Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All's Quiet

Well, I got a dress :) It's a one piece, with a jacket. Floraly print, comfy, and looks good. I didn't have lots of hope when I started looking. Had a lady who was shopping remark how nice it looked. So, that' set.

I also bought some stuff for the house. Good to get that done. Today was no rain day, so I was able to be outside with the dogs. That's good. Brother called to tell me that the fence line is just about ready for fence.... I won't be going until it is. I just can't sit around- not in my DNA.

So, two more days to the week. I may work sheep, who knows. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow to discuss this heart issue. I have vaso-vagal syncope, and in thinking back, many of my symptoms are akin to when I have issues with that. Either way, I do NOT want to be such a weakling cardio-wise, so I have to get this rectified.

The fun thing about the wedding this weekend, is my father has been hired to video tape. Cool.

Right now Mr. Chips is laying to my left, Lucy under my chair and all's quiet on the NY front. It's nice that way. Almost finished with the Sue Henry book I am reading for the second time (I didn't realize I had read it when I bought it). She has a new one out due later this year- yeah :)

I am very sad for Darci, one of the blogs I follow, as she has lost her very special Lexy dog. Some how, I feel a connection to Darci- like we are kindred spirits or something- and we have never met. It's odd. But, my hugs go to her in this very sorrowful time.

Well, that's it.

Oh, smile for the day:

I was able to by a dress in the same size as usual. It's a good thing.


BCxFour said...

Glad you went to the MD! Did he give you a reason for the vasovagal syncope? I am glad it isnt anything too serious.

My heart broke for Darci today when I read about Lexi.

sheepkelpie said...

Actually, I was diagnosed with the vvs a few years back when I passed out in a restaurant, and went for the tilt table test. Some people with this are fitted with a pace maker- but I hope that just the hydration, and maybe some electrolytes, and laying down when needed will avert all that. Today is the GP appointment, and then I learn if I need further testing.

Yes, I am so sorry for Darci. It's been so hard for her. I am glad her mom's there for her too. We are all there for her.