Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mental, and trial report

What a busy few weeks it's been. I am knackered and just about shell shocked. I need rest, and lots of it, and just quiet.

Monday and Tuesday was the sheepdog trial at High Point Farm. On Monday morning, I got up nice and early and headed out. On a road just about 5 mins from my house, I came upon a dark brown animal walking in the road. Now, it was still a bit dim outside, so I squinted to see what it was... Was it a moose calf? No, as I got closer, I saw that it was a Donkey. I slowed down, and he then walked in front of my car. I then had to get out to shoo him away. I then called 911, and told them there was a Donkey in the road. She said she would send her partner. Then, I called the local country radio station.

I actually got the dj, and he aired the conversation on the radio. Here's how it went:
"Hi, my name's Julie, I listen to you every morning. I Just wanted to give a shout out to anyone who may be missing a Donkey- there is a Donkey walking up North Quaker road" The dj then said "Wait, you are kidding, you mean to tell me there is a Jack Ass in the middle of the road?" To which I replied "Yes, and it's a Monday, so people don't have patience for it". I've no idea how it turned out for said Donkey, but he had a bite from a horse on his butt, so maybe he left to find some folks who DO like him....

So, I continue on my way, and then I hear on the radio that the northbound lanes of the Thruway are closed down, due to a tractor trailer roll over. Great. I think, well, I have the GPS, that will get me through- NOT. We all had to get off, and then my gps took me on a BIG circle back where I started... Finally back on the thruway past the accident, and then, two different times, I was cut off and had to go on the shoulder. What an eventful trip.

When I got there, Nursery was done, and Ranch was well into it.

It was a good trial, and there was a mentor program going on, where you get paired with an open handler, and basically learn the ropes. I was paired with a nice woman named Pat, and we went up top to help set out. That was cool. We also judged some Ranch runs, and saw how they compared to what the judge scored. Neat too!

Then, it was time to run Lucy. I stood and watched a few runs, and Lucy was quite calm. She lay behind me, totally in the zone. We walked out there, and I sent her away. She had a good outrun and lift, and she stopped where I asked on the fetch. We had trouble at the turn at the post, but that was because I forgot which way to go. She drove well, but my sheep were spreading out, and we had to keep them together, and we lost points on our lines. She got them past the gates, and it was a turn into the field, and Lucy finally, on third request took her away flank, brought them back around, and I got the pen open in a lot of extra time, and then two went in with a straggler behind, and Lucy did just the right thing and we got them in. It was such a nice calm run.

We lost almost all our drive points by the wrong turn at the post, and the spreading out of the sheep, and the past the gates by a bit too much at the drive away, but all in all, it was a very good run for us.

We walked off the field and the judge made a nice comment, and then, a bunch of other people made comments too- people that normally don't speak to me. I think they were shocked, that Lucy was not "mental" and hyped up out there. Too bad it wasn't on tape.

Tuesday was a different story. She did not lay down on the fetch, the sheep were already sick of this stuff by their fourth day, and even though we got them around the post, Lucy was an idiot, and I retired, and ran out at her, WAY angry. No more garbage from her.

I did have a mini mental break down when I began to think about Tucker again. I have to get over this. I was crying, and I don't like to do that in public...

I was so tired when I got home, that I couldn't sleep- really. Finally, I got to sleep and woke up to a nice day, no humidity, and cool.

Well, that's it for now...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ill, but now better

I am back, sort of. I started feeling sick Friday afternoon. Saturday morning, Sat night, and now am starting to feel better. It was some sort of stomach bug. Oh Lord. I lost weight, that is good. But, I was very ill last night, and just was in pain. Thankfully, it appears I am getting back to normal.

Just because I am sick, doesn't mean I don't have to work, so I have worked all weekend. The guys are working in the field, and have made some good progress. I can't believe how many trees. Two of them and still they are not done processing all the trees. As of tomorrow, guy #2 starts a new job, so then I am down to just one guy. I don't want to let him go, as he is doing well, and I need this stuff DONE. I have certainly poured $$ into getting this field in shape. Things are very tight right now, so I am glad this is the sort of work I won't have to have done again. Rest assured, if we fence in another area, an excavator will be brought in, no more messing around.

The dogs are bored, and I haven't been bringing them with me to the farm, because I basically just go out there to pay the guys. The sheep are very friendly to me, because I haven't brought the dogs. Things will change on that score soon enough. Hopefully by the end of this week, it will be done.

