Thursday, January 30, 2014

We have to go our own way.....

The week is plodding along.  This time of year, really, you have to take it day by day.  Make a mark on your calendar, once it is finished.  There is not much going on, and it is cold, and well, it is late January!

I just learned of a friend who bought a farm out in western Ulster or Greene county, and I am coveting that ability.  Well, I was coveting it, but no more.. As I age I have learned to look past who just awfully nice it would be to have a big farm, but being single, makes it a whole other ball game.   What if I were to become ill? Who would help me?  If I were to buy something it would have to be a goodly distance from my family and then what if I needed them?  I think I may some day be able to buy my own place, but the time is not now- not until I get some bills paid off and am more solvent.  But, maybe by then I will want to kick back.. who knows!?  We all have to go our own ways.. and there is no right or wrong to any one's path. 

So, this week plods on- long day scheduled for Friday.  Long range forecast calls for moderating temperatures this weekend into early next week, but then a drop in temperatures and a possible snow event.  Joy.  Not. I just will absolutely dread sub normal cold and the barn cleaning I will have to do...  I won't leave ewes that are due out to deliver in ice.  So, I guess we will see what happens.... No sense fretting over something that has not happened yet.

Been eating healthier lately.   No more fast food of any kind- including no croissant in morning; instead, I am having a protein bar, which amazingly, fills me up!  A good thing.  I hope I lose a bit of weight too.  I have definitely put on the pounds.. Yuck- at my age, losing them is like trying to get ride of a piece of cellophane on a dry day!

Well, that's it for now!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy sheep (eating sheep)

Was supposed to get hay on Saturday, but just before they were supposed to come to meet me, it started snowing.  So, ix nay on the hay that day!

So, we planned it for Sunday, and they showed up right on time.  Was not easy getting the wagon near the barn, but we did it, well, they did it.  I did not help *at all*.  The day before (Saturday) I had to move things so there would be space to move.  Well, I absolutely irritated my neck and was up in the middle of the night with burning pain in my neck and shoulders.  I just could not chance doing more damage/pain creation. I felt like a total loser watching them work.  It is not who I am.  They also delivered some straw, so that is good.

Weather got very cold again last night.  But, I think the good news is that by the weekend we will be moderating to normal temps!!! YES!

Well, that's it for now!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well, guess what?!!  It is *really cold*!!! Yesterday sheep got extra hay.  Cold burns you right through your clothes.  I got an ice cream headache walking between buildings at work yesterday.  Not even walking the dogs.  Have to wait until it hits at least 20 for that.  I am getting tired of this grind, but I guess they say it will stick around for a while. 

I have no plans for anything other than taking it day by day.  My lame ewe was a bit improved yesterday, not a bad limp anymore- maybe it was a strain or something. 

Boy is it boring right now.  But, I suppose many people are just extremely bored too.. I think most of the nation is getting hit with a lot of cold these days.

Well, that's it for now.. Got nothing else!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I think I have writers block- and that block is caused by being busy.. or I don't know, lack of coffee maybe? The black cross wool ewe that was lame before I vaccinated, was worse the next day.  This was upsetting me a lot.  I decided to give her one more day to see if it was the shot that made things worse (given on that same side in her axilla) and sure enough, she was better yesterday.  She's not 100% but not horrible.  I do not want to fool with her a lot so late in her pregnancy, so I am hoping she continues to improve.   She is walking around with the flock and eating and drinking well, so I think it is just as they say, a flesh wound ;)

I moved my jug panels into the barn, and the other stock tank where it needs to go, when I separate out the last year lambs/ram from the pregnant girls.  Last year, the ram and the lambs from the previous year were NOT so nice to the brand new lambs when they were very new, so I am not risking injury.

I arranged for an oil delivery today, which should set me for the rest of the winter- I only get 100 gals at a time, because that is all I can afford.. fortunately, my house is small, and although it needs new windows and some improved insulation in areas, it is not bad.  I also spoke to the hay guy- well his worker, and will be getting a delivery on the weekend.  I had to wait to get it until I was low on my current stack, and this is oddly, working out to almost the exact day as I got my second load last year.

