Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storm, mice

Yesterday I went up to the farm, walked the dogs, just as the wind started to ramp up.  It wasn't bad.  I fed the sheep, and made sure that the barn door was locked open and the barn set if they wanted to use it.  I checked their water, and then my sister and I headed out (she took a ride up there with me). 

Got home and the wind really started picking up.  At about 5:00, I fed the dogs, and filled some giant pots with water, and set to watching House Hunters, interspersed with the Weather Channel.  The storm was really pounding the Jersey shore and NYC was getting flooded.

I finally fell asleep just after I heard on the news that three people had been killed by falling limbs- one man was killed in his house when a tree fell on it.  That scares the heck out of me. 

I woke up this morning SHOCKED that I did not lose power.  The winds were the strongest I can remember.  I did hear some things hit the roof, and side of the house, but I have not checked everything out yet... Anyway, after I woke this morning, I turned on the light and there right in front of me was a dead, wet mouse.  GROSS.  Right smack dab in the middle of my bedroom floor.  I heard my kitty meowing at the side of my bed, he must have been very proud of his prize.  I have never seen him do this before, but well, I guess there is a first time for everything.  I picked it up with a newspaper and put it in a plastic bag to throw out.  Better check my traps and make sure we don't let anymore in!

My knees are killing me today, and I think it's related to the stress.  I am finally seeing a pattern with this knee stuff.

Well, later today I head up to the farm and check out the sheep/fields/fences.  No cable/tv/phone at home.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Straw, work, hang time

Yesterday, got up to the farm about 2:00 or 3:00.  It was still nice out, no wind, no rain, so I took the dogs for a walk and then worked Dan and Joe.  With Dan we just did a bit of the usual stuff, and then I brought the three girls to the fence to work on shedding.  Basically, it's me working on it, so I can set it up right for him.  I figure this is a 50/50 partnership, so if this is not his forte, let me at least make it so he will be successful.  I was able to get two ewes to go one way, and the third to go the other and call him in and have him push her away.  We will keep doing this push away, until he gets that it is very good to do this. 

Joe was very good.  He's getting driving- I know I said I didn't want to, but he offers it, so I went with it.  At one point I was able to tap my leg and have him come to me having the beginnings of an inside flank.  Good God.  I think I need to slow down, he's learning way to fast for me.   I want to go look at videos of other dogs at this age, to see if other dogs are like this.  I don't want to rush him.  Oh, and at one point he took off early without me sending him and I was able to stop him.  Yes, stop him mid gallop.  I keep wondering if maybe there is a shoe to drop some where....

After that, I set up the barn so the sheep could go into the big room, and got some new straw in there.  I don't think they will want to go in there, but maybe.  Then I gave out some hay, and filled up their water, and headed to my parents' house. I hung out there and watched a PBS show I forget the name, but during the Edwardian era- it was very good.  Then I watched football.  Then we had a wonderful dinner, and then, finally home.  I was beat.

The wind has kicked up here, and no rain yet, let's see what happens....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A hurricane's 'a comin'

This scene has always cracked me up.  I always think of it when a big storm is coming.  Latest information has worsened the impact for us, so I better laugh now.  I have done all the preps at my place, and the farm should be good.  I will leave the barn door open for the sheep, but when I feed them, I will put their hay where they are, because I have learned that putting hay inside when they would rather be outside and vice versa is a waste of hay.  So, we shall see.  One thing for sure, is that we are going to get very wet and have serious winds, all extended...

Joe and Dan worked well yesterday.  Dan's shedding, we are working on him letting sheep go when they are on the fence, and then walking in on the one I ask.  I don't know if we ever will be proficient at this, as he has little eye, and likes to flank, so... makes it tough, but we will keep at it.   Joe was good, I had a few Cheviots in the mix yesterday, as they did not want to shed off, so I worked them with the Romneys.  They made the Romneys flightier.  At one point Joe was tight on an outrun and the black Romney who likes to split off, did- and ran into the wooded section.  Joe did not skip a beat and went in there after her and brought her back out. I was so stoked to see that.  We are working on driving and in just a few days, he's getting it.  Damn, he's smart.

Going to my parents' for dinner tonight- standing rib roast, and so will go to the farm later, probably around 2:00, and hay the sheