Thursday, April 29, 2010

No, Danny's not ready...

To work in the wild pasture. It was not a good scene, and left me feeling utterly defeated, and needing a pep talk from one of my sheepdog mentors. See, I thought that if I could get Lucy to bring them into the cleared area, that I could do small outruns, flanks that sort of thing. We actually did a few, but he was t/t (tense/tight) on the left side, ran into sheep, and was just a nut. Sheep took off several times. Lucy was called into action several times too, and one or two sheep stood her, and she had to work like heck to get them back. They will give a dog the slip too, because as Lucy was being good, and staying off, they would disappear.

At one point, they took off, and she was on the task to get them. They then went up to the top of the hill and I saw that two had split off at one point. Lucy came out of the brush, I saw her, she saw me, I shushed her, and with her chest heaving, and panting like a dog who hasn't seen water in days, she fetched them to me. They were hot by that point too. They were just wild, and the pasture really isn't workable at this point. Oh, and Lucy stepped on a thorn, and ouched her foot, but was working right away. She will never leave me without my sheep, and she's got such a great attitude. I was less than happy with Danny, that's an understatement. Seriously Danny, just go AROUND the sheep.

But, my mentor told me that this was a bad place to expect anything good- sheep are light, as it's windy, they are also freshly shorn. There are myriad places to escape too, and well, they telegraphed that all to him. I really got on him too, but you know, it does no good. He simply has to grow up. I was ready to send him away for good, but he is starting to grow on me, darn it. Right now, he's laying to my right, and Lucy to my left. My other two dogs just leave me be, but not these two. I am sorry Danny. Sorry I yelled at you when you split a sheep off, and you didn't know what to do. I know I shouldn't, but I was frustrated. I am glad that sheep didn't spook you. Next time we work, and from now on, until you are a big boy, we are working in appropriate places, so I can set you up to succeed, not fail.

I didn't get much done at the farm, but I did learn that my two bushes are Honeysuckle, and Autumn Olive, both of which will not, I am told, hurt sheep.

The sheep were laying down when I got there tonight, and the sore foot lady was a wee bit lame, but she's going to have to suck it up. One sheep is looking lean, #21,so I may worm her.

Anyway, that's it for now. Let's pray it goes much better next time I work Danny.

Oh Lord Help me

This pasture, er, over grown lot, is going to be the death of me, and that is NOT that much of an exaggeration. Yesterday after work, I purchased a brand new home lite chain saw. I needed more trees cut down/up, and I am out of money to pay others.

I got to the farm, read the instructions, and remained a bit nervous, because I just think chain saws are dangerous. PERIOD. So, I got it filled with fuel, and had it on the ground. It's a left hand pull, and that's not good, because that's the arm I had surgery on. I could not get the thing to pull, without so much tension, it was a waste.

Well, I gave it one last pull, and apparently, pulled it too hard, so the whole thing slipped to the left, and the chain cut through my sneaker/sock and into my toe. The thing was not even running. I took a look later, and with almost surgical precision, the cut ran straight down my toe. It bled a fair bit (soaked through the sneaker).

I then put the da** chain saw back into it's case, and that ended my plans to ever use a chain saw again. I don't have the arm strength anyway (even when healthy) and I just need to keep all body parts where they are.

After that, I grabbed my loppers, and heavy gloves and started on cutting up all the bushes that are growing. I also moved more cut up wood, and generally cut/moved things. I continued for three hours on this. I finally couldn't do anymore, but I made good progress. There are still more downed trees to deal with, but I have to do them at the start of work, so I can heave them over the fence.

Sheep were cute, they actually thought the stuff I was cutting was for them. They began to go to where I had worked previously, and eat the leaves of the bushes.

After I finished, I let Danny and Lucy run along the lane way, and they had a great time. Then we left, and headed straight to Home Depot, and I returned the chain saw. Good riddance.

Today I have a Dr's appointment, and then maybe more work at the farm, or, perhaps pulling up my bed room carpet... That may come when it's hot, so I may work at the farm.

Sheep are doing well, they are eating into over grown places.

Well, that's it for now.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pasture stroll 2.mpg

Here is the tail end of our pasture, aka over grown area. Here, we meet Rose, Sofia, Dorothy and Blanche.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not a single picture

Saturday was a busy day. Well, let's first talk about Friday. Friday I took the day off of work, and headed out to work the dogs with my friend. It went pretty well, but I am still working to open up Lucy's outruns, which got a bit skimpy, as I haven't done much but drive with her. Interestingly enough, her flanks are quite nice on the drive. Danny did well, but he's still pretty young in the head. We need to work on things like sheep leaving and him actually covering, not running dead into them. That's kind of a critical thing, as in real life, that just will not do, never mind a trial. That's why he won't see a trial field, I think, for a very long time. Oh well. I suppose I deserve it, I got a BC so things would be easier. HA HA HA. Say the sheepdog Gods- you should have stuck with your Kelpies...

Okay, so after working the sheep, I headed home and stopped at the farm to give yet another shot to sfl (sore foot lady). This did not go well. I drove up, got the antibiotics drawn up, fetched the sheep to me, and proceeded to try and flip the sheep- she was having none of it, and my shoulder was not helping. I finally did get her flipped, but had a bear of a time injecting her, I figured I was hitting her shoulder, or God knows what, but after I was done, I figured that THAT was the last shot I was giving her. She better get better on her own.

So, Saturday rolls around and I head to work. After work, I was to meet the shearer and the vet. Lots to do. I had some panels to get a small pen together, so the sheep were ready for the shearer, and I also had to put together 5 extension cords, find a sheet of plywood, and get the girls. The easy part was getting the girls- I used a little corn from the chickens' stash, and in they went.

When the shearer got there, he set up (he had a type of clipper that has the motor NOT on the clippers, but on a stand he uses (like they use out west on big flocks). He chatted as he worked, and boy did they need this. Afterward, they were all shaking their skin a bit, and scratching, like they had not been able to in a long time. The shearer looked at sfl's foot, and said keep using Pen.

The vet showed up a bit later (he's an old friend, actually, one of my first bosses), and we caught sfl, he gave her a new kind of antibiotic (and two more doses for me to give), which is good for this sort of thing, and he trimmed her foot. She seemed less sore after the foot trim.

With that, I picked up everything, and headed home, dropped the dogs off and then to the market, etc.

Then I went home and rested, for the rest of the day. I am just beat. I need another b12 shot, and I need to get the work in that pasture done.

Oh, yes, I never got one single picture of the shearing, because when I locked the sheep up I was also locked in the pasture, and my camera was in the car!!! DUH.

Today, I go and buy a small chain saw, and some minerals for the sheep, and then who knows, but if it's raining hard, I won't be cutting anything.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farm stuff

So, I ended up having to give another shot of abx last night, as I did not give enough. Apparently, I was way off on the weight approximation... So, I had my friend come over and help, because my arm is not 100% yet, and it's hard to flip a 150 lb sheep, when you are new at it (I say that, because one of my friends can do it basically with a pinky).

So, I had Lucy fetch them up, and then got my sheep. Lucy came in hard and spooked the sheep, and I had to re-catch (apparently she needs another lesson in good behavior).
My friend held her while I found suitable muscle to inject, and we just hung out and watched them graze, which they went right back to. She is still sore on that foot, but the leg ankle is not warm, and I think with the dosage/duration I am giving her, she will be good to go, I hope, because there aren't a lot of options for lame sheep...

After my friend left, I put the fence wire on the gate, and as I did, the girls came down to watch. One stuck her nose through to get a good sniff. Very friendly they are.
Sore foot lady stays back, but can you blame her? Their ears are getting attacked by black flies, so I am going to get some Swat to deal with that.

Tonight a guy is coming to give me an estimate on brush hogging the pasture, so I am psyched about that!

Well, that's it for now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lucy has arrived

The other day, the first day I would work the sheep, I brought Lucy into the pasture. There is a trail up the hill on the right, and a trail along the fence on the left.

