Friday, July 30, 2010

Sheep, weekend, comments

Okay, boring part first: Any comments not written in English, will not be approved.

Okay, now that the house keeping is done... I stopped by the farm to check the sheep yesterday, and true to form they drank more water than normal, because I gave them the protein block. I moved it further away from the water, up on the hill, and when I got there, they were laying in their normal place, under one of the trees. They look a bit more perky, but then, even though it is still hot, it's not quite as bad as it was. I have heard that there have been sheep losses due to this heat, which are attributed to the high heat, no good fodder left, and possibly, parasite load. Either way, people need to body score their sheep at least once a week and see how they are doing. With wool, it can be hard, but the scoring takes away any ambiguity. Anyway, the sheep are good.

I have decided that I will be buying sheep from breeders, more than likely, Border Leicesters, as I truly love their looks. I guess I am becoming snobby... But, they are the prettiest, and as the scene in the movie "Babe" goes: when Babe the pig goes up to the flock and tells the sheep to move, one of the sheep replies "I am NOT a sheep, I am a registered Border Leicester ewe!" That haughtiness is what I like ;) And, they are a bit like that in real life ;) They have nice clean legs and faces, and I like that too.

My brother got the hitch on the truck, so now we are set for the truck, just need to get the wood on the trailer, which will be next week.

This weekend I am heading out to a sheep camp put on by a friend/trainer. Will head up tomorrow after work, and then stay the night. Danny has a working slot, and Lucy will help out as needed. I am looking forward to getting Danny on different sheep, and socializing with my sheepdog peeps.

I will be really happy when the fair demos are over. Seriously. It's a lot of prep and worry. I just need some time to finish the fence the way I like, and then chill a bit. I also need to make a hay manger. I wish they sold wood/home made ones at retail places! I don't mind being industrious, I just wish being so, didn't mean taking MORE time!

Everyone, have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

SCAT CAT!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a whirlwind; at least it felt that way. I worked a normal day, and on the way home I stopped by Home Depot and got some water softener salt and a new dial for the hose bib (the one I have is just about completely broken off). Oh, I also bought more dog food. Been feeding ACANA Prairie, and the dogs really like it.

I unloaded the car, and then started vacuuming. Man, it was hot. But, I got it done. I think I almost filled a bag with one vacuuming! Danny is quite the shedder- worse than all my other three combined. I also did some wash and cleaned the bathroom etc..

In the evening I headed out to see some sheep, and when I got home, sometime around 7:00, there was a cute Tabby with white paws kitty on my front step, and he would not move. Even when I said "SCAT!!!!!!!!", he responded by stretching his feet out and closing his eyes to go back to sleep. Finally, I got Lucy and he left. Odd, very brave kitty...

I had some pizza for dinner, and had let the dogs out the last time. I always give them a Blue Seal biscuit for night time, and apparently, Lucy was really wanting hers, because there was a drool string coming from her mouth all the way to the floor (and she was on the bed)!!!!!!!! My LORD.

So, that was my day.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good dogs

Been a busy week. No, no B12 shot yet, but today for sure. No running around, save for trip on the way home for dog food and water softener salt (why can't they just deliver it?!). Then, I have to clean the house vacuum, that sort of thing. Got the lawn mowed/trimmed the other day.

Yesterday I worked sheep at a friend's place. I think I have either soured Lucy on driving too much, or prattled on to her. So, I walked with her yesterday, and got her keened up again, which was amazing- the sheep moved much faster, which is not what you want, but for Lucy's psyche, I want that for now.

Danny did well, we are starting to work on driving, and he is getting the "here", and then, when he turns to me, and gets to me, I give him an inside flank. Did some outruns down the hill opposite of pressure and the first one he was short, and my get out meant, apparently, to him, to just slow down, and finally he got around and covered. Lucy always had issues at that end of the field too. Odd. Anyway, then I did two outruns up the hill; nice outrun, lift and fetch. He pushed them a little on the fetch, but I want him just a wee bit less restrained, so I allowed a bit, and then gave him a steady, and he took it. Didn't work him more after that, as I feel that when a dog does something right, it's a good time to stop- plus, it was hot (again).

