Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now I know why...

I have been tired. Darn cat is waking me up at 3:50 am, by meowing throughout the house. What a little blighter. Well, last night he didn't. Thank goodness.

It rained again yesterday- and stormed. Seems like that will be the norm this year. We didn't lose power, so that's very good.

Mosquitoes are terrible with all the rain, so no stepping outside without bug spray.

Danny is growing into a right handsome lad. Tried to get some pics of him yesterday, but they didn't turn out. Will try again today. Poor boy, he won't be on sheep for like, ever. Oh well. He needs to mature a bit anyway. Lucy, she would like to work sheep too, but it just isn't in the cards.

It has been a bit quiet these days, I think that's good. Makes one appreciate the fun stuff when it happens. Of course, if I had the funds, I would have a camper, and be traveling every weekend- what's that saying? "love what you have, not what you want" or something like that?

I have to find something to wear for a wedding I am attending. Joy. Well, at least I have shed some pounds, so now I have more shopping options.

Well, that's it for now boys and girls. Oh, one thing. Thank GOD that the Michael Jackson super duper funeral is over....

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