Saturday, October 31, 2009

Edmund Fitzgerald

Every year about this time, my mind goes to this horrible tragedy, which happened on November 10, 1975. This is the first video I have seen that lists the names of the men who perished.

The Edmund Fitzgerald: A Memorial

Dee | MySpace Video

Friday, October 30, 2009


Wow, I didn't think it would happen, but it surely did. I slept. Like a rock. I so needed that. I guess you hit a place where there is just no choice, and no night terrors either, but, I did have a dream about Derek Scrimgeour clinic. Wow. My brain is humming right along...

I worked Lucy again the other day. It is so good working her. She did some very good things, and other people got to see them! That NEVER happens. I sent her to fetch a few sheep up, off a fence, where they were hanging with another flock. I sent her, she came up right along the fence, slowed to a creep, tail got stiff, she slowly moved in, sheep came off fence, she stayed nice and calm, and listened when I asked for a down. It doesn't seem to big, but it was, trust me. She has matured so nicely. I also see, now that I am working her more, a better flow to her. We then worked on penning, and it was great to see her keep OUT on ALL flanks, and when I had them at the neck, to just stop, lay down and wait, instead of pushing. We also worked a bit on more downs at the top, which I have decided will be the way we work it no matter what now. She needs that whistle to put me in her head, and allow the sheep to move off calmly. Wish I had done this when she was younger, but she is a good natural gatherer, so I let it be, and that ended up meaning that she got pushy, because she loves to push.

When we were done working, I sat and had a sandwich, and Lucy lay under my chair and took a snooze. She knew she had done well, and is just happy with the world. Is there anything better than asking your dog to do something they have not been doing long, and they exceed your expectations, and then, say, when you are working on the drive, you call them back after they took all your commands, and they turn and come back with a big happy grin on their face, tail wagging- they knew they did well, and into your arms they go, and you give them a big pat, and tell them how good they are?
I don't think so. I believe THAT is why I am hooked on this. The partnership.

So, we are into the weekend now. Halloween is tomorrow. No plans. Hope the weather stays dry so I can mow the leaves into teeny tiny bits, and clean out the gutters one last time.

Corgi's and Collies BANNED

We knew it would happen. Once you put any breed into the category, it will just grow. Corgis and Collies? What next? Yorkies?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Exercise while sleeping

This week has been a tough one for me. I have been having night terrors each night. Now, they aren't something new to me, but generally only happen occasionally, and not several nights in a row. The thing is, they are tiring, because you basically sleep walk, and it can be a lot of moving around, when you should be resting. The other night I think I got up about 5 times.

Last night, I was watching Top Chef reruns, and was falling asleep when my sister called, and asked if I knew anymore about my brother. My brother had been sick, and went to the ER, and then his own Dr. That's the last I heard, I told my sister in my groggy voice. She said "No, he's been in a car accident- on the way home from the Dr. appointment". THAT woke me up. Apparently, someone pulled in front of him, and he was brought to the hospital with "bumps and bruises". That's all I knew when I drifted off to sleep....

So, some time about 11:10 at night, I have a night terror, and jumped out of bed, realizing that I had to make some food for the Top Chef competition by midnight. I ran into the kitchen, looked around for food, then, realized it was another "dream", and went back to bed. Can you imagine? Lordy. So, I then went back to sleep, but have been up now since 4:? since I was just wired.

I wonder if this has to do with us not turning the clocks back when we normally do? All I know is I am very tired now, and the day will be a long one....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Neat little video

Sheep Dog Trials from Charlie Westerman on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving is coming!

No good news so far. Maybe not for a while. Oh, well. So it goes. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a month away? I *love* Thanksgiving- well, the food anyway. I am a decent enough cook now, that I can make everything my mother makes, just about as well. I would love to do more, but my mother likes to handle the big stuff. So, we (my sisters and I, and now the nephews) help with prep and we do all the clean up, which is substantial.

Then, it's on to Christmas, and then a new year. I am happy about a New Year, as I look forward to getting some bills gone, and planning more fun stuff. Didn't do much this year in the way of fun, and will make sure to correct that this year.

This week, it was supposed to be nice all week, and now they are forecasting rain. Well, I guess that's to be expected in the fall. Need to do one more lawn mowing, to mulch up ALL those leaves, and then be done.

Word on Danny is that he has settled in well, and is doing good for a pup his age. I am just glad that he is being a good boy- I suspect if I had kids, I would be most worried about behavior if I sent them to camp too....