On the way home, I stopped to drop off the stuff I bought for the truck at the farm and took a look/feel of my sheep. They felt lean to me, so I went and got a protein block at Agway. Oh, incidentally, I gave them some of the new hay- didn't touch it. I guess they like meadow grass more than planted grass!

Lucy helped me- they took off, when they saw us, and I took that opportunity to move the block pan/block up the hill further from the water, and then, I sent Lucy, the entire length of my pasture to get them. Well, she started out okay, and then kicked out nice and wide (away side) and as she approached they darted to the side, and she covered and fetched them. I lay her down in the pasture while I walked them to the block, and she stayed put while I messed around with getting them there. What a good girl!

I bet the sheep will have eaten very well when I get to the farm today. They love that protein block. Unfortunately, they also drink lots of water, so I will have to watch it. I may take the block out today or tomorrow, so they get their butts up in the pasture and eat.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting there

Sunday I did drive to TS to look for a hay manger. Of course, all they had were horse mangers (they sit a bit high off the ground for sheep). I am destined, I suppose, to make my own. So, I left there, stopped at the market, and then ran over to get a bail of hay. When I got to the hay place, I decided I would try the "hay" hay, and not the meadow, which I got last time, to see which they liked better. Only thing was, the "hay" hay was up in a loft, with a flimsy aluminum ladder to use to ascend.... With some trepidation, I began to scale the ladder, and when I reached a truss on the loft floor, I hung onto that. I spied a bail of hay at the edge. Good, because there was NO WAY I was climbing ALL the way up, and off the ladder, and then back on, because no one was there to a) hold the ladder for me (it was like almost completely straight up and down) and b) no one to call the Paramedics when I fell. So, I grabbed and pushed the bail of hay, until it fell. Gratefully I reached the ground and threw the hay in the car, put my $5.00 in the can and headed for home.

When I got home, the plan was to chill a bit, but I called my brother and was convinced to go over to the farm to discuss what we needed to fit the trailer for making it a livestock hauler. I must mention here, I was very tired. I am weak as can be lately, and will get my B12 today!

So, I get to the farm, and my brother lists for me all the stuff we need to get. Then we go out and into the cow pasture where the trailer is, and get it out with the truck I just registered, that will pull said trailer.

We need a new 2" ball and a Reese hitch, but then we are good- oh and a few parts for the truck and of course, then to check the electric, but my brother is mechanical and can address all of the aforementioned.

Before I left I brought the hay into the barn, and noticed my sheep were not by the gate... Hmmm. That's been there station for weeks now (with all the heat they stay there, under the shade). So, I headed up the pasture, and to my delight, I saw them GRAZING. Good gravy Marie, did that make me happy! Good to see them being normal sheep again. We've been getting rain just about every other day, and the grass is really picking up now.

I headed home, made a nice steak dinner and chilled for the evening. Was a fruitful day, and that makes me a happy camper.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Above is a souvenir I got from my mother's trip to Norway. Every time she goes, she brings some of this luscious chocolate back to all of us. She related to us how expensive Norway is- always has been, but worse now. This chocolate bar was $20.00 US!

The nephews got some nice shirts, and my dad got a nice new ball cap. My mom brought some pics back from relatives too, so it was a good catch up trip. I am glad my mom is back, I missed her. It's weird, the relationship us girls have with our moms; it can vacillate between miss a lot and just the opposite! But, at the end of the day, mom's are very special, and I believe us girls just owe a lot to them.

I am feeling weak again- have to get another B12 shot ASAP. I really wish this would just resolve. I hate going in for the shots.

Today I am going to Tractor Supply to look for a hay manger, as I don't really want to make one, and then get a bale of hay, and then head up to the farm, then home. I need to clean the house too. I also need a new coffee maker- the burner plate is really worn down, and well, I've had it since 1993, so it's getting up there in age!

Oh, I also have to order the ply wood and other lumber to fit the trailer so we can use to it haul sheep. I think part of the reason I am tired, is because I feel really slightly panicked at getting everything done.