I go in there with Lucy and the sheep bolt up the hill, and keep going. I walk up to the level spot, see that they are gone.. They have gone down the hill, along the fence and pulled a loop-de-loo back to the gate. I walk down the hill about 1/3 into the pasture and shush Lucy. She instantly heads up the hill, across the clearing, down the trail to the gate, and waiting sheep, and brings them to my feet. Now, she doesn't know this place from Adam, but BOY did she suss it out fast.

Last night when I had to find the sheep, Lucy amazed me again. There are brambles galore, and saplings- basically it's young forest. I shushed her to get the sheep, and at first she ran out, but didn't see them, and then I gave her a look back. She took that like I was telling her run to the steak lady! She ran out and went wide, and had to run-hop like a gazelle through the brambles to get to them. She got them to me, and when I grabbed the sheep I wanted, she lay down and stay calm while I did what I had to.

When done, we walked down the trail she hopped into the stock tank, shook off and gave a small wag of her tail to me, as we exited the gate.

Lucy is in her element at the farm. This is her calling.

Well, duh

Yesterday I stopped by TS, got a 40 gallon stock tank, some Hoof and Heal, and some foot trimmers. I got to the farm and set my helper to work moving more of the cut up wood. I also started to lop some of the sapling trees, and whip the brambles, which should be called Gremlins, because they have multiplied exponentially. It's a real mess. There are places to eat, but I *need* to get the area brush hogged, or I just can't work dogs in it.

So, I stopped up at my parents for a break and a Pepsi, and came back to the farm, at which point I asked my helper to help me with the sheep. I just wanted him to hold her the right way, while I looked at her foot.

I got her down, and he held her. I took one look at her foot, and instantly saw the problem- an old bent nail in her toe. OW!! I pulled it out and dumped a lot of the hoof and heal in there, even though it wouldn't do much for it. I called my sheep guru, and she suggested some Penicillin. I stopped by my friend's house (her husband is a large animal vet) to see if I could get a shot from them, but no one was home.

So, I headed BACK to TS (with the 100 gallon tank), and got the Penicillin/syringes/needles).

When I got back to the farm, I *thought* I could get them to me with grain, but sore foot lady, saw me coming and headed (literally) for the hills. She's had it with being flipped. So, I had to get Lucy. It took a couple of look backs, and it was 100% trust on her part, because they were deep in back hiding in the brambles. But, she brought them, and even did a cool move, slowing down behind them on the fence, and then hugging it to head them to me.

When I got sore foot lady, I flipped her, and dug through the wool to find a good spot, and gave her her shot. When she got up she stood evenly on both feet, but I know she is still sore. So, that's the story.

I still have to get wire on the gate- maybe today, if I can, but I will be at work late, and I didn't sleep last night worrying about the sheep, so I am VERY tired.

Monday, April 19, 2010

First day

Well, the tub I bought is going back, joy. It's huge, and a PITA to travel with, but it's just too big for the sheep to be able to dunk down, when it goes lower and get a drink. Chalk it up to delusion. So, TS here I come AGAIN.

When I got to the sheep tonight, I noticed they did not touch the hay. Not a morsel. They were up in the meadow area eating. I decided to start moving some of the wood that was cut up. I got about an hour in, but then my left arm just starting panging. I have a kid coming tomorrow for that.

I worked the sheep. They tried to give Lucy the slip, but I swear, she knew right where they were going.

I then brought them out of their pasture, and worked Danny on them. He was a bit up, and tight at times, but generally good. It was LUCY who caused a wreck. I was done with Danny and went to unhook Lucy, and hook Danny up. Lucy took off to gather the sheep, brought them to me, but they ran past, and up to the barn, none of which is fenced. I don't know what happened, but when they came back, one ewe was limping and MAN was I MAD at Lucy. I flipped the ewe, and saw a slice in the sole of her foot, not too big, but it must hurt- no blood, nothing, just that slice, which could have been there all along. I believe that's what hurts. Who knows. I will check again tomorrow, but before I left, she was walking a bit better, but not 100%. Going to have to go up there tomorrow and see what it could have been.