I will need time to get my sheep fit for the demos we are doing and also, I am buying some sheep, so we need room for all the ladies.

Both Parakeet babies have fledged, though one has now sought refuge back in the nest box. That's not quite right little guy! They are beautiful though. Another week they will have to go to their new homes, and I need to get that nest box out of there, before momma decides to start a new clutch.

Dogs are good. Lucy cut her foot just below a nail, but seems okay. Danny is Danny. He's a good boy, but he needs to work.

I am sporting a massive bruise from when a horned sheep nailed me the other day (I was looking at them to buy). I will never own horned sheep. It's not worth it.

Well, that's it for now.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Having a very hard time

I am having a very hard time with dealing with losing Tucker. I put him down in January, and I regret it. I regret it more every day. Tucker had been starting to fail- losing control of his urine, but only occasionally. His biggest issue was with the huge lymph node on his neck, that was Cantaloupe size, and was starting to bother his breathing. Vets said it was Lymphoma, but the biopsy didn't verify it, or rule it out.

When he was there in the room, he wouldn't lay down, so I told him he could do what he wanted, and then they began by sedating him, and he look at me, I felt like he felt betrayed. I killed my dog. I have not ever gotten over that.

At the sheepdog trial a couple weekends ago, I burst into tears when I saw an old BC. I miss Tucker so much, it tears at me. I am crying as I write this. I don't know when this will ease, but right now, I just am not accepting that I did the right thing. I am full of regret.

I miss you so much Tucker.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A bit better, I'd say...

Things are a bit better than the last time I posted. I think my main issues are that I am very tired all the time again, and need to get this stupid B 12 and Iron deficiency dealt with, permanently. Not only are you just super tired all the time, but you get a bit depressed, and don't want to do much.

I got my car back- YEAH!!! I missed having my wheels, and being able to work my dogs. I worked Danny and Lucy yesterday. Lucy's outrun has really not been very good, and when I worked her, I stopped her most of the outruns to then give her a "get out", and she would do it, but not that great. Toward the end, my friend said "she's tight" and with that, Lucy stopped dead in her outrun, and I told her to get out. She gave a little, but not too much. I don't know why. Oh well, not much to be done, except remind her by my positioning how she needs to leave, and give her a GET OUT on the fly, if I need to. We have been doing a ton of driving, so perhaps that's the reason. She's taking her stops, so that's good.

Danny did well. His outruns are better than Lucy's, and he's settling in well with the work. He does get hot, and will run to look for water, but at that point, I will get him back, send him once more, and then we both go for water. It has to be a partnership- no one leaves the other hanging- you can't do that in sheepdog work. I am always cognizant of how how he really is, so the danger of over heating is almost nil, but I am careful.

When I got home last night, I found that Ginger had used my bed as a litter pan again. I think Ginger is losing it. She gets around okay, but sometimes she forgets, I think where she has to go. I will be getting a shower curtain to put on my bed, just to keep my bedding clean, when she "forgets" where to go.

Lucy was very tired last night, and Danny was too- he fell asleep early in his crate. Today the forecast is for VERY hot weather. Yuck. Hot and humid- that means nothing much going on outside.

Oh, I saw one of the babies stick his/her head out the box this morning! Cool. We will see how long before they actually fledge.

Well, that's it for now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sort of down

Well, here it is Monday, and I am feeling sort of down. I know it will pass, but.... This Friday the two guys are coming to finish the field- that is, finish cutting down/up/dragging/piling all the trees. You should see the pile we already have. It's huge. I haven't been doing anything with the sheep, because the field isn't workable. Once they are done however, things will be much better. It's just been such a long slog, with no partner/helper, things seems to be that much more onerous.

I worked this weekend, and then on Sunday we had my nephew's confirmation, then dinner for Father's day at my parents'. It was very nice, good food (I brought deviled eggs), and it was good chatting it up with everyone.

It's hot as heck right now, and this week it will stay that way. I don't like weather like this. Danny can't hack doing much in it, so not much work for him. The difference in heat tolerance by Lucy vs Danny is incredible. Danny gets hot so much faster, and takes much longer to cool off. I wonder if I should trim him down a bit?