Well, that's it for now.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What do you do in 110 heat index?

Weeeeeellll, not much, I would say! That's the prediction 'round these parts. Oy vey, it means people will shuffle in and out of a/c, just like in Florida!

Truth be told, I am working today, and afterward, going to look at some sheep down the road from me. They are a mix of, get this: Romanov, Merino, Dorset and Texel, oh, and some Dorper. Should be interesting. I told the guy I wanted to wait until after the fair to pick them up, because I don't want to risk anything being brought in to my sheep.

Later today we are meeting at my parent's place to have a small birthday party for my nephew, and then, that's it. Really nothing more than running errands, and that sort of thing. I will not be working dogs. The temp is supposed to cool down to 89 on Monday- yahoo. This summer has been one long heat wave. They forecast that it will remain this way for the foreseeable future, which means we will fry at the fair. Good thing we will be near the dock diving :)

I wonder, should I be making it a priority to let my sheep in the barn? It seems people are doing this. I just worry about foot problems. The cows like to get in the barn to avoid the heat, but my LORD the mess they make. What do you all think? I still need to finish the alley way up to the barn, and then the corral area too (which I will use for both keeping sheep and training).

Oh, baby Budgies went to their new home last night. A woman contacted me, and is a stay at home wife/mother, and knows her stuff. I just couldn't keep them. Dad is a bit shell shocked this morning, but it's for the best.

Well, that's it for now.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Danny working in pasture

Here is Danny working in the pasture. I think this will be good for him; a real challenge. Up until now, he hasn't had anything that might test him too much. I think Danny will be okay, as in a decent sheepdog. Sheep seem to like him.

Lucy working in pasture

Here is Lucy and I in my pasture. I am still not used to using the back left side, as it was all trees. You can see that it is interesting, and the sheep are light as popcorn. I think that may be due to not being worked. Handling a dog here is a bit tenuous at times because the sheep WILL run to the nether areas!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, it's been one of those weeks, where I just can't seem to get enough sleep. I think I just way over did it on Sunday. Let's see, I worked Danny and Lucy day before yesterday, but it was WAY hot. Lucy can't handle working much in the high heat, she runs hot lately, so I will work her today shorter session and see if that helps my girl.

Danny did something amazing. Well, at first it was bad. The sheep took off, and instead of covering, he ran up and split, so three were covered and one took off down the hill, to the gate. Danny had the three to me and then I didn't see him. I called and called. First, I thought he was off peeing some where, and then he still didn't come. Then, I look at the goat trail (the skinny steep trail where the sheep go up into the pasture)and there comes the sheep. She trotted up, and who was behind her? DANNY! Danny got her, and when she started to stot like an Antelope, he just stayed calm behind her, and allowed her to get back with her friends. WHAT A GOOD BOY DANNY! We stopped on that note- that was some good opportunity for learning!

Yesterday, I had a guy come to pick up the Fence unroller I was selling him. Very nice guy. When I went to move a card board box that was on the unroller, I got stung in the knuckle and the chest by wasps. OH MY GOD. It felt like someone shot my knuckle. HURT like h e double tooth picks. So, I got my brother and he sprayed the heck out of the area, and the he and Andy moved the unroller while I manned the spray. My finger is swollen and bruised today. Nasty wasps.

Today I have running around to do. Need to get the truck that I will use to haul sheep for the demos registered, and then I need to do some other stuff, but I am so tired, I just want to sleep!

My mom and nephew arrive home today from Norway, will be very happy to see them.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bust of a birthday

I think my birthday this year, ranks up there as the worst. First, I was in no condition to do anything. I WAY overdid it on Sunday, and by yesterday (my birthday) I could not even stay upright after work. I just couldn't. Generally, my family doesn't do much for birthdays. My siblings usually call, and my mother has a card for me (and my twin sister). This year, my mother is away, so I didn't hear from her, but I thought I would hear from my dad. Nope, nothing. How could he have forgotten TWO birthdays? It's not that I am looking for anything, just a simple Happy Birthday.

I woke up this morning and realized that he never called, and thought that at some point, I should get used to it, because my parents won't be around forever.

