Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Weekend!

So, life has been good.  Still a bit behind the eight ball wrt money, but then I sort of expected that.  But, I have learned in my middle age, to just not dwell on things unless I can actually do something about it.  So, I plod on.

Have been working the dogs, and they are working nicely.  Sheep look good and making progress on their middle field; I think they will be there at least another week.  Then up to the hill field.  Should be good.  Grass is starting to yellow in some places, but the weather for this week is supposed to be nice and warm.  This is also good because I can't afford to buy oil until the next pay check ;)  So, thank you Lord, and I mean that.

I honestly can't believe another year is waning.  Time really flies.. I know, a cliche, but it does!  Soon I have to start thinking of Christmas shopping, because I am bound and determined to get it done early this year.  First, is Thanksgiving and this is my favorite holiday.  Although, I am darn tired of washing crystal and china... and pots and pans.. but I do believe if you have nice settings you should use them and if I had a holiday at my place I would use mine :)

I have switched the dogs to the water fowl version of Taste of the Wild as their coats were very poor on Pacific Stream, and I added oil, which made all the difference, but I would rather not have to add oil.  So, we will see how it goes.  They certainly love this food.  I put kitty on Acana food (and off Taste of the Wild) and his coat is markedly better too.  I wrote Diamond a note about my concerns and I got a form letter back.  Hmmm, I would put the dogs on it as well, but it is too much money...

Today is a usual Saturday, but I may hit a fall festival at a local feed store.. we will see.  Happy weekend to you all!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to normal life... sort of.  Beat from being away.  Was a nice time.  I really needed a little time away.  Trial went okay.  First trial I gave wrong whistles to Dan.  Second trial we did better, barely, just barely placing and then third trial was bad..  Hard to keep up to snuff on these arena trials.  Dan is not one who loves really fast commanding and you can see it.  Still though, I had a good time.  Brought Joe into the arena just as a demo dog.  First time in there he saw people hanging over the wall and did not see sheep at first, but after getting closer he did.  He was good.  The second day I brought him in there, he was a bit nutty scooping them off the wall, but settled in nicely.  Considering where we were and all the noise I was happy.

Monday night a few of us went to dinner, which was great.  Nice to relax and have good food with friends.  Joe and Dan slept by the side of the bed.  Good boys!

Oh, forgot one small detail.  A deer ran into my car on the way to the trial.  So, next week, my car goes in to be repaired.  Oh joy.  Always something...

Three more ewes have been marked.  Ram is doing his job.  Going to check the color of the lambs this week, to make sure all okay.  Everyone looks good and happy to be on the new grass.  It's basically flushing them without using grain, which works for me!

I need to get some construction done at the barn this or next week.. Need to get started!  Been putting it off.  Also have to get oil delivered... and then start paying for hay.. Oh joy!

Well, we have had just great weather and I am very happy about that!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday is here and cleaning is near ;)  Have to get some house cleaning done today.  Yesterday was an amazing day, in terms of productivity for me.  It is amazing how much you can get done.. sometimes!  I got to the farm early yesterday because I knew I needed to move the sheep and the electro net.  I love/hate electro net.. Anyway, I got there, and first thing I did was bring everyone in and moved the e-net.  That took much longer than I thought it would, but after some figuring I got it done..  They now have nice grass for several days.  I then worked Dan and Joe.  Before I left I re-applied raddle marker to the ram and mucked out the smaller barn room.  The old straw had gotten wet and I had to get that out of there.  Lots of barn work to do..  When I got home I mowed the lawn and brushed out all the dogs.  Their coats look good.  I have started adding oil to their food and that makes all the difference.

Today I have to clean the house and at farm will do a few things and take the dogs on a nice long walk.  They did good work yesterday.

Well, that's it for now!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Sheep

Hi everyone!  I have been busy, I am sure just like everyone else!  This time of year we do musical grass/fields for the sheep, and am working dogs, and just plain enjoying this weather.  It has been gorgeous out.

I put raddle powder on the ram on Monday, and I noticed yesterday, two ewes had been marked.  So, we have lift off!

Here is a pic of some of the flock in the new grass, well, mostly Japanese Stilt grass.  Fresh grass = Happy Sheep = Happy me :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Working dogs..

Had a great time working dogs yesterday.  Worked Dan and Joe equally.  I was thinking, that I was not really working Dan that much and I think that that does have an effect on how he works.  Dan worked very nicely.  We are working mainly on flanks on the fetch because he needs to be hurrying up and coming around and turning them, and that is the only sort of fetch we will do until he is almost perfect on it.  You cannot have a dog not come around and be able to maneuver sheep on the fetch if he will not come ahead.  So, that is our work.  He worked very nicely, and he was so happy, so was I.