I have a shearer coming this weekend- and they NEED it. They were puffing a bit after short work- not panting, but hot. I suspect that they haven't been worked much lately, so they are out of shape. When I ran my hand over them, they seemed thin, but it's not like I feel a lot of sheep for their weight, so I could be off. I suppose when they get sheared, I will trim their feet and worm them.

So, even though we had a casualty, and the areas are just not big enough to do what I want, I can still get some good work done and I am 20 mins from home :)

My day

So, either my well has tapped into the fountain of youth, the B 12 shots are working, or something along those lines, because I cannot fathom how much more I can get done in a day now. It's like I've been body snatched! And, I do sleep well at night. All good stuff.

On Sunday, the sheep were coming. The sheep are coming the sheep are coming!!! I slept a bit fitfully Sat night, as I was worried about over sleeping. I got up, made the coffee, did some laundry, dishes, and then loaded Lucy and Danny into the car for our trip north.

I used my new GPS, which is a wonderful invention. I got there, and the transport folks were already there. So, I walked in the driveway, and saw someone, and asked pretty please, to use the bathroom. I was greeted by two lovely dogs, one a black and white Border Collie, and one a sable BC mix, I think. She was just gorgeous.

With that done, I ran back outside, where there were conversations about how we were going to load the sheep. The house is on a busy road, and the trailer was too close to the road. They tried to pull toward the sheep barn, but then, the gate to get out was too small. So, after many attempts, he got the trailer turned back around and back to where he initially started, though a little further from the road. Then, we got some combo panels to act as a chute.

Then, her little girl, who is just as cute as can be, took a grain bucket, and shook it, and the sheep followed her right into the trailer. Got little girl out, locked it up, bade our farewells, and headed home.

I stopped at McD's for a sausage biscuit, but got a mcmuffin- do they SOUND alike? I was just starving, so I just ate it, and had a diet coke to go along.

So, I get to the farm before the transporters, and waited a bit. They showed up, and I directed them into the driveway. I then (with their help), got the gate opened (it's still not installed- let's not go there for now!), and put some extra fence up to block their egress past the gate.

Oh, and my brother had a woman and three kids come visiting, so I asked them to please stand up by the house. Maybe it's my horse days, but when loading/unloading animals, it's important to have things as calm as can be. So, they stood up at the house.

The lady asked me if I was ready. Now, I had left Lucy in the car, because I didn't think I would need her. I had my bucket to shake (with rocks, but still, it made a nice noise), and I figured they would just follow me down. Yeah, right. They hopped out of the trailer, and they initially came toward me, but then they saw the grass of my brother's lawn, and were drawn to that like moths to light. So, I shook harder. Nope, nada, and they were moving toward the road. So, I ran to get Lucy. I had her lie down, and then sent her come by, so as to avert them running toward the road.

Well, she did well, but they were a bit spooked. And took off. Around the house. All except one. Who stood in the front yard, looking like a deer in the head lights.

So, the folks near the house were close to the sheep after all. So, Lucy brought me the three, and I lay her down, and let deer in headlights girl see her friends and she rushed over. Thank goodness for flocking in sheep. We then headed down to the pasture, and without too much ado, got them in there. They stopped, turned around, looked, and then headed up the hill. Phew.

So, I then paid the transporters, and decided to head out to get things I needed. I stopped at Agway, but again, they had almost nothing, and what they did have was ridiculously expensive. So, I headed home, dropped Danny off, and went to TS. Bought a 100 gallon Rubbermaid trough, some length of chain, some stuff for electric wire for my brother, hose, barbed wire, etc. Spent more than I wanted, but I needed it all.

I headed back to the farm, filled the tank, got the chain set, threw them a couple flakes of hay, and then headed home for the night.

When I got home, I made left over steak, and had a nice dinner.

The whole day cost me a tank of gas, and I went from 6 am, to evening, and felt fine. It's just weird.

The sheep love their new digs, and I will head up there today, to work them a bit, and make sure everything is kosher. Oh, and maybe I can get someone up there to put the barbed wire up on the bottom outside of the fence, and move that cut up tree conglomeration.