Sometimes it's nice to have a special someone in your life, on these odd times when human kindness and love add a depth of joy to your life. But, well, what can I do about it? Get over it.

I am still quite tired today. I think most of this week will be like that. I am DYING to get out to the farm to take pics of the pasture, but it will have to wait. I will be getting another bird cage to put the Parakeet babies in. They are messing with mom's new nest, and causing stress to mom, plus, they are crazy!

Well, that's all folks!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Can you carry me?

Those are the words I'd have liked to say yesterday. This weekend was a blur. The chainsaw guy came out on Saturday and commenced working. While he was there, my brother stopped by and suggested that we light the burn pile (see previous post for size of it). I was nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs at the thought of burning something that big. But, my brother had confidence that we could keep things safe, and we had a water pack and a hose and a back hoe. So, he lit it and POOF, it went up like tinder. The whole pile was down to a mini back yard sized pile in just a few hours. WOW.

Sunday I came back to the farm and ended up helping the guy with the tree pick up and brush removal until 6:00 pm (started at 9:00 am). Mid day I ran home and made pb&j sandwiches, and we ate them in the a/c in the truck. Then back at it. There was SO much to be done. The previous guy I had come basically felled trees, leaving big stumps and just cut the trees into huge pieces, so we had to move, and re cut some of the stuff and also stump. Toward the end, we split up and I went to piles and dragged stuff to the burn pile, which was still going.

At 6:00, we quit. There were a few more trees to come down, but neither he, nor I could go on any more. In fact, I was so tired that I had to have him drive me to my car. I stopped by the deli on the way home and got a slice of pizza and a sunkist soda and when I went to leave, I considered asking someone to help me to my car. That's just how tired I was.

Today my legs are jelly. So tired.

But, the upshot is, and I WILL get pics, that I now have a silo-pastoral field- that's a field where you leave trees, so you get good benefits for trees/grass/animals. I am told that this is where agriculture is going now. So, we are ahead of the game ;)

There are still a bunch of Autumn Olive shrubs, but since the sheep really like them, I chose to leave them as food. I suspect most shrubs won't survive with the sheep defoliating them like they do, so that will be good- less work for me.

So, that was my weekend. Today I feel old and feeble.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swimming, er, working dogs

I took a drive out to work sheep. Ostensibly, I guess would be the correct term. It was MUGGY. It wasn't cool either, which meant I was dripping with perspiration after just a short time. I have a moral objection to perspiring that badly, when I haven't done *that* much ;)

So, I didn't do much with the dogs. Lucy did very well, though I am seeing that the first thing that goes with her is her driving brain in the heat. I ended up walking with her, and telling her she was good, and then did some cross driving and quit. The sheep are also very heavy and she is not the strongest driver.

Where she excelled, was when we were at the gate to sort, and they were all jammed up at the gate against the fence. Lucy got up between the sheep that were on the fence, I mean smushing into their bellies, and just jamming herself through. Not a care in the world. That's pretty darn great Lucy.

I then worked Danny. We did two outruns, and then I did a bit of driving, and then some pulling off fences and corners. He has absolutely no problem doing that. I don't know if he will be a weak dog, but at this point when he walks up to sheep, he doesn't have any hesitation. He does lack eye, and I hope he grows a bit as he matures. Goodness knows we pushed him off sheep a LOT as a pup... I will work on walk ups a lot with him and also maybe have him do some sorting. I should also have him work my sheep a bit....

The most time was spent by the dogs swimming in the pond and racing around it. Lucy just had a great time zipping around and Danny chased her, it was so nice. I just sat there enjoying the view :)

When I got to the farm today, my sheep high tailed it up to the middle of the field and lined up to face whatever dog may come. They are getting bothered a lot by deer flies, but no more swat for now. It's not THAT hot today, so they should stop complaining ;)

Saturday the guy may come back to work. We will see. I plan to lay low this weekend. JEEZ am I sick of all this heat and humidity. It rots.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hurtin' for certain

When I got the corn out for the steers the other day, I had to climb down into a hole and back out. Not sure if that's why I was hurting, but I know it exacerbated my issues with my quad attachments to my knees. See, my knees are fine, but those tendons are out of control tight/painful. Makes getting up and down a real misery. I can walk fine and even getting up from less than 90 degrees is okay, but otherwise, it's real mind over matter, it bothers that much. So, that night, after feeding the steers I spent a lot of it ruing my sore knees! Stinks to get old. Oh well, enough complaining- they are better today.