The baby Parakeets are SO loud, I sure hope they fledge soon. Poppa still feeds them, and they are near the box opening, but so far they haven't budged- ha ha- the Budgies haven't budged ;)

I hope I get my car back today. I really need it so I can work my dogs, and do what I need to. The car my sister lent me is doggy non-grata, so no working the dogs.

I think when all is said and done with the pasture, I will have a few friends over, or maybe, just me, myself and I, and will just sit up there and have a beer. I have spent loads of $$, time, stress and sweat over this relatively small pasture. It makes one wonder, how important is a non-necessity..... I guess at the end of the day, it comes down to doing something right, and also, keeping it in perspective. I *could* have sold my home and bought a new place, with a brand new huge mortgage, that I am saddled with for ever... or, I could do what I did. Spend a fraction of the cost, and if my circumstances change, well, then I am not paying for something I don't use anymore. When it comes down to it, who knows what I will be doing/where I will be living in 10 years? When you are single and doing it all on your own, you need to hedge your bets, and plan for the future, on one income. That's just the way it is.

I think maybe this week, I will change the look of the blog a bit- though I am woefully inept at things like html, and that sort of thing, I would like to get the blog updated to reflect my current life... A life that to some may seem rather boring, but it's the only one I got!

Some day, I fervently pray, that I can finally be financially okay, life will be so much easier that day. WORD.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday here!

I can't believe it's Friday already. This week has blown by. Still don't have my car back; hopefully today. I need to be able to take my dogs in my car! Work has been busy, and then there's the joy of outside work at the house. I mowed the other day, and yesterday I string trimmed. Whenever I think I may want a bigger place, I think about how much work this little place is, and I get over that want pretty fast... Still have to trim the bushes and shrubs, but then I am caught up.

I think I have my fence unroller/stretcher sold. I am selling it at a much reduced price, but I need the money, and it is just sitting there. The chainsaw guy is coming back next Friday, with help, to finish the pasture. I can't wait :) It will be great to finally see my pasture, not woods. Still a lot of trees, but definitely will be a workable space.

I am working on pulling the sheepdog demo together for the fair- so far I have a pen, bridge and a chute planned. Going to be a point/time deal, where different dogs work, and I will announce, and also work my dogs. I am looking forward to it- sort of.

This weekend will be spent working, and cleaning the house, and chilling with the dogs- is supposed to be hot. Maybe the Budgie babies will fledge- that would be neat....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So much for a quiet week- in a good way !

Yesterday I dropped my car off at the auto body repair shop to repair the damage to it from the deer collision a few weeks ago. I borrowed my sister's car, and was planning to hang out at the farm for the day, and meet a friend who was dropping off a pen I bought from them. I headed to the farm, checked the sheep, and the work that the chainsaw guy did, and everything was fine. Sheep look good, field is 1/2 done like he said and starting to look more like a pasture and less like woods.

So, I get a voice mail telling me I ought to head out to get a lesson with Barbara Ray, the judge from the trial this weekend. I didn't have to have my arm twisted. So, I pick up the dogs, and head out there. It was Danny's turn for a lesson. I didn't know how it would go on strange sheep, strange field.... First thing we addressed was Danny's pulling on a leash. Check, done.

Then we set the sheep up for an outrun on his good side. He was good. Then his bad side- good again, not as good but definitely not bad. We kept working and Barbara stood next to me and gave me real time handling directions which was AWESOME. WOW. I just can't believe how much I got from the lesson. Danny worked well, and by the end of the session I was really stoked. I have to write down all that she told me. Barbara said that she thought he would be nice, and she did like his outruns.

Danny has come so far. I wish I had known what I know now, when I trained Lucy. It would have saved us a lot of angst.

After the lesson I headed home, and then got a call that there was more damage than originally found on my car, so the adjuster has to come and okay the repair (the a/c condenser was damaged).

I had another night terror last night- that makes it several nights in a row. I woke up feeling very weak- breathing fast and very weak/tired. I bet I need another B12 shot. The lawn has to be mowed, the house cleaned and the pasture dealt with.

So much. I just will do what I can, and that's it. No trial this weekend (thank goodness). We are having a trifecta of fathers father's day celebration on Sunday, so that will be nice.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trial Report etc.

Well, the weekend is over and I am bushed. Seriously tired. It was a great weekend, and now it's time to get back to normal, what ever that is.

