Thursday, October 1, 2015

Best Steak Dinner Ever

I want to share with you all, the recipe I use to make the best steak dinner you will ever have.  I don't say this lightly. I have been making steak for many years.  I never had a grill, so I tried many methods before what I use now.

Okay, first thing first.  The meat.  I prefer Sirloin.  Only Sirloin.  Not eye round, or anything with the word "round" on it.  These are sub par cuts for steaks (good for stew, but not steak). Also, pass on the T-bone and the Rib eye.  I have yet to find a T-bone that is not rife with grizzle in it and the Rib eye is simply too fatty to be cooked in a kitchen (ask me how I know this).  Porterhouse is great, but super expensive.

Anyway, look for Sirloin.  Then, before you purchase it, make sure it is not brown.  The brown is more than likely caused by air hitting the meat, and the brown is the meat starting to literally rot.  Trust me, this I know (I have sadly learned this more than once).

For one person I generally get a steak that is big enough for two meals, and cook the whole thing in one shot. The more you cut meat up into smaller pieces, the drier it will become as you cook it.  Also, do not get a super thick one.  A bit over one inch thick is great.  Also, don't get a piece with lots of white through it, that is grizzle and will ruin your steak experience.

Okay, so, what else do you need for this dinner?  Potatoes and a veggie.  My favorite for this is a Russet potato and super sweet corn.  Look for the super sweet name, it makes a difference. Frozen only, no canned!!

Get two potatoes, (as you will have two meals from this), and a bag of corn.

Now, for cooking.  The potato can be done either in the oven, or in the microwave.  Traditionalists call for the oven, and I do love a real baked potato, but I have found the microwave works very well.  I wash the potato off, then wet three paper towels thoroughly and then wrap the potato in the paper towels.  I then put these in the microwave for about 10 mins.  If you are doing two potatoes, it will take longer.  You can tell they are done by squeezing the potato (careful, they are hot!)  If you decide to use the oven, 350 degrees, wrap the washed off potatoes in tin foil and bake for about an hour.

Then, get your frozen corn.  Put water 3/4 full in a medium sauce pan and turn on the heat.  When it's boiling, THAT is when you add the corn and it only needs to cook for one minute.

So, your potato is going (in the microwave), your water for your corn is on, and now your steak.

Get a medium size frying pan, put a small amount of virgin olive oil in the pan and set it on medium.  Get your steak and salt it with a bit of sea salt on both sides.  Place it in the pan once the pan is hot.  It will sizzle, and this is important as you want to seal in all the juices.  Let it sit on one side for one minute and then one minute on the other.  In between moving, it from side to side, use the tongs and tip the steak on it's side so you sear the sides too.  Never use a fork on this, or you will allow all the juices to escape.  After no more than a total of 4 minutes (two on each side), take the steak off the heat, and let it rest.

By now your corn water is boiling and pour the corn into the boiling water and let it go back to boiling and stay there no more than one minute.  Remove your potato from the microwave and remove the peal by placing the potato on a plate and using a knife to slip under the peal and then use your hands to pull off the peal.  This takes some practice to not burn your hands..  Do not forget your corn.  Use a pan lid to drain the corn and then put a little bit of butter in the corn.    I also use butter on my potato, so I put it on at this time, by mashing the butter into the potatoes. 

By now your steak should be done resting.  You will know it's perfectly done by seeing juices coming out from under the meat on the plate.

So, cut yourself a piece of steak, place it on the plate that has the potato, and then spoon yourself some corn. Season as you like and enjoy.

This is my absolute favorite meal.  Great for one or two people and absolutely natural, no processed food whatsoever.