I worked my dogs yesterday. Hot and humid. Ick. Sheep were not interested, and even Lucy got way hot. It's been a long period of hot/humid weather. I sure hope that the demos at the fair aren't tarnished by either rain, or unbearable heat/humidity. It will make the shows very short.

I think I injured, or maybe the sheep did first, two bunnies in the field. One bunny couldn't hop, but I herded him out of the field near a shed, and then I heard the same type of scream again, and there was ANOTHER baby bunny. SO STINKING CUTE!!!!! I picked up the little guy and put him with his brother/sister (who had his/her head jammed under the shed). I doubt they will make it, but I tried. Rabbit dens are insane- they are just in the ground in deep grass, and that makes them easy pickings for getting stepped on.

I got some video of Lucy and Danny working, and will put the links up soon. Lucy would NOT drive down toward pressure yesterday, and I lost my temper. She's never done that. Danny did fine, but it appears he either lacks confidence now, or will be weak as dishwater, so not necessarily the best working day.

Oh, and the best part!!!!!!!!!!! We got (and are still getting) RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

And so it goes

The heat wave broke, and we got all of about 1/4" of water. That's so much less than we needed, it's a crime. The forecast this week calls for chances of thundershowers here and there, but, well, that's cold comfort.

I body scored my sheep and they are all fine. They hang around under the trees- unless I go in the pasture and then they follow me like I am the pied piper- and eat along the way. They are very pet like sheep. It's going to be warm today, but compared to last week, it is sort of tenable.

I worked Danny and Lucy the other day. Lucy got to help while we vaccinated a few lambs- Lucy is very good at covering and holding and now, also just being calm and steady when we are busy with one. That's a very nice thing.

Danny did well, though he appeared to have a sore foot so we stopped. I thought he might have gotten stung by a bee, so I gave him a Benadryl, and didn't work him again. He's right as rain today, so that's good.

No tree work, but really we are 90% done, so I don't want the guy back until we can get it all done. The pile will remain until it is safer to burn.

I found a dead long tailed weasel yesterday at the farm. Hadn't see them before.

This week I may try and work my sheep in the back part of the pasture, even with Danny- we will see. He could use some big boy work, gathering flighty sheep and driving too.

The baby Parakeets are about ready to go. They are eating on their own, and more independent. Mother is in the box again. She's definitely into being a mom.

Well, that's all for now.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat and nothing

Well, the blasted heat wave continues. The temp was lower this morning, but the humidity was so high, you could just about cut it with a knife. Last night was terrible. My little a/c could not keep up, and I awoke several times trying to discern how I could cool it down. The fan was going, and the doors were shut. Just too bloody hot.

I hope to heck we get some relief soon, we need rain, and we need to be outside. Sheep seem to be fine, just laying under the trees.

I have been eating lunch out, because it is too hot to cook in my kitchen- way too hot.

There is absolutely nothing to report right now. But, I thought I would touch base.

Ta Ta!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot day in July.mpg

B Ts

B Ts are my version of bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. I leave off the lettuce, as it's just not necessary :)

So, on my way home yesterday, I stopped at the market, got some small ripe-on-the-vine tomatoes, and bacon for lunch/dinner. I don't eat much during the summer- mainly because I have a reduced appetite, generally, and it's too hot to cook much.

When I got home, I made an executive decision to not run the dogs outside. Danny got hot just being a numb skull when I let everyone out. I did let Lucy and Danny hang around outside, and when I went to let them in a while later, Lucy was wet from having been in the stock tank, and Danny emerged from under the deck. Both he and Nikke get that it is much cooler under the deck, so that's where they hang out if it's really sunny/hot.

