Sunday, February 16, 2014

So, let's see... Lambing began last Sunday - a set of twins.  The mother rejected the very small, but strong female, but kept the male.  I brought the rejected lamb (a ewe) to my friends' house to bottle raise, but sadly, but Tuesday she had died.  I did not have real colostrum for her and I believe that is what caused it.  Very sad.

Then, on Tues, the cross wool ewe who had lambs last year, had a single ram lamb.  It was breech- I ended up pulling the lamb because I was worried that normal contractions would not occur.. anyway, he is jet black and beautiful.  She's a good mom too.

Then, on Weds, one of my original Cheviot ewes had a lamb.  I got there to let everyone out and feed in the morning and she was already in labor.  I sat and waited.  She pushed to beat the band.  The feet finally appeared, but no nose.  I gave it a long time, but went to help.  I want to add that the ewes seem to really appreciate my help when it gets to that point.  This was a big lamb- head was off to the side of the feet, I am not sure she would have gotten him out.  He was the biggest lamb yet, and she the smallest ewe.  I feel like I should let them try harder, but at the same time I worry about dying lambs... real judgement call.

Then, we got two feet of snow on Thurs/Fri.  I spent all day Friday shoveling.  I opened a place for the maternity sheep/lambs go to and be outside.  Needless to say I was so tired Sat that I did not do much.. plus it snowed again on Sat.

So, today (Sunday) I had to clean the barn.  I dreaded it because sheep were locked in during the storm(s).  I got it done though.  I find that all this work- it is worse when you think about it- you just need to get to it.  I was on a roll, and after I cleaned out the big room, I cleaned the two jugs and also picked up and re-organized the surrounding rooms.

Home now, just chilling until I go back later to put moms/lambs in for the night.  That's basically my schedule these days...

Hope everyone is well!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Barn Cleaning work shop!

Last minute decision- I am having a barn cleaning work shop tomorrow. Cost is $50.00 per person, which includes a lecture on how to use a pitch fork, and where to dump the muck bucket. We will have a grand time, and I promise you will leave here knowing enough to get your own barn cleaning at home done. Oh, no food, I will give you directions to the Stewarts up the road for some mystery meat hot dogs if you like. Only two spots left!!!
I would write, but I am just too tired.  We have three feet of snow (two feet came Thurs/Fri) and we have more coming now. Unlike others, I have no extra energy to take breaks between shoveling or feeding, or to write poetically about how hard "farming" is.  Will be back when I am rested and a little less grouchy.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The first fence I did