog to work.

Tomorrow not sure what I will do, probably end up working at the farm, John's and maybe get some yard work done at the house. I need to clean too.

Well, that's it, hope everyone is having a great weekend!