I met my friend at the Finality farm sheepdog trial on Friday. That was after a day of work, and trying to meet the guy who cut down all the trees for me, to pay him. I waited 45 mins and he never showed up. He calls me several hours later to tell me that he thought I meant another time. Jeez.

Well, I get to the trial anyway, and we commence to watch the runs. These were Kathadin/Dorper sheep. These are not your well dog broke animals, and they made every dog work hard. Sometimes they ran, sometimes they stopped. Real test. The judge scrutinized each run with equal firmness, and being that these were not trial sheep, and the scores were not high. The second day, the winning open score was a 69. These sheep were not penners either. I think there were less than 10 pens for all the weekend (and that includes the novice runs too). I saw some of the best pen work in my life, yet still no pen. Since the shed was after the pen, there were even fewer sheds.

After watching for a while, I started to get a bit sick. I did not really want to run Lucy under this judge, I felt like we didn't belong. I mean, if an open dog can score that low, I just don't want to even try. I basically had an upset stomach all weekend. I was just plain intimidated.

Friday evening my friend and I had a nice dinner out at a local restaurant. The next day, Saturday, more runs were watched and Danny and Lucy got to hang with me for a while. We hit the same restaurant on Sat night, and had more good food. When we returned home Sat night, I found that Ginger had peed on my bed. Great. Laundry until 10:00 pm, and I was TIRED.

Sunday was our turn. I had Lucy out for a long time (mistake). When we go up there, I was mildly nervous (that's an understatement). I get out there, send Lucy come by, she does a marginally good outrun, lifts okay an then does not take a stop on the fetch. She rattled the sheep, and a dog cannot rattle these sheep and EVER make up for it. It was terrible. I did get her to lay down a few times to start the drive, but it just was bad. I was not happy. Lucy was, as an open handler said- in panic mode- just covering and so worried that they would get away. Another person said I had her out too long. Whatever the case may be, be I was mortally embarrassed and just ready to just stop with her. She gets in this panic/must control mode and it's not helpful. So, after that run, I put her away, and just chilled. I thought maybe I ought to just stop throwing my money away. But, I do enjoy doing this- when it goes right, and I don't have another dog yet.

Okay, so then it was time again to run. This time I brought my stock stick and as Lucy and I waited in the hide, I tried to make it clear to her that she had better behave. I really just wanted her to listen. One of my friends came up and reiterated that to her.

So, we walk out to the post and I tell the judge that I have my magic scepter and she smiled (no doubt wondering what visual disaster was next). I get to the post and push my stick into the ground and set Lucy up and send her on a left outrun. As she got to the last 25% I yelled "You better listen". And I meant it. I needed to get in her head before she got to those sheep. So, she came up gently behind and I gave her a whistle and she took it. Then, the sheep made it to the post, and I gave her a left flank to turn them, and they stopped. These sheep were not run away at all cost sheep, unless there was a draw. Lucy had to walk in on these sheep, even though she was already quite close. One sheep stood a bit, I gave her a lie down, and the ewe, on her own time turned and went with her friends. GOOD GIRL Lucy (and good handling for once, Julie). So, I then started on the drive, and we were almost there, but either Lucy turned them back, or they did something, anyway, I had to set it up again. This time it was OUR TIME to shine. I set them up the best I could and asked Lucy for a walk up. She did. I asked for an away flank to line them better, and she took it. Then I walked her up more and they went STRAIGHT through the CENTER of the panels. At that point I have Lucy a left flank, then stop, and then another left to turn them. That was a mistake. I should have given one come by to keep them in the right direction, as there was a big pull back up the hill.

So, now I had a group where one had split off and was higher on the hill, while two stood down the hill a bit. Lucy being a good girl went up to bring it. It stood. Lucy walked in and then well, did what she had to to get the sheep back with it's brethren. She tried diplomacy first, and when that failed, she gripped or went to grip it's nose to turn her back with her friends. She was successful, and single ewe went back with her friends. It is interesting to note, that the other two sheep did not attempt to fly down the hill to the exhaust.... We got them to the pen, and we ran out of time.

I was MUCH happier with the run. Lucy tried to go under the judge's trailer to cool off, but I got her out and we went to the stock tank to cool her off. She was well tested and our score was horrendous. We got exactly 0 points on our drive. But, heck, she did it, and once all was said and done, she did it well.

I hung out and watched the Novice classes, and then headed for home. I was beat, so beat. Just needed sleep. Now, I've got more stuff to do this week. Get my car fixed, meet with chainsaw guy #3, work dogs, and goodness knows what else.

