Thursday, July 23, 2009

Close call for Danny

Last night I was in bed reading a book (happened to be Cesar Millan's first book, which, if I might digress, is well, not, so far, that great). Danny was in the big metal crate sleeping. This was some where between 8-9. Well, he started screaming. I jumped up and ran over and his front leg was stuck between the bars of the crate. He must have laid on his back as usual, and then, in his sleep, turned over, got his leg stuck, and then it was really stuck as he turned to pull away.

I opened the door, and tried to pull. His mouth was open at me at that point, he was a combination of REALLY freaked and it must have hurt. He was looking in my eyes, clearly, pleading for me to help. I had to, as gently as possible, pull his leg out of that. Now, it was stuck midway up his leg, so not on his wrist (thank God).

I got his leg out and he had actually peed- he was that freaked. So, I let him outside- he just wanted to play- my first clue he was fine. Then I brought him in and washed him. Poor guy.

I was really loathe to put him back in there last night, but I finally acquiesced, and did so. He was fine.

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