Last night a BIG scare. Was in bed, on the phone with my mother, when I saw a HUGE spider. I mean, it had legs 1.5" long, and just walked across my bed. My cat saw it first (thank GOD), and I went to dispatch it, and the first two time I used my book (hard cover) to squish it, the thing just bounced back! I could NOT believe it. I finally used all my might, and it was then gone. LORD. ON MY BED?????? I don't mind spiders, in their own realms, NOT in mine.

This week? Nothing planned. Sort of boring, I know.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend flew by

Well, this weekend wasn't very efficient, but it was nice. Saturday I had to work (boo hiss), and then, when I got home I took a nap- that was very nice, and very needed.

Sunday, I drove up to an Aussie trial in Massachusetts. I find it odd, in a sheepdog trial, or, well, any sort of stock dog trial, for their not to be a fetch to start your course. The dog was sent, and had to immediately drive the sheep to the left of the arena, and drive them along the wall. Lucy would not love this- her love in life is an outrun... Then, you had to drive the sheep to the other side of the arena, and not (in the upper classes anyway) go past the yellow tape line. Most dogs had trouble with that- perhaps because that part of the arena was pretty shady? Anyway, then they sheep had to be put through a Y chute, and then re-penned. I knew by watching that I would have just raised my blood pressure if I ran Lucy, so I am glad that I just went to watch.

I got home in time for chores, and then bed. It was a pretty good weekend, but nothing special.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Country Driving

Nice distance on the cross drive

Waiting to be sent

Driving up hill between pressures

More cross driving

All done, for now :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Confirmation

So, last night I headed up to my home town for my nephew's Catholic confirmation. It was set to start at 5:00, and I, and the throngs of others got in around ten of five, and sat, and talked. It was set in a gymnasium. The choir was doing background singing, under the direction of the leader, who played an acoustic guitar. We were all having a pretty decent time, until Mr. choir leader got a bee in his bonnet, and said in a very loud voice, while looking over in my direction (I was sort of swinging to the beat- it was good music)" EVEN THOUGH WE ARE IN A GYMNASIUM, WE (the choir) SHOULD NOT HAVE TO SING OVER YOU" Well, I NEVER ;) He was just rude. We all looked around and mumbled to each other what a jerk. Then, I turned behind me to my sister, and said that I felt like Judge Judy does toward a lazy, no good, stupid male defendant. Just contempt. Okay, so that was that part.

Then, we go on to the service. It was cool because the Bishop actually interviewed my nephew. Neat.

As the service droned on (it was about two hours), my mind began to wander. One of the officiants last name was "Curley" and all I could think about was the movie "City Slickers".

Then, the Bishop came forward with his beautiful crook/staff. I mean it was SO NICE. I had half a mind to ask him where he got it, as I wanted one just like it. Then, I thought it would be nice to have THAT crook, I mean, it has to be consecrated, right?

The only other thing I heard, was the word "lamb", during the long service.

Then, at the end, I saw this man walk by. I recognized him, but didn't know from where. My mother knew who he was. He was my Elementary school principal, Mr. Lewis!
OH MY!!! I haven't seen him since, well, several decades. So, I walked up to him, and told him who I was, and he had a blank look on his face, and I said, "Well, you might not remember me, I never got in any trouble..."

After the service, we headed out to my sister's for a small get together, and then home.

I slept fitfully last night, and had lots of sleep walking going on. Then, this morning when I went to open a can of dog food, my stupid can opener handle broke right off. Great. Piece of junk.

So, that's it for now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indian Summer

So, not too much going on, other than the usual. Did get to work Lucy the other day. I have to find a way to get her happy about downing on the fetch. She just detests it- so maybe a down followed immediately by a nice flank to the heads- that will be my game plan. She was faced with some less than happy to be worked sheep, and she had to actually grip one to make her move. This put Lucy in a way more settled mood, and she worked nice. I love working her. Have I said that before?

It has been warm out- warm enough for Lucy to hop in the stock tank after playing a bit of Frisbee. I have another big load of leaves to do (some day). This weekend I may go watch an Aussie trial, that my friend is running in. I always have more fun at trials if I don't run ;)

I slept today until it was time to get up. Wow. That's a novelty. How nice. I feel almost lazy, not having to go outside and play with the dogs. But, I make up for it with being busy in other parts of my life.

I miss Danny, but I hope he is settling in nicely, and, that he's not too cold.

