Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time to go shopping

I have to go find a dress for the wedding I am attending this weekend. Should be a great time. I haven't shopped for a dress in a very long time though. Not really looking forward to it, but so be it. Can't wear ONLY jeans my WHOLE life. It will be a busy weekend between work and the wedding. May see if sis can let my dogs out.

It rained most of yesterday. Still got some play in with Lucy and Danny, but not really enough. My lower yard is back to being flooded again. This is one WET year, with MONSTER biting insects. If I don't catch west nile, I will be amazed.

I had a wash of feeling well last night so I caught that wave, and cleaned and cleaned. Vacuumed (sorely needed) and cleaned the kitchen. I even washed some walls. Just lots to catch up on. Many times I just feel so bad, all I can do is nothing. So, when I feel good, I need to GO WITH IT.

So, wish my luck on the dress purchase. Joy.

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