Saturday, July 11, 2009

I love my dad

I had a night terror last night- I sort of expected it, as I fell asleep and woke back up in a fright at 8:00. Something about having to work someone else's dog- weird. So, some time last night I jumped out of bed and worked hard to unplug my clock radio. No biggy- I've had much worse. Usually, when I have these I am really tired/stressed about something. I wasn't stressed, just tired. Oh well.

I was very tired when I got up this morning- consequently, I stayed in bed late. Then I had to head out to the grocery store.

Then, I headed up to help my father load the power washer in his car, and then we came back to my place and we (he) power washed the entire house, and both decks. I can't believe the improvement. No more green, or black. Just nice pretty siding. My father always helps me no matter what. He never complains, asks nothing in return, just does. Our whole family is like that. But, dad, he's special, because he appreciates just how much I have done myself here, and he is happy to help me keep it up. Thanks dad. You rock.

I just finished a great steak meal, and now I am about to read a book and crash. I have cleaning to do, but it just may not happen. I am thinking of going to the sheep dog trial tomorrow- will see.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

What a good dad....tell him he rocks!!!

My brother is like that...helps me and never complains and Getty (husband) too...both pillars!!

BCxFour said...

Dads are cool. :-)