Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, the weekend is here- shall we rejoice? Yes, we shall. I plan to enjoy it, savor it, make it last, like a good steak. That reminds me, I need to get one of those...

So, I worked Danny- yes, I did. I plucked up the courage, finally. Danny happens to lay down when told. No, you can't always trust him to stay there, but for the most part he does, so I can down him and face him as I walk to the sheep. How cool is that???? I can also lay him down just about anywhere when needed, once the sheep are stopped- now, that does not mean he will stay- he popped up at least once, but I will say, it does give one a bit of a leg up when you have that. And, I don't have to back it up really, just say "lay down" and he does. Who woulda thunk it?

Anyway, I got Danny to lay down, got to my sheep and allowed him to move. He still wants to go straight to the sheep (I can see it in his eyes), but I can get him around. I can get him to change directions, but he is still real pushy when I walk backward, and I don't really want to get on him for that as he is so young, so I say ah-ah, and then, if he still pushes, we change direction. I am WAY WAY out of shape. I can only work him for, like, 5 mins, and then have to stop. I think that's probably good for him too. His mind is absorbing a lot in a short time, so maybe my physical shortcomings are a good thing. At one point his tongue was hanging out of the side of his mouth, so I decided to stop there, and I downed him and he did... can you believe it? I know I keep repeating but, it BEARS repeating!

So, we did two little sessions, and he was good. He is slower on one side than the other (his least favorite side), but before, it was hard to get him to go that one direction he least favored, so we have improvement. At this point I just want to keep things calm, short, progressive and stop him when he is super keen. He is still so very young, I don't want to cause any issues for him.

After the last session, I had to sit down. I felt like I might have a heart attack. Seriously. My heart felt raspy- as it beat- hard to explain- sort of like it was working real hard for not great result- also, it didn't feel like strong deep beats, only light ones. I have no idea what that's about- maybe I need Lixotinic....

Okay, now that we are done, I took Danny and Lucy down to the pond. They love it there. They both go in, Danny swims a bit, and then they play chase around the pond, and then back in the pond to cool off- lather, rinse repeat. It's such a nice time for them. Who would have thought Danny and Lucy would be such friends???

Even in the morning, as I come out of the bathroom, there is Danny on the bed with Lucy, playing- NO ONE is allowed on the bed, says Lucy.

Okay, so on the way home I stopped and got some dog meds, and then, halfway home, I hear Danny whine. I learned from the last time that when he looks really grim, he has to wee. So, we pulled into a park, and I took him out of his crate. I swear he went for over a minute. I could not believe how bad he had to go.

So, then I got dog/cat food, and then back out for an oil change for my car. Busy but good day.

Tomorrow I may go watch a sheepdog trial, I don't know, maybe. Or, maybe I stay home and get something done here....


BCxFour said...

I am right there with you on how long I can work Bonnie - it is EXHAUSTING! Thank goodness I am working out at Curves because if I wasnt I would be dead in the field. Dead as a doornail from a heart attack. Hang in there...hopefully he will stop pushing so hard soon and you can slow down to a nice sane pace!

sheepkelpie said...

Thanks Carolyn. But, if I do have a heart attack, I am leaving Danny AND Lucy to you!