Sunday, October 27, 2013


Sheep on  fall day
Hi everyone.  Haven't been here in a long time, sorry.  I guess I just needed a break, and I think sub-consciously I got sort of bent out of shape by how blogs have become a way for people to make money, namely Jon Katz and our local yokel Ms Woginrich.  It's a subversion that irritates me to a high level  Blogs are supposed to be diaries of your life, and in my case it's a way for me to follow my travels, and if someone else enjoys reading it, that's cool.  But now, it appears that the way to do these things is to write fodder and sell it, which means the real meaning of the blog is gone.  So, I guess I am just saddened by everyone looking for money just by writing their feelings down.  It;s skeevy to me.  If people do offer a service, say recipes, or how to chapters, maybe I can see it, but not for my life.  Good God how much hubris does it take to ask for money from others to read about what I ate for dinner?

Well, other than that, things have been going.  I went to an Aled Owen clinic with the Dan and Joe, and that was good.

Sheep are good, animals are good.

Meow under the covers

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Life is a series of lessons.. I am learning that ;)  My hay guy always pushes me to take delivery as soon as it is baled.  I neither need it then, nor do I have the money to pay him then.  For the past two years I have accepted early delivery, and paid him off over time.  Well, something happened this year..  He delivered it, and then I get a bill (which I don't usually, but so be it).  Problem was, he raised the price of the hay and also the delivery charge.  He never mentioned this to me before he delivered the hay.   I understand prices go up, but you need to let people know before you deliver goods that the prices have gone up.  When I called him to ask about it, he had an attitude and told me I was fortunate my bill only went up 25 cents per bale, some people went up 50 cents.  How rude.  Then, yesterday, I get a new bill, onto which he tacked a finance charge.  YOU MUST BE KIDDING.

From now on, I am going to have to find cheaper hay or buy 1st cut and also only take delivery on what I can afford at that moment.  No more of this garbage.  Talk about ruin my day. 

So, now on to find another hay source...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warmer weather

It's been pretty warm lately, and today it is supposed to hit the mid 80s.  Amazing.  Moved the sheep to the hill field on Monday (I think).  They are happily grazing.  All three fields have differing grasses, and I think they really like a change in types of forage.

So far five ewes marked, and none marked for a week.  I don't know if he bred the others before I put the raddle marker on him or not, but I suspect that he did not, will have to get them the next cycle I guess.  Who knows.  No breeding being done when I am there.

My Jeep is in the shop getting repaired from the deer hit, so I am driving the farm truck.  Let's just say I will be happy when I get my car back ;)  It is interesting to say the least driving with two Border Collies riding shotgun in a Ford Ranger.  I actually like the truck, but it is getting up there in miles and makes a lot of weird noises and is hard to shift into gear. 

Didn't work the dogs yesterday and won't today- it is just too warm.  I may stay home and get my shrubs trimmed for the end of the year.  That needs to be done badly.  Did get my lawn mowed yesterday.  Looks good- oh, also have to string trim.  

House needs cleaning too- as usual.. always stuff to do!