Tonight is Top Chef- another show I enjoy. I hope I can stay up to watch the new episode, which is on at 10:00, but it's doubtful. I am reading a new book, forget the title, but it's okay. Keeps my mind occupied.

So, that's about it. Hope to hear about the "big news" I may have for you all, soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Made it Through

Well, we made it through the weekend. Weather was fore casted to be really bad, but in reality, it wasn't THAT bad. Saturday was fine. Sunday was sometimes a little rainy, but not bad- if you had the right clothes. I looked like the Michelin man by the time I was done donning all the layers I needed on Sunday.

My friend arrived Friday night, and we went to dinner, and then early bed. I was tired and so was she. Saturday the trial went nicely. Lucy was even allowed to work the sheep, as a bit of a demo? Lucy has not been worked enough and it showed. She had a beautiful outrun and lift, but the fetch- no down, and then a slice flank, which resulted in the sheep going to the corner and Lucy holding them to someone there. Then, when one tried to bolt over her, she gripped her on the nose, with all the fans oh, about 2 feet away. That was fun. We retired then. On Sunday, I ran Lucy, and this time I was at the sheep when she started her fetch- to get that down. She was stressed (as noted by the grazing and she peed once), and that was because I had that evil stick with me- I think). Anyway, we went through the course and ended with getting most of them in the pen (all but one). Poor Lucy. No real sheep work for months, and then this. Well, what can I tell you? I am not one of those folks who have access to lots of different flocks and can work my dog often, so Lucy suffers.

The food was great, and I enjoyed myself. I announced, and there were some good questions, and the crowd was really interested.

Danny left to go to his new home after the trial. I was sad. In fact, I was sad about EVERYTHING last night. Sad that Lucy suffers because of me. Sad that Danny left. Sad that I don't have my own farm, and most likely never will, and just plain weepy. I think I was just tired.

The dogs that are home now seem more relaxed now that everything is back to normal, and I am ostensibly happy, because I think the sadness has me thinking a BIG change of life is due, and I finally have the guts to do it. More on that later.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Peter, Paul and Mary -Puff The Magic Dragon

Always brings tears to my eyes. We lost Mary recently. Godspeed Mary, thanks for the memories

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When Sheepdogs Die...

When Sheepdogs Die they don't go to the Rainbow bridge
They wait, at the gate of the pasture in the sky

They sit and wait, patiently like they always did in their mortal days
The pasture is as big as they eye can see

There are rolling hills dotted with sheep
Waiting for their Shepherd, and his dog

It may be many years, but the sheepdog will wait
He is faithful, always was, and even more so now

See, he has his freedom, now that he has left the bounds of earth
But, more than ever, he feels he must wait

For this pasture is the one that will surpass the others
There are no real fences, just wonderful sheep, rolling hills
And all the time in the world

Why would there be a gate you ask?
So the shepherd could find his sheepdog

So, when your sheepdog loses his grip on this world
Do not spend so long shedding a tear

For this sheepdog awaits you no worries no fear
He waits to join you again

This time it will be forever
Forever with you and the sheep

-Julie Williams

Dang that was a long day

Well, boys and girls, I did travel LOTS of miles. Last night I headed up to the airport to pick up the animals. I got lost. For an hour. Then the flight was delayed, for almost an hour. Then, I finally got home somewhere around 9:00. It was a very long day, and a bad day for the dogs, who were stuck inside for all of it. Boo hiss says Danny. He must have thought he had been real bad to be in jail for so long.

But, now I can get back to regularly scheduled programming- CLEANING. And SHOPPING!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miles to go before I sleep

Yesterday, work, followed by another cleaning tear. Wow. It's amazing the stuff you miss in every day/week cleaning.. Well, I am happy to say, I FOUND those neglected areas. I absolutely cannot believe the energy I have now. Seriously. I won't bore you will all I did last night, but suffice to say, it's like I have an almost new house. Well, not really. It still needs cosmetic work (dogs tend to damage things with nails, etc.), but it is definitely better. Not quite there yet, but I'd say 75%.

It was COLD last night. Mr. Chips got smart, and ran out the door at the last outage for the dogs. I tried to get him in, but figured he would get cold- yeah- he did, and sat and meowled (meow/howled) at the door. When he came in he was purring and cuddled right up on my lap, apparently happy that we have heat in the house.