Dogs and cat are good.  Bought ice cream yesterday because I felt like I needed it.  Boy was it good!  Time to get back to my salads for lunch- as I do really like them more than the other options.  But, when lambing starts, I will be eating on the run again- everything will be on the run.

That's my update...Hope you are all well.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today I got the ewes vaccinated, but not the lambs or ram.  I have one 3 year old ewe who is an absolute crazy woman when you handle her.. She WORE me out.  I would have just done the lambs but Premier shorted me on my order, so I had 10 needles and 40 syringes.  Not so great Premier!  I will get the lambs done as soon as I get the balance of the order.

I put down lime in the barn room and a fresh bale of straw.  Left it open for them- hope we don't get really wet in there.  I wanted to bring the jug panels and stock tank for the other paddock up to the barn, but it was snowing a ton and very slick out- tomorrow that gets done.

I think I have enough hay to last through this month and then need to get some.  I may just get it in pick up loads, depending on what they want to charge for delivery.  Also will need more straw.

Well, that's my update for now!

Our errant snow flakes turning into rather organized flakes

Joe desperate to go for  a run!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  Had a good day at work, and then headed to Tractor Supply to get some stuff, and then picked up the dogs and up to the farm we went.  Cross wool ewe was still limping, so I tipped her to check her foot, could not see anything wrong, but put some hoof and heal anyway, in case it was a case of scald. 

After treating the ewe, I worked Joe, and then tied him up while I got to work putting the latch on my gate.  Got the latch on- it's a hook and eye style, with a safety catch.  It looks great, and now I can shut my gate without a cement block to hold it shut :)  I then fixed all the other gates that were loose, or hanging oddly.  Then I decided, since it was so nice, to dump/refill the water tank, and clean the barn.  Oh Lord is that some job.  It's one of those things that you just do, without thinking about it.  Very heavy wet straw is not my cup of tea.  About 10 muck bucket loads drug out to the hill.  I am getting in shape again, I can feel it!

After I finished at the farm, I went home, ate some leftovers, took a hot shower and was done for the day.  I was ragged.  Just so tired.  Well worth it, WELL worth it indeed.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I really hate it when I have things all having to be done at the same time.  I had an appt for my ear issue, but also have a meeting at work.. There was just no way I could get to both.  Both are equally important.  So, today I called the ENT Dr, and praise Jesus, they had an appt for the following Monday, so this frees me up!!!  So happy!  That never happens eh?

I am still doing better wrt to my back, and now I am drinking a lot more water, and less time on computer, which I think is helping a lot.  I do not have the best posture to begin with. 

I found one of my cross wool ewes limping yesterday, so I checked her and aside from needing a trimming, I did not see anything else wrong.  Will treat her with some Hoof and Heal just in case all this wet weather is causing a bit of scald.

One of the Cheviot ewes is bagging up.  I plan to vaccinate/worm if needed, either this weekend, or next week- it depends on the weather.  I would prefer not to get as wet as I did when I had to tip the cross wool ewe for foot checking.

I felt good enough to get a bit of vacuuming done yesterday.  This is really great.  Sad eh?  Excited about cleaning, but really, I was just not functioning for a while, so I am all about feel good?  CLEAN!

I hope I can work the dogs later today.  It's been rather boring lately!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Well, I went to the chiropractor.  She does not take my insurance, so I can't go back.  She did find a whole lot of issues with my neck, and middle back.  I did not have her look at my lower back because I do not want to make that have a problem too.  She did some adjusting and I actually had more movement in my neck when I left.  I was so tired after that appointment, not sure why, but I slept well last night.

The sheep are good.  Every day I feed them somewhere new, and they always run out to the field once I release them to look for their food- they run out and then at the top of the hill and baa at me wondering where it could be.  So I dutifully walk out there, and they take notice of the direction I am walking in, and end up getting there before I do.  I then spend time watching them all eat, checking for bags, and making sure everyone is copacetic.  During this time the dogs wait for me.. well, somewhat.  Dan runs to the lane way and back and Joe meanders outside the field.