Yesterday morning *something* had been in the yard. Danny grumbled/barked when we went out and all the dogs were sniffing around. I didn't think much about it, until I saw that Mr C (boy kitty) was very worried about going out, so I left him in. There was much smelling on the deck and also near the stock tank, so maybe a skunk? A cat? I don't know...

This morning after I let the dogs back in, and Mr. C out, I was just about to let Mr C back in, when I see him intently staring at something. It was a gray squirrel drinking out of the stock tank. I haven't seen that before. But, with this weather, well, I bet lots of animals need that tank for water/cooling off.

Yesterday I headed to the farm to do usual stuff, and I checked the water tank. It was lower than I had ever seen it. Mainly, I suspect due to the protein block I gave the sheep, thusly making them more thirsty, and also, from all the heat.

I also found that the cows had somehow gotten into the main section of the barn and made a huge mess. The area I had swept up into neat piles, and other things I had done were just trashed by cow plops, and also, they knocked over my neat piles of other things. Thankfully, there is a door on my section, and also a gate, and head stanchions that make a nice wall, so to bolster the gate, I put a metal cabinet in front of it. I will have to get my friend over and get that place cleaned out, and ready for the winter, and make sure those da** cows don't get in there.

Sheep are doing fine, hot, but fine. No dog work with them for the immediate future, and no more tree work, because frankly, it's too darn hot to do anything. Forecast is for 100 degrees F today, and then you add the heat index. Fawgettaboutit.

That's it for now- stay cool everyone!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy (late) Independence day

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and spending time to be grateful for our country, and all the privileges she offers. I have no time for folks who are not proud of America, who in their great insolence state that they are embarrassed, or otherwise feeling the need to distance themselves with this country. To those people, I say "Leave, please, and do it now" Go somewhere where you can feel "proud" of "your" country. Make another country yours, please.

We have so much given to us, in the form of rights and pleasures, in this country, I find it unconscionable that people would spit in the face of it. It *really* irks me. Most of the folks who engage in such disgraceful conduct, have never been over seas, and seen even in the more affluent countries, how much fewer rights, and privileges they are afforded.

So, the next time someone wants to be embarrassed about being an American, please, do us Americans a favor, and emigrate. It would save a lot on both sides.

Last night I watched "Capitol 4th" which was great as usual. I really enjoy that program, and I wish it were longer.

There were some fireworks going off nearby, and I had to put Nikke and Kylie in their crates in the spare room. I was going to leave them there for the night, but Mr C (the kitty) couldn't be without his Kylie, and meowed to get in there with her, so I let them out, and kitty and Kylie slept together. Very sweet.

Baby Parakeets are sleeping in the box at night, and coming out during the day, and dad still feeds them. This has been a slow fledge! They look good though.

Today, after work, not sure what I will do. If it's really hot, nothing outside, but if not, I may work at the farm.

Well, that's it for now!

Friday, July 2, 2010

BOOF (Lucy) YEAH! (Danny)

What a day. I worked today, and then headed out to work sheep. I went up to my friend's place to get some work in, because the forecast is calling for hot hotter and hottest over the next several days, and frankly, me and the dogs really don't "do" 90s ;)

So, I used Lucy to sort, and then worked Danny. Now, I don't talk much about Danny, because well, he is still a work in progress, and he's not doing anything that extremely special, but today he did do something special, I thought anyway...

We have been working on outruns. I sent him both ways full field length and they were "perfect". He's coming in at balance, slowing down to a nice gentle approach and walking in. It's cool.

Well, today we had some sheep that did not want to just leave the pressure they were drawn to, so Danny came up, and they split. One ran up the hill, Danny got it, then she returned to her friends, but then they still didn't want to come. So, Danny had to do some flanking etc., to keep them on track. I kept my mouth shut, and Danny just figured it out, and brought me my sheep calmly. Wow.

Then, later, we decided to use this attitude of the sheep as a training opportunity, so we left them up by the gate to where their friends were, and I sent Danny to the left. Well, he went up/out, and came in confident and those sheep never even hesitated. Danny really has no eye, that I can see, but that also allows him to really just motor in (not run). Then, I sent him on the away side, knowing he would have to go along the fence. I was instructed to have him stop almost there, so if the sheep would bolt, he wouldn't cross. Well, he took my stop, then I gave him another away, and around he went- the sheep tried to split, but he covered and brought them down no muss no fuss.

