Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another day another weekend

Smile (so far) for the day.

Last night I attempted to read Virgil Hollands "Progressive sheepdog training" book. Couldn't- head ache was too bad. I do think that I was dehydrated- still not quite right today... Anyway, Ginger momma, my old kitty likes to lay on books- goes out of her way to do so. So, I had lain the book down on the bed, and Ginger got up, settled on it like it was her brood, and even grabbed it with her front paw to hold it there, lest it move.

Today I have to hit TS again, and maybe pull some posts. Still not feeling great, so may do that tomorrow- when we set corner posts/braces. I have to clean today, but will it happen? Will it? I don't know....

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BCxFour said...

Get some gatorade for the next time you go out and work Danny - of course AFTER you see your GP. Dehydration sucks...and can mess you up for a day or two. Drink plenty of water!