Thursday, July 16, 2009

Phenotype - normal

Went up to the farm yesterday to get a phone # of a person with fence for sale, and also, ostensibly to pull some of the fence posts. Got two posts pulled- the rest need "the tool" that I need to get from tractor supply. They are in it for the duration...

I couldn't get the fence I wanted from tractor supply yesterday. They do NOT deliver (like THAT makes sense), and I had to decide between okay versus good fencing. Price of one roll is $189, or $269. Decided better go with the more expensive, even though that's quite a hit. The fence I am getting from craigslist is good quality, and cheaper, so that's good.

I hope that the sheep will eat some of the bushes down, or I may just get some goats to do it. It really needs to be opened up, and free labor by goats/sheep is better than me having to do it.

When the time comes, I may have a fencing party.... Fencing is not a fun job, but it's nice that you can get parcels of it done- corners, then posts, then the barrier you chose. You do make progress.

While at T S yesterday, I shopped, and found nice Wrangler jeans for an affordable price that were NORMAL! Normal jeans- no low waist, boot cut, what ever... AND....
I am back to my normal size!!!!!!!!!!! YEE HAW!!!!!!!!! Makes the trip out there worth it.

So, today later, I have to go pick up the fencing, drop it off at the farm, and then maybe clean at the house. It's pretty gross- I am sick of the hair I tell you!

So, that's it. Up shot is, I am back to my normal phenotype and it rocks!

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