Here's to a quiet week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I don't have a garden....

Does that make me a bad person? I hope not. I have really never had an interest in a garden. Maybe it's because as a kid I used to have to go out in the sweltering heat and weed the HUGE garden my grandparents had. I hated that. Maybe it's because I am just too busy to attend yet another thing....

I see that people get a lot of pleasure out of their gardens, and that's really nice for them, but I have no interest.... I hope that doesn't make me less green, does it?

Thing is, I could put in some Tomato plants, but I have a bit of a reaction to the acidity in some Tomatoes, so I can't eat that many of them. And, that is the only plant that I might consider because they are so easy.

My mother does a great garden every year, and they get really nice Squash, Tomatoes, Kale (yuck) and Rhubarb (yuck). But, I am not pushed to do the same....

I think as I age, I am a product more and more of my upbringing and also, equally, just not enough time.

Maybe if I wasn't forced to weed the garden in 100 degree weather, maybe I would have a garden. Maybe if I wasn't forced to collect eggs from mean Chickens who would peck at me, maybe I would like Chickens more (although I am beginning to like them a little more now that I can collect eggs at the farm, with no Chickens waiting to get me).
Maybe if I didn't take care of/groom/everything, horses for a living for over a decade, I might want a horse. But, no, been there, done that. This logic is probably why I have sheep. They aren't tarnished with negative memories, and they aren't any where NEAR as much work as horses.

I don't mind hard work, it's just that I need to prioritize, and keep it practical. A garden for me is just not practical....

I hope that doesn't make me less green.... But, if so, well, I guess I will have to learn to live with it....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's going to be a long time....

Before all the felled trees are dealt with. A had a guy come today to start dragging the trees to a pile and then cut them up. Some of the Jack Pines are so huge, they have to be cut in 2 or 3 pieces, just to drag them. The guy I hired is good, and much cheaper than the guys who felled the trees (I am still ruing agreeing to paying them what they asked for). I suspect, given that he only works 5 hour days, that it will be a good week before he's done. Oh, and those other guys missed a bunch of trees- so he will have to get them too- AND they left knee high stumps, so this guy has to deal with THAT too. But, he's good natured and a hard worker.

I am busy the rest of this week. I really want to work the dogs once this week- especially Lucy, before the trial. Then, I have a friend coming in Friday night to bunk at my place during the trial, so I have to get my house ship shape. For some reason lately I am just really tired. That doesn't help.

I will be so very happy when the pasture is up to snuff, and I can use it. Wouldn't that be nice? The sheep are good, they go somewhere when the chainsawing starts; I've no idea, but they disappear. I brought down their mineral so it is in a metal can just outside the gate- the steers came rushing over when they smelled it- they are such food hounds. Can't wait to eat them :)

Lucy and Danny have been playing every morning, which is just great. Lucy is back to normal, although she really doesn't like Yogurt, so she won't eat food sullied with it....

Well, that's all I have for now. Let's see how much I can get accomplished (pray for me).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Parakeets

Here's a picture I shot of the babies. Only two in the photo, there could be more, but I doubt it. They are pretty big, for only a little bit over 2 weeks. Cute, and seemingly well cared for. This is especially gratifying to me, because I didn't have to do any planning or supervising of this :)

Un-excitable me

Yep, that's me :) In that way, I am different than some others who have deigned to jump in with both boots on, the life called hard work, farming and care of livestock. Maybe it's because I grew up doing it. I kind of roll my eyes when I read some writings of people who get excited over things like shearing, or new animals, or MORE WORK in general. LOL!

Those of us who were Country before country was cool (and implicit to that is "homesteading") seem to all pretty much be on the same page. We know that at the end of the day there is a calm feeling of accomplishment and appreciation for a job well done, and happy healthy animals. The others- the ones who have read "Food Inc" (I hear it's great) The Omnivore's Dilemma (also great, I hear). The ones who drive the "green" car models, and brag about their garden, etc., and spend hours going on and on about HOW to be green, well, I don't really have an interest in their rhetoric.

It would be similar to me going to a sheepdog trial at this point and being amazed that the black and white dog knows what the whistles mean.... It's rather inane.

