Friday, July 17, 2009

Good boy Danny

Smile for the day:

Upon driving through the toll booth that I to/from sheep herding, I use lane three. Lane three has a nice gentleman who I have never formally met, but has gone from a polite nod, to a smile, to a peek around the door, to a peek, a smile and a hello. He's decent looking, and seems nice. Will he EVER ask me my name? Shall keep you all posted....

Danny worked sheep. Danny was bad at first. Gripping and wanted to go one way only. If I walked up to him and tried to tap the ground and shush, he stayed planted. Then we worked in the smaller pen. MUCH better. Went both ways, and stayed off.

After a small break, I worked Danny again. This time Danny was in the bigger area, and behaved better. Took another break, and by the last session (there were several small sessions), Danny was laying down well (he has been doing that), and....
I was able to flank him with my pressure easily, both ways. I was even able to take his collar, and "start" him around the sheep. Seriously, he did much better. He takes to my pressure well, and will sort of lay off the sheep when we try to walk straight- still pushy, but that's okay at this point. At one point (or two) a sheep split off, and he allowed her to return to the group, without a yee haw response.

It's very nice to see him progress like this.

The bad part about today was my heart. After just a few minutes, it started again- beating fast, but it felt like my heart was grating against my chest, and it didn't feel like hearty and hale beats- sort of weak beats. All the sessions were stopped because of this. I just had to stop and lay down. Thank goodness Danny has a good lay down- and will stay for the most part.

I am dizzy- have been since then. Maybe I had an overdose of bug spray...
Anyway, I made an appointment at the GP for next week. If I continue to be funky/dizzy or have more weird heart stuff, I will go to the ER. I actually thought on the way home, that if I died working Danny, there are certainly worse ways to go.

Well, that's it for now. This weekend my sister and I will celebrate our birthdays (I am a twin). Looking forward to being with the family, and sis :)

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BCxFour said...

Now I am worried! Get in to see your GP sooner rather than later.
Were you maybe a wee bit dehydrated? Sometimes I get palpitations when I am dehydrated, my electrolytes are out of whack which can throw your heart muscle into a tizzy. Nothing to play with...stop snorting bug spray and take care of yourself goober.

Okay, I am off my soapbox now...BTW if you go can I have Danny? (just kidding)