This morning it was even COLDER. Today I have to go to Albany and pick up some animals at Delta cargo. Joy. It will be late when I get home. I detest driving in the dark. Plus, the deer are freaked out now because hunting season is fast approaching. Please pray a little for me, that I don't get wiped out on the thruway...

I am so looking forward to the sheep and wool festival this weekend- it's just what the Dr. ordered. A few of us will head out to dinner Sat night, and then just communing with friends, sheepdogs and sheep. Doesn't get any better than that.

So, that's it for now. If you are all very good, maybe I will put pics up of my clean house, but they won't do it justice- you need to be able to SMELL the NO dog smell!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ahh, the drudgery of every day life

Into another week, with lots of plans, and things to do. I awoke yesterday with a severe headache- one of those- aneurysm types. I could not walk a straight line- I kept listing to the right, and bumping into the wall. I did not want to go to work. But, I figured that a hot shower would help the tense muscles, and it did- Praise Jesus for that. I had a busy day at work, and after work got the inspection on my car done, but as always, I had to get something else done- new tires. More money out the door. I swear, my financial "life" is a colander....

When I got home yesterday, it was still a bit light out, and I played with the dogs. Lucy did the cutest thing- she retrieved her Frisbee, and then ran to a pile of leaves and plopped into it. She was playing in the leaves like I used to as a kid. She did that again this morning. My mums are so pretty on the front step- so are the Seedums I have.

I have continued cleaning, organizing. I shredded a ton of stuff last night, and cleaned windows, walls, still so much to do. I did reorganize the bathroom cabinet (you know, towel etc., area).

The weather has been a great impetus to get this cleaning done, and another nice thing is that I can leave the door open for the dogs to come and go. But, in weather like this, they generally stay outside... Can't say as I blame them.

Rain today, but that's okay- we need it.

I know this is not an exciting series of blog entries, but such is my life for now. I plan to work Lucy again some time soon, and Danny boy leaves this weekend for his sheep camp.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

So long Sunday

Sunday is drawing to a close- boo hiss. Today was a good old fashioned Sunday. I went to the market for dinner supplies, and then headed home to work in the yard. Planted some bulbs (I bought WAY too many- WHAT was I thinking???!!!). Then, I raked here and there, and then, finally decided I needed to mow the lawn one last time. So, got that done, and then I sat on the deck and brushed dogs. Nikke first, Danny second, then Kylie- she really has LOTS of undercoat- or did. When I brushed Danny I noted that he was very VERY skinny. I mean TOO skinny. I am going to talk to the vet about some wormer for him.

After the brushing, I decided to chill a bit. So, I watched more HGTV, and then some football, which is still on now. All the dogs got a good bit of sirloin steak and drippings (not a lot of that) in their food. They were very VERY happy. My team won their game, so that makes me happy.

So, now we start the recline into evening, and then MONDAY. Ick. I have to get my oil changed, and an inspection. I want to get it done asap. That's my extra for the week.

Well, that's it for now, off to recline and watch more football and lament about how much I need to get done at home and work!

Much better, and a woman posessed

Apparently that last B12 shot kicked in. If the amount of stuff I got done means anything. First, I worked a whole day, then I went to Kohls and shopped, and shopped and shopped. I bought some nice knick knacks for the holiday, and some stuff I needed for the house. Then, I went to the mall, got a new cell phone, and other things.

Then, home and picked up all those piles of leaves I raked the previous day. Then, I got up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters. Then, rest for a minute, but then went back out and raked the side yard, and removed those leaves. Seriously. I went pre dawn to sunset.

I am happy with my purchases- well, I had to bring two sweaters back as I got them a size too small, but other than that... Anyway, it's been nice catching up.

There are still many more leaves to come down. Joy. Well, at least I made a small dent in everything.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jeannie C. RIley - Harper Valley P.T.A.

LOVE THIS SONG :))) Stick it PTA!

Lucy does it again part II

So, been working on fall "stuff". Hit Home Depot for necessary items- one of which is a mondo rake. Got some raking done yesterday, but have hours more to do. Oh well. Also got the bulbs I have been forgetting to get for ever. Got to get them planted. Got some other stuff, and a medium sized Pumpkin, which I am going to carve out to look like a Kelpie. I may even put a CANDLE in it. HOW COOL! ;)

I have been having headaches again lately, which are brought on by lots of upper arm work. But, Aleve seems to quell them. My appetite is all but gone lately. Weird. It's good, but weird. Food sort of grosses me out. I am sure it will pass. Nothing an Auntie Anne's pretzel with cinnamon can't fix :)

