Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend over!

Well, the yard looks right spiffy. I string trimmed, and mowed (all I could, some is still too wet). I even trimmed some bushes. Looks so nice. I think we are supposed to get less rain for a bit, so everything can dry out a bit. That will be nice.

I watched a lot of that crab fishing series on TLC yesterday. Not sure I could do that job- no, I couldn't. I could be the cook or something, but not lug that stuff. Talk about pressure to bring in a good haul for the captain....

Didn't sleep very well last night, and early this morning, Ginger, my old kitty started moving around on the bed, which I took to mean she had to relieve herself. I carried her to her box, and she went and went and went... I don't think it's her lameness as much as her getting harassed by Mr. Chips and the dogs.

I may call the vet today, and have a talk about Tucker.

Well, that's it for now.

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