Took them for a nice long walk yesterday, which they sorely needed.  You could see it.  Joe was beside himself with glee.

I really have to clean my house.  With all my issues with neck/arm pain and weakness, and dizziness, cleaning has not been getting done.  Now that I feel a bit better need to tackle it when I can.

 Well, that's it for now!

Friday, January 10, 2014

So, I have not been real talkative lately.  I am not feeling great a lot.  My arms have an issue with weakness, and neck ache along with that.  I am dizzy a lot from my ears, and well, generally just getting through.  The cold weather diminishes time out to enjoy things like working dogs.

Sheep are doing well.  I am slowing increasing their grain, and they are getting more hay, partly because it was so cold out, and now, because they just need more.  They do adore their food, let me tell you.

I cleaned out the barn today, which was way easier because it was not flooded.  Put in extra straw, as they are predicting a LOT of rain tomorrow.. I hope that the straw is very absorbent; at least it is free of droppings/urine for now! It sure has been an active January weather wise.

Here is a picture of my Meow, just because I love him so much

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It is veeery cold again.  We warmed up the other day, which caused flooding yesterday, into the barn room. I cleaned out all the straw, and could not put new straw in there, as there was standing water in some spots. I had to leave the sheep out last night, because it was just disgusting.  They do have a wind break, but still, I did not sleep well, as I felt very badly.

Today I saw that most of the water was gone, and only a couple frozen (solid) puddles.  So I put fresh straw in and now sheep have access.  We are supposed to warm up a LOT by the end of the week.  Such odd weather.

Other than usual stuff, not much going on right now...

That's it for now!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

We did not get a lot of snow.  This is good :)  I still have to shovel, but I was not well again yesterday, and it was too freaking cold anyway!  I woke up at about 3 something, dizzy- I mean the dizziness woke me up.. I took an anti-dizzy med.

I did not feel great, but  full day of work.  Did that, then grocery store, then buy dog/cat food and then up to farm to feed sheep.  It was COLD.  I ran out with with hay/grain (getting more hay now due to temperatures).  I then sat in car to warm up and once that was done, went and checked the barn, the water, and each sheep to make sure eating well.  I let the dogs run around a bit when I was doing my thing.  

I made a nice steak dinner, and then in bed.  This morning we are at -8.  Dan and Joe seemed okay with it, but the girls were NOT happy!  Way too cold they say!  Me too!!!

I guess we warm up tomorrow and then by Monday night, back to even colder weather.. Several people I know have had their pipes freeze.. It is unusual for us to get THIS cold.. Well, there goes my oil budget! (and hay!).  I hope mother nature gets this out of her system before next month.

Today will be clean up and chores and nothing major.  Nice and quiet, the way I like it!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It is cold today.  Yes, cold.  We knew it was coming, but still no fun to be out in it.  Today it was 7 degrees when I got to the farm.  Sheep were asking for their hay/grain.  My sister came with me and together we fed fast.  I gave out extra hay, and my sister pushed sheep away for me when I put the grain on the flakes.  After I fed, I made sure the barn door was blocked open, and water was good.  They will have a nice dry barn with fresh straw in it to go into tonight.  With windchill, they are saying that temps could get to -25 degrees F.  Now, that is cold.  I plugged in the heat tape yesterday, so my water line would not freeze. 

I did not even let the dogs out of the car.  I had foot warmers in my boots, my heavy barn coat, and gloves and still absolutely frozen.  I have bad circulation in my hands and feet (feet especially), so I just cannot be out in it for long, or my feet hurt forever.

Tomorrow promises to be interesting.  There is a TON of snow due to come, well, not a TON, but up to 16".  I see lots of hot showers in my future.  It will be done snowing by tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I can do all my normal end of the week errands.  It is weather like this that really makes me feel for animals who have no shelter- horses, cattle, Sheep- not as much as long as they have wool, but really, this cold/snow, they need to be able to get out of it, or they spend all their energy just trying to stay alive/warm, and well, I would rather they not be taxed that way.

That's it for now!