That's all pretty special, being that he has never experienced sheep like this, and didn't get flustered at all. He looks like this is all so easy for him. He doesn't seem to have lots of worries about walking in on sheep. I say either he's real dumb, or just REAL confident. ;)

So, later, I decided to work Lucy one more time. I had moved the not yet worked sheep into a holding area, so I could bring up the used sheep and keep them separated. I had Lucy bring them up, and was trying to figure out what I was going to do with them. Lucy was standing in front of me, looking at me. That's when one of the sheep came out and nailed Lucy in her rib cage, and as Lucy turned, she got butted again in the head. She yelped, but seemed okay. I then put that sheep and 2 others into the other holding area, and had Lucy go in the tight area where other sheep were and she was fine. Phew.

Later though, another group was out there, and didn't want to be driven away, and one ewe took a small run at her, and Lucy barked at her. So, I then went down the field and sent Lucy to fetch that group- not too far from me, but if a dog is weakened by a hit like that, they will demonstrate it on the fetch, more than anywhere else, because you are not there to back them up. So, I sent her, and she came up and one ewe who must have seen the action turned on Lucy, and she kept coming on, and then she nailed her in the nose, and the sheep didn't give her any more problems.

I was still a bit worried, so I my friend offered to help me with Lucy and the offending sheep. She held the leg of the rotten sheep, and I entered the smaller area with Lucy- before I could get the gate latched, Lucy had gone straight for her nose, and kept it up, until I called her off. There were no marks on the sheep, but I think it made an impression- let's hope. I am just glad it wasn't Danny who got hit like that.

So, that's the BOOF and the YEAH!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Couple pics

Aren't the ladies pretty?

Here's the wood pile so far. Lucy is in front for perspective

Also rans

It's so good to be back to a normal schedule :))) I think that when I get over wrought, I just start to get weepy, and unfortunately, people at the trial saw me get that way. Life can be hard sometimes, but you just gotta keep peddling, as my mom would say!

Yesterday after work, I mowed the lawn- it looks great. I saw a nice Leopard frog, and had to stop my mower, and then go forward, then wait while he hopped ahead, and so on and so forth until he made it into the mowed area.

Danny and Lucy are playing every morning; it is so great to see happy Lucy, and Danny is happy to oblige. They are a nice pair.

Parakeet baby 1 has gone back into the nest box, and #2 is on the top of the nest box. Each parent takes care of one. I will check the box today, to make sure #1 is okay. I think I will end up keeping these guys. I just need to get another cage. I cannot convey to you how soft they are- like nothing I have ever felt. So pretty too. I do like birds (not Chickens)!

I may be getting some wool cross ewes lambs this week. Will see what they want for them.

This weekend I am working, and will just be catching up on cleaning the house. I need some down time. The forecast is for 95+, a regular heat wave, starting on Monday. Yuck.

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my post regarding my boy Tucker. I actually brought his picture to the trial this weekend so I could show people just how handsome he was. It's pitiful, and here I go crying again. I know time will ease it, but it's hard right now. Gotta keep busy, and know that the time I had him was a gift, and to focus on that. It's so hard losing those we love. Heck, I cried when I saw Rue McClanahan (Golden Girl) died. So, it doesn't take much....

Hey, I had a bit of an epiphany at the trial this weekend. Someone was relaying to me how clique-ey these trials folks can be, and how upsetting it is to hear people complaining about others, etc. I told her that she should just stay away from that crowd, and hang with us also rans, who are immeasurably friendlier ;) I then ruminated on that for a while, and came to the realization, that....

These people are not here (at the trial) to have a good ol' relaxing time, hanging out with trial friends; they are here to kick your butt. That sort of keeps it in perspective. Keeps you from expecting more ;) That said, there are a bunch of really friendly folks that I have met, and gravitate toward at trials, and hopefully that # will increase :)

Well, that's it for now, lots to do!