Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel

I bought Danny a Chuck-it the other day. I got the smaller of the two. It's great. If I lob the ball just right, I can make get the ball to bounce on the ground, hit the fence and Danny catches it as it comes off the fence. Cool. Nice safe way to retrieve it :) Much easier on the shoulder.

Today is the wedding. I am almost all set. I have to work, then go home, re-shower, and head to the Chapel. I think I will just have the dogs wait until I am home early evening, before I feed them. Maybe I will give them something to chew on to tide them over.

Tomorrow will be spent just chilling- maybe mow the lawn/string trim. I don't know. Then, next week I hope to work Lucy on sheep. There are several trials coming up, and I certainly need to get her tuned up before them. Though, if I am still not right wrt my cardio status, I may have to cancel out of them.

Got the blood work done yesterday, and man did that rot. I told the chick who was drawing the blood to use a Butterfly, as my veins suck (they have been ruined by blood letting for surgeries). She ignored my request, stuck the usual needle in, and hit a nerve. I screamed, and cried in about .5 seconds. I actually shook. Her only response was "well, the blood is coming, do you want me to pull it?" I said "yes, I cannot stand this". I am used to dealing with multiple sticks, but this was out of control painful. She never apologized. She eventually got blood from the back of my hand- slowly. The vein kept collapsing. Whatever- it's done, and I remember saying "I am never having blood taken again". The things we must go through.

Ricky my Parakeet is still with us. He is less puffy. Maybe he learned a new tune? That high pitched whistle is something else.

Smile for the day: This morning as I attended to the dogs constitutionals, I heard a ruckus from the trees behind my property. Then, I saw a crow with a mouthful of food. He/she landed on the tree to the cacophony of baby crows. I didn't know we had a family near by. Also, did I mention that my yard is over run with baby frogs? TONS of them- every where. I think it could be labeled as a preserve- baby frogs are extremely cute!

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