I will be going there every day now, and I am already looking at getting more sheep.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

They're here

Meet: Dorothy, Sofia, Blanche, and Rose

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weather is being funky

A wee bit ago, I heard a yip from Lucy. It was her "it is raining out here, puhleeze let us in" yip. It wasn't raining much, but enough. It's rather cold out right now, and a bit raw.

This weekend, the weather promises to be funky. It can't decide on what it's doing. Tomorrow morning I have guys scheduled to move all the cut up trees, but if it rains, then I will post pone. I am also planning to work dogs this weekend, but I can't if it rains... Hmmm. Well, there is always the grocery shopping, which I NEED to do, and MAYBE a NAP in the afternoon- shhhh, don't tell, someone will do something to break that plan!

Sunday the sheep should arrive before noon. I am not sure if I will go up or not. I may go up tomorrow, and see which ones I will be taking, or not. I just don't know.

I suppose it's a good thing I didn't get into the trial I usually enter (I sent in my entry late) as I just don't think the dogs will have been worked enough, oops, I meant Lucy; Danny is no where near ready.

I got the remaining high tensile wire out of the sheep pasture today after work, and the gate was delivered, along with two combo panels. Gate will look nice when it's up.

Tonight I am just tired out. I feel like cereal for dinner, but then I also feel like London Broil.... Sometimes it sure would be nice to have standing plans to go out, so I could well, eat a good meal some time!

Danny and Lucy are at my feet. Danny is with his ever loving ball, and Lucy is chewing her Nylabone. I am about to fall asleep.


Was the sound last night at the farm. I hired a guy with a chainsaw to do some cutting up of the dead/dying trees. It's basically a tree grave yard up there. He worked for two hours, and got a lot done. Still a little more to do, but maybe some other time.
Today I have a kid scheduled to come and take all the cut up wood to some piles outside the fence. This will open things a lot. I think if I were a sheep, I would like this place. It's got cover (trees) and nice grass. Fence is holding up so far- I have had nightmares about the corner posts popping out, and such...

Later today, the gate and a couple combo panels are being delivered. These will come in handy (the panels) because I just realized that the sheep can't be let off the trailer at the gate... Lucy, you better be ready. It's a good walk from the drive way to the pasture....

The sheep should arrive at about 11:00 on Sunday morning. I will give them some time to settle down, and make sure they know where the water is.

I have to go to the grocery store at some time this weekend, I am out of everything!

Well, that's it for now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buddy, can you spare a gate?

I need to get a gate, and some combo panels. Everything has gone up so much from a few years ago. A 14' gate is $200.00!!!!!! Lordy. I also have to get a water trough, but I will get that from TS. The gate is cheaper at TS, so I may try and work a deal from Agway, because I simply don't have the energy to rent a truck and get the gate. PLUS the gate will hang off the truck 6', and that makes me nervous. I think I have almost hit the wall.

I found a guy to come and cut up the dead trees- both standing and down, and the wild bushes, whatever they may be. That's a big load off my mind. Too much garbage in there. Once that's done, it will be very nice for the sheep.

I have been dealing with an "off" stomach for a few days now. I think it stems from the chicken/pesto dish I had the other day. Tums are my friends.

The sheep are coming this weekend, if you can believe it. I still don't quite know how, but they are. They will love this little piece of heaven. Lucy will think she died and went to heaven too. Oh, and Danny too!

House is still looking nice and clean, and that makes for a much more relaxed me, which is good.

Well, that's it for now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A good exhaustion

So, after work yesterday, I worked the dogs. Danny is doing well. He is now even starting to lean to the left, when I set him up, instead of always to the right. He's getting deep enough, but he's still not ready for me to stay further from the sheep. Once he gets this, I think we will progress fast, at least, I hope. I want correct work close and far, period.

Lucy did great driving, and now it's time to work on outruns- kicking her out/deeper, and the God forsaken laying down on the fetch. I don't know about her. Sometimes she's cool, other times she's not. I don't have it in me to be *really* hard on her, so I need suggestions. I am all for a correction if it works, but if it doesn't stick, then what?