Joe worked very nicely.   He did things I did not know he could do.  Boy was he just great.  Still have lots to work on, namely solid down on fetch on first request, and well, that's it.  He is a real joy to work.  You should have seen him drive so far..

It was a great day, and I even got some house cleaning done before I left.. So, it's all good!  Today not sure what I am doing... will see...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cold, Schooling Joe

Well, some how I contracted the common cold.. I never ever get sick.. I may get tired, or sore, but never a virus.  So odd.  So, I have been a bit slow, and not too energetic.. However, this house is so desperate for cleaning, I need to clean!  So, I started today.  I am going to work dogs with friends today, which makes me feel better, that I did not go to the Fall Foliage in New Hampshire.  Just could not afford it.  

I did get some video of Joe working; my friend in Scotland gives me great advice on what I am doing wrong, etc.  Joe is learning to shed.  He is just so fast to train up.  Very happy with him, and with Dan.  I think truth be told, that Joe has more talent than Dan, but Dan is no slouch.  Dan is also victim of my first open dog.. that is not an easy row to hoe.

Dogs are Meow are good.  I have a Squirrel coming in my attic at night, so I have to get that handled.  Soon it will also be time to power wash the house and trim back the bushes, which grew exponentially this year.

Below is a video I shot of me working Joe.  The schooling term refers to reminding him about stops.  The camera was placed on a fence post ;)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time is flying.. Good or bad, that's what it's doing!  The last two weeks I have been very busy at work, covering for a vacationing colleague.  I have not had a lot of time to get much done, but been at it.. For instance, I found that the Lysol Mold/Mildew remover/cleaner, is GREAT for cleaning floors.. I did my bathroom floor in a fraction of the time it usually takes me.  There is always a bit of "glue" from the hair product I use, but this stuff took it off like it was not even there.. Dream come true!

Last weekend I rented a walk behind brush hog.  It's great in many ways.  But, it's rough too.  Though it gets a lot done, and has power drive, it does not have power steering, and I beat myself up badly maneuvering it amongst all the trees.  I had it for a total of five hours and I think that is all I can do with it for several years ;)  But, I did get a lot of the snake root cut down in the big field and I did the WHOLE hill field !!!! Yes!! And, I noticed that the grass in the hill field is gorgeous, underneath all that snake root.   There are still a few plants, but it's 98% clear.  Now, when I walk by that field my heart sings.. DIE you snake root!

I had a photographer come to my place on Sunday.  She got some shots of Dan and Joe working, and several of my sheep.  The lighting was just about perfect, so they turned out really nice.  Not many of Dan, which saddens me, but I think I will be getting a decent camera in the not too distant future... so I can get some of my boy.

Later this week I plan to rent a brush trimmer (hand held) to attack more of the snake root.  The next few days are supposed to be very hot, so I am not doing much.

Sheep are good, will be checking lambs again end of this week.  Hope we can get through this scary time for parasites un-scathed.

So, that's it for now.  No trials for a while....

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Not too much going on. Working a lot lately.  This time of year it's always the exhausting race to come up with tax money... Some day, some day I wish things would even out, but what would I do with myself!  My blood pressure would probably bottom out... Anyway, this month not much going on.  I have someone coming to take pictures of my dogs and sheep next weekend, and may invite some friends over to work dogs.  Sheep are good.  Checked everyone.  That newest mother has diarrhea again and there are two thin ewes (mothers) so I wormed them.  Checked the lambs, all their color is good.  Will keep right on checking every two weeks.  Do NOT want to over worm, but do not want sick/dead sheep either.  

Dogs are doing well.  Working Dan on weak spots and happy to say that he is progressing well.  Joe is doing great.  I am starting to teach him to shed.  I am following advice from my friend in Scotland on nuances of all my dog training.  It's great.  

I am on search for kitten and think I found one.  He's the runt of a litter, a little brown Tiger I think I will call Peanut.  He looks like one :)

Have to call my hay guy and see when he wants to bring the rest of the hay, and also get an oil delivery set up.  That is C.O.D., so I have to wait on that.  OH! to have a husband... to help with the bills!!!

Back to Kitties.. Meow has become a hunter.  He has caught a few Moles.  So gross those things are. So far he has not eaten them, just basically pummeled them.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well, and here's to a great September!!!