Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nope, no trial today

Well, I woke up, ostensibly, early enough to go to the trial, but then I started thinking of the stuff I need to get done at my place. Lots to do. But, now that I am up, I don't feel like doing any of it- pitiful ain't it?

I have to run some errands, and then I need to clean the whole other part of the house that I didn't tackle last weekend. Have to get it done. Too much hair. Danny has sent the hair volume way out of kilter. I guess I need a Rumba- something that runs all day long- that way the hair can be kept up with...

As I lay in bed I started thinking about Danny. Will he turn out? What if he doesn't? OH MY!!! I just don't know what I will do, and so on. Of course I am being a nincompoop. He is only 6 months Julie!!! I think the next month or so off will be good for him, as I can't put the pressure he needs on him, without me worrying about damaging him. See, I am NO expert, and I don't want to wreck him. The issue is, he really wants to GET TO HIS SHEEP. Lucy was not quite this focused getting in there. So, it's new to me. He is starting to learn to bend out, but it isn't what he would prefer. Of course, things could be worse- he could be less keen, and not able to take correction- but those two things, no problem. Anyway, I just have no experience with the BC mind, so I know nothing.

After long thought, I told my self to just NOT WORRY ABOUT it. You can't hurry up maturity/aging. By next month, Danny will be officially training on sheep, and then we will progress as he can.

Now, if I can only remember NOT to circle think things to death!!!!

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