She was tired yesterday too, lots of outruns will do that to a girl.

Oh, and we banded tails yesterday on a few extremely cute lambies. On the way home I stopped at the farm and measured for gates. The dogs haven't been in the field yet, but soon.

Sheep may come as early as this weekend, can you believe it?

I am extremely exhausted today, but in a good way, you know?

Well, that's it for now.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It is DONE!

Can you believe it? I mean, seriously? Could it be true? Well, I DO have to install a gate (the other area for a gate, we just left the fence up for now). But, then we are ready. I want to clean out the pasture of dead trees/brambles, but that can be done sometime, even when the sheep are there.

It looks very good. We weren't sure of how tight the fence should go, but it's pretty darn rigid. I do want to put a strand of barbed wire on the outside bottom, off set, but that can also be done later.

What a long slog. The worst part was organizing all the help. It's just been a heck of a thing. Getting workers off craigslist saved me money, but the hassle cost me a lot of headache.

Oh, have to get a water trough and various other items, but we are good to go.

Now, life can go back to regularly scheduled programming.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We are getting there

So, I got a call yesterday, that two out of the three guys never showed up yesterday. Nice. Well, what can I expect for cheap labor? Stunk, but I just needed to NOT go up to the farm for once, so I ended up doing laundry, and various other domestic things I have let slide.

Today, I went to work, and then to the farm. They guys were banging out the job. It's beautifully straight, tight, and well, PRETTY! There is a section where it it off the ground a few inches, but that was unavoidable. There are too many trees and the terrain is un-even. We have about 1/4 left to do, and then we will cut around where the gates are, splice the ends so they look nice and then we are good to go.

I am getting tired of handing $$ over to these guys, but I am saving a lot from contractor's charges.

Once the fence is done, I am just simply going to chill for a week. I need to work/play my dogs, and deal with my house and yard. It's all so behind.

Tonight for dinner I bought a pre-cooked chicken and potato salad from the grocery store, and didn't eat much.

My allergies are so bad. I only took one Benadryl last night and it did not work. Two tonight. I can barely see, and breathe.

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow (hopefully the guys show up) I will bring my camera and get some pics for you all to see what the heck we've been doing!

Friday, April 9, 2010


So, today is stretch the fence day! Oh, and deal with metal posts if they have "issues" day. Can you believe it? I can't. It's been such a long slog. I am completely, and 100% exhausted. The dogs are not happy- Danny and Kylie got into a spat- I am pretty sure Kylie started it, but it shows just how much cabin fever they all have.

Yesterday the guys had a hard time doing the H braces, and tension wires. I am so glad that my father could supervise. That's all they did yesterday, and that was three guys. OY VEY. Money money money.

I was so tired this morning, I couldn't even stand to play with Danny; I had to sit down. I am about at my limit. We still need to get gates up, and also the pen by the barn, but I may use stock panels for that, and make it a bit of a round pen.

My allergies have kicked in too. Oh, and my house is atrocious- I need to clean the heck out of it this weekend. After I sleep about 25 hours.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Changing the name

I have decided to change the name of the blog, I think. I think the new handle will be "Everybody loves Lucy". That's because everyone who meets her does. I couldn't love her anymore, in any way. Lucy is everything that a first mate/working partner, and friend could be.

Lucy's loyalty is unwavering. When I leave the car, Lucy will look in the direction I left and maintain her surveillance, calmly. People can literally walk up to the car, lean into the window, stare at her, and she ignores them. She only has eyes for me. She is not nervous or worried, she's simply on sentry duty for me.

On the days where we can't work, or play, lately, that's a lot, she understands, lets out a sigh, and waits for me to get home, and then lies next to me in bed. She doesn't HAVE to do anything. She would like to, I guess, but she's just going to go with my flow.

My mother, who is not a real dog lover, commented on how well behaved she was at Easter, and then added that she was SO pretty. That's my Lucy, pretty and well behaved. Looks shouldn't matter, but when you have her looks, well, you can take credit.

Many times, I think that Lucy is all the dog I need. Seriously. She is everything I could want.

When we trial, we either do extremely well, or her nerves get the better of her, and she gets wonky, but at the end, generally without fail, as we walk off the field, Lucy will make a bee-line for the judge, and wiggle, and try and give them a kiss. Even folks who have been in the sheepdog trialing game a long time are seduced by her elan, and joie de vivre.

Today, Lucy will sit at home and wait for me, only for me, and when I get home, she will wiggle up to me, and just revel in the fact that we are together.

I love you Lucy, and so does everyone else.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maybe two days...

Today, two new guys, plus the one that started yesterday came to work. Three workers = lots of work done. The report is that my father came by and chain sawed the brace posts, so now we're ready to put them in. My brother had put the fence roll on the unroller I got, so they were able to pull the fence off that. That, I hear was the easy part. They had lots of trees etc., to move the fence around as they walked it. Oh boy.

When I got there after work, they had done everything but 1/2 of the lane line (there is a road there, and I call it a lane). So, tomorrow, they pull the rest of the fence, and then we install the braces/pins/tension wire. I know how to do this, but I am concerned they might mess it up. May ask my father to supervise.

So, after we get the fence stretched, and attached, we are DONE. Some how, that seems unbelievable.

I am really hoping I can get sheep in there by the weekend. We shall see.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Light? at the end of the tunnel?

Well, what a difference a day makes. The new guy started today, which was good, because the guy who said he would keep working, just never showed up, or called today. No matter, because the new guy was very good. Got lots done. I had a good friend supervise for me, and things went well. We are now ready to put in our horizontal brace posts, and tension wire. Then, my friends, we have the fence to unroll which will be one un-holy mess. There are so many trees. I hope my help doesn't bust a gut too bad. I think we will need four guys. Seriously. I will see how many show up tomorrow.

I am also going to look at sheep tomorrow- Tunis. I am a bit concerned because I have heard that feet issues are a problem with the breed- I do not want that.

So, I think certainly by Thurs/Fri, the fence will be done, and that is with the odd emergency run to TS.

Dogs would love it to be done, because they are certainly sick of all of this neglect. I throw the ball for Danny (in the house) in the morning, but that's it, because I run to the farm after work.

Anyway, once all of this is done, there will be a PARTE!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I hate fence

I really really do. I have just about had it. I have not done most of the work, but I supervised all weekend, and after work last week. The two guys I have are good, but toward the end of the day, they turn into slackers. Today they set a post not up to my standards, and I am irked by it. I may have it pulled, and it's a BIG one. Part of the requirement for the job, was to do the job right, and be hard working. Yes, it is back breaking, hard work, but I am paying them fairly, and I even bought them pizza today.

We have about 6-7 more posts to go in tomorrow, and then we can start unrolling the fence. That should be a real joy, because the ground is so uneven.

I have spent way more than I wanted, and LOTS more in labor than I expected, so yes, I hate fence.

I am hoping to be done with this God awful work by Weds/Thurs, how I will afford it, I don't know. This isn't even a huge area.

Well, that's all my complaining for now.

Kelpies Rule

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, it's been a while since I've written, and that's because I have been flat out like a lizard drinking.

I found some good hard working (well, pretty good) guys to come and put in the fence. I have had to work while they have been at it, but I can see that they have really put their best into the work. The posts were set on a line, so they all lined up just about as perfect as is humanly possible. They are also level, each and every single one. They worked two days full on. Oh, and while doing the line stringing they had to clear brush/prickers, so that added some work.

Now, we've just got to set the gate/corner posts and then attach the fence. This will be at least two more full days. It's not easy. Each fence roll weighs 260 lbs; so it won't be easy to wrangle them. I don't even know if I have enough fence at this point. We shall see.

The dogs have not gotten any work, because I really need to focus on getting this done- hopefully by Monday. That's what I am shooting for.

I cannot wait to be able to just sit and look at the fence, all done, with sheep in the pasture. Seriously, it will be just surreal. I have been thinking about this for years, and finally it's come to fruition.

My arm is still in it's sling, which is getting very old.

Well, that's it for now.