This morning I let the dogs out and Lucy and the other dogs (except for Tucker who doesn't see/hear well) ran to the upper back corner. Since I had a headache, all I wanted was them to come in, so I could get Danny out. When I went back out to throw for the dogs, Lucy basically shows me what was so interesting. ANOTHER dead bunny. I cannot believe this. I didn't see any blood. I never see her shake them, but they are dead as door nails. This has to be nearing 10. So, I dispose of bunny, and tell Lucy she is a murderer, and we all go in the house. Oh yeah, as I am carrying bunny in a shovel, Lucy is all excited about what she gets to do with it... This was a relatively young bunny too. Sorry bunny. But, the fenced in yard is no place to hang out.

Today I am heading to Kohls to pick up some stuff, and then home. I doubt I will cook this weekend- just can't think of anything I want. Oh, and maybe get BJ a friend....

That's it for now.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lucy gets it done!

My dog was rather unceremoniously pressed into service this morning. Friend of mine
who has a small flock of sheep called in a dither, saying that something got in with her sheep, and they panicked, taking down the e-net (I hate e-net, this just instills the hate deeper). She needed help with catching them up. So, I bring my Kelpie, and my BC pup (along for the ride), and we head out to ground zero.

Upon arrival, I spec out what we need to to. I have the BC pup in the car, being a good pup, and I send my Kelpie to fetch the sheep back. As I sent her, I ask "They're
dog broke, right?" To whit she replies "You mean they are used to dogs?"
I say "no, they have been worked by dogs". Reply "No". So, ooookay.

They are panicked, by probably a Coyote, and now I send a dog to fetch them. Well, Lucy apparently got the message, because she swept out far and wide (just like the books tell us the dog should, so as to not spook/affect the sheep). Well, she gets up and around, and I see the sheep start to bunch. Then I see a tighter bunch. Then I see no movement.

Then, I ask my friend "The ram isn't in there is he?" Reply: "Yes, we just put him in last weekend". Ooookay. So, then began the dance. The Muhammed Ali dance- the float like a butterfly, sting like a bee dance. Lucy comes up calmly, but with intent, the ram stands, and then there is a stand off followed by a charge, and then a nose grip, then Lucy backs off, moves left, moves right, repeat, and so on. Now, all the while, the ewes are starting to move in all directions. This worries me, but I figure that soon Mr. Butt head ram will get the message. Eventually Mr. B got the message, and turned, and ran for his girls. Lucy, for once in her life! Stayed off him, and let him move without pushing. Good lesson for my dog.

We got them into my friend's barn yard and fed some grain, and inspected for injuries. When it was all said and done, Lucy came quietly up to my side, and looked at me, tongue lolling, and I swear, lit up a cigarette ;)

I guess the wee girl does have some utility in her after all.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So busy. Just can't imagine how I even considered getting away this week. Between work, and home, I am going before sun up to well into the night. Today when I got home, I worked on my spare room- just doing some good old fashioned cleaning and reorganizing. It's half way there. In some ways being forced to stick close to home is good- I can catch up on so many things I have not had time, or made the time for. I will HAVE to clean out those gutters this weekend, as well as do *some* raking. I would mow, but the lawn really doesn't need it.... Still lots of leaves to go, but the Ash trees are mostly done- now it's the Shag bark Hickory, and Black Walnut, and Pin Oaks to go.

A neighbor not too far from me has a SharPei that they have placed in a dog run, and left him. He cries/barks at ALL hours. He was doing this this morning at between 5 and 6. Also when I got home, and still going strong. He is freaking out. I CANNOT believe his owners are allowing this.

I noticed that Danny is feeling a might thin lately- better up his food. He loves his food, so no worries that he will pick up the weight.

Well, that's it for now in my neck of the woods.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gimme my Cheez-it!

Mr Chips LOVES these. I think you can tell by the lip smacking and grabby boy he is being

SCARY wind

It is so windy here, I am half afraid a tree is going to come down. I hate wind like this. Supposed to keep up all night. Have to go to a b-day party for my nephew- let's hope the house stays in one piece.


Well, there was just no way I could swing the Kelpie Nationals this year. We are short handed at work, and I just can't get away. Bums me out considerably.
So, this weekend will be spent doing, well, I don't know. Just want to get through the week.

Next weekend is the sheep and wool festival in Rhinebeck NY. It is a big event- well attended, and I look forward to it. Something about a fall festival, complete with the cool air, baked goods, home made chicken pot pie, and of course a sheepdog trial, really gets the juices flowing.

