Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A baby looking for it's momma

Okay, so I said I enjoyed the dancing a lot. Sure, I did. But, my knees, not so much. I have been in misery since. I hate to complain, but they are just out of control. Not much to do, I join the legions of others with bad knees. But, hopefully, they will get better soon.

It rained AGAIN yesterday- at least three separate down pours. Every one's gardens/crops are suffering- there is talk about disaster relief, because nothing can grow without sun light and heat- which we have sorely lacked all year.

On the way out to lunch yesterday, there were some people sitting near the parking lot. Up to them came a baby I mean BABY fawn. He/she was brown with big white spots. I walked over, saying "don't anyone touch it" as I didn't want mom to abandon it. Well, he/she walked right up to me and BAWLED her head off- so loud. She was just a wee thing, maybe 3o lbs soaking wet and WANTED her momma. She had to- if she was coming up to people. I ran in to get some water for her, and then, a few minutes later, she went back into the woods- good baby. The only worry is that she is right next to a busy road. I hope momma came back for her. She was probably one of the triplets I saw a week or two ago at the same location.

I think Danny is finally growing up a bit. He is getting into the routine in the morning and not so bitey on the other dogs. The routine is this- get up, everyone out. Everyone back in. Danny in his crate while I shower- this has to be until he learns to hold it ;)

Then, after shower/dressed, Danny goes back out with me for a bit of ball playing. We play until he's tired, and then back in where I get my coffee made, and the dog food set. He seems to like this. I have learned with my BC anyway, that they love routine, and most especially, a routine with one on one with their owner.

When I come home after work, everyone one, and then Lucy and Danny and I play ball/Frisbee. Danny loves to cool off in the stock tank now. Especially if his ball gets in there... One other really nice thing, is that Danny can now relax a bit in the house. I can leave him out of the crate, and he will chill like the other dogs. He's not quite there yet (he chewed on my fishing pole yesterday), but by and large, he is getting there.

Danny is still really small- he is tiny actually- for a male. But, you know, it doesn't really matter to me- as long as he can cover sheep, that's all that matters. One thing I don't like that much is all that coat- mainly because it makes him so hot. He is just profusely coated. Thick hair- like a Pantene commercial ;) Kelpies- especially Lucy's coat are really much more practical in working dogs. But, that said, Danny is handsome too, with his long locks.

I have decided to bring Danny with to the fair this year. A friend of mine said it would be good for him, and I agree. If it gets to raucous, I will re-consider, but since now we have a "green" tent near us, instead of the talent tent, then we will have a buffer between us and the noise. The sheepdog demos will be on Friday and Saturday- I will be announcing. It's a nice big arena, so it should be good. I look most forward to that. People are always so amazed to see dogs work so well with no treats ;)

Well, that's it for now. On to other "stuff".

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