Maybe it's because I don't always go with the flow. I don't know. Maybe it's because I have been doing all of what I do on my own forever, and realize that no matter how high the highs, a low is around the corner, and maybe (more likely) it's my age.

I can tell you that the folks who I have listed on my blog role are those that do get it, and keep it "real" and don't romanticize- Pioneer Woman- now THAT is a great blog walking the walk, and letting us in to see her world, and her beautiful kids, and handsome husband, and also showing us the farm- all in that order, and I LOVE that. Ah to be her sister.

I love Diane's Deltabluez blog as well. Keeping it real. Hey, maybe I've a new name for my blog!

So, now you see what I am getting at. Don't come to me with your missionary fervor over your green life, and shouldn't I be awed? Don't give me the new titles that will make me want to be more green, just live your life and share your stories and realize that we have all been there and done that, for the most part. You lose your audience when you romanticize a life that is to it's core hard work, an personal gratification. Rather like the program "Last American Cowboy". THAT is how it is.

Maybe I am getting old....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yeah, that'll work!

Yesterday I headed up to the farm to meet my new chainsaw worker. He was late, but I waited, and he finally showed up 1/2 hour late, but you know what they say....

He drove up in an old Ford lifted up truck. Huge tires- think monster tires. Oh to be young and foolish....

So, we headed up to the field- he had brought his brother along to help. And they started and we continued and we got 95% of the trees felled. Nothing cut up, and loads cut down. These were mainly huge Jack pines, and some firs. Just a lot of trees. They will come back and finish cutting down the rest of the trees and then start cutting them up. I put the word out for free large Jack pines, but no one has responded, so I guess they will be cut up and burned. It's going to be one large fire. My brother has all the gear to do it right, and we have a small window in which we are allowed to burn on the farm.

Sheep are looking good, although I think they will be happy when the noise stops- me too.

Today I have a quick stop at the market, then Church, and then home and chill. Supposed to rain all day, and I am happy for that. Now that I have livestock worries on my mind, I always like a bit of rain each week- keeps the animals in fodder.

The Parakeets are eating a huge amount of food. I think I hear three different chicks in there, but maybe more. It's a busy time for parent Parakeets. You can see how you have to remove the nest box so the parents, mom especially, can recover from all the energy expense on raising the babies.

Well, that's it for now- oh, one more thing, what say you about me starting a new blog on the farm? You know, a farm blog that chronicles the goings on?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another week gone!

Wow, another week has flown by. Been doing the usual things. Yesterday got the lawn mowed, but I still need to string trim, and I so don't like that job. Oh well, get it done, I will.

This weekend will be spent laying low, working at the farm, cleaning the house, and just generally catching up on things.

Lucy is doing very well, is back to normal, and working well. Danny is doing well in his training too. He has all of a sudden grown up a bit, and he's nicer to live with and work on sheep.

The baby Parakeets, who started hatching on May 23rd, are still being chicks- getting fed, and cared for by momma and poppa. They are interesting as the different age chicks make different sounds. I can't wait to be able to take some pics of them.

It's a very nice day outside today. A day that just soothes my soul, and reminds me to be very thankful for all I have.

The sheep are doing great, and have a LOT to eat in the pasture. I think the skinny girl gained a bit of weight since the worming. They always lay under this one tree, and there are indeed 4 bare spots where they habitually use to lay there. They are very content. I am happy for them, even if it sounds corny ;)

Well, better get on with it. I hope all of you have a great weekend, and maybe I will pop back in again before the weekend is over :)

Field of Dreams - People Will Come

The following is a scene in the movie Field of Dreams. While at a trial running Lucy, and subsequently, schooling Danny, this movie came to mind. For Lucy, it was Scott Glen's voice, in lieu of James Earl Jones, giving me strength and fortitude, as we turned the sheep at the post, and began to drive them. People did come. People paid their money, and people did have baseline seats, and I had faith, faith given to me by Scott, when he said "Take your time". Three simple words have never meant so much.

Then, later, when I had sent Danny on a gather, and he came up behind the sheep who were not happy to leave their holder, Bob Stephens voice came to me and said "Wait, even if it takes 5-6 minutes, wait, and let him figure it out". And I did. I waited, and Danny did figure it out. It was the faith that James Earl Jones demonstrated that his baseball fans would come. And, they did, and my Danny came in on his sheep.

There are many parallels to this movie and my experiences with sheepdogging, and I believe the resounding theme, is faith, just faith.