There are mice in the attic, so I have to deal with that today (and NOT forget). They like to roll their nuts right over my head at night. Mr Chips alerts me to this...
BJ the Parakeet is still doing okay. The other day he was puffed up, so I immediately thought the worst. But, he seems okay now. It may soon be time to get him a friend....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gray Fox

As I suspected, it was so relaxing and nice to be in a clean house. I am not a neat-nik, but I am someone who does like to feel like the dirt and hair will not take over... So, it has been nice at home lately. Danny, I think, is starting to grow up a bit. He's learning good patience, and is getting with the door routine. That also makes things nice. I tell you, it's nice having him around, because the bitches will play with him. Yesterday, Kylie my 7 year old Kelpie was racing around the yard with him. She hasn't done that in a long time. Lucy will play with her, but it always degrades to Lucy biting Kylie on the neck too much. Heck, even Nikke will play with him :)

This morning, as I was walking out with Lucy and Danny, I heard a Gray Fox calling- territorial call. COOL!!!! I thought. We used to have a den behind my house, but my scummy neighbor chased them away (he actually wanted the police to kill them). I love wild life- within reason- all my animals have their Rabies vaccinations, and the fenced in yard gives me some measure of security.

I was a bit foggy brained this morning. I had washed the sugar bowl last night, so I needed to refill it this morning. So, what do I do? I pour the sugar into my coffee mug. DUH. Then, I get the sugar bowl, start to pour in the sugar, and realize it is still wet. Double duh. Not too bright.

The furnace came on early this morning, I guess we are hitting mid fall. I don't mind really, at all. Lots of leaves are falling, and I have to get them picked up- I may hire someone. But, I always say that, and end up doing it myself ;)

Perhaps this weekend, I will do some baking- brownies anyone? How about with vanilla ice cream? Need to start packing the weight back on for winter, don't you know?!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Misty Morning Squirrel

The Big Trip

Well, has been a good past few days, I think... I worked Lucy mainly on penning and cross driving. Both need work. Her cross drive parallel to pressure needs work (ie: inside flanks, and coming up enough to keep the sheep in line, but not too much to head them). Her penning has come a very good way. She is now keeping off a proper distance. Now, I doubt this will hold true when she gets recalcitrant sheep, but at least she has been doing and can do the proper work. Lucy is calming down a lot in the car. The noises of going over rumble strips still bother her a lot, but in general, she is much better. Danny never got to work sheep, but he did get to swim in the pond, and fetch some sticks. Don't get me wrong- he WANTS to work sheep, but I am holding off until his proper education starts at sheep camp later this month...

On the way home from working sheep, I stopped at MacDonald's for my traditional fish fillet, diet coke and apple pie. It's the perfect amount of food for me. Well, after I paid my bill, they asked if I wanted a dog biscuit for my dog. Lucy heard that, and she was very happy. Both Danny and Lucy each got a biscuit. This makes MacDonald's a truly nice place for the dogs :)

As we approached the bridge toll, I noticed a VW Bus van with the phrase "The Big Trip" painted on the back. I also noted that they had an England License Plate. I figured that they must be traveling America, and being a friendly person, and welcoming, I figured I would pay their toll :) So, as I pulled up to the booth in front of them, I told the toll taker that I would be paying for them too. At which point, she asked if I wanted a biscuit for my dog? What a GREAT day for Lucy and Danny! Does it get any better than this? Sheep, swim, treats by strangers?

When I got home I commenced cleaning. I mean heavy duty stuff. I finally vacuumed, washed some walls, pulled things out and vacuumed more, just basically went nuts. Did several loads of laundry- even the kitchen and bath mats. Just went to town. Then, I had a frozen pizza for dinner and went to bed.

This morning I woke up with the start of a migraine. But, it has subsided. I played a very half hearted ball of fetch with the dogs, and now am getting myself together to run to the market (this means downing more coffee). It's so nice having a clean(ish) house. Makes one's mood improve drastically. Heck, I might even watch some football today- I think my team is playing... Want to guess who my fave team is?

Friday, October 2, 2009

SM i fårvallning 2009

Well done video

In the past 24 hours....

Someone in Albany has visited my blog a record 5 times (so far). Just wish I knew who it was. Maybe some day we should try and introduce ourselves. Let me know, or at least, leave a comment with who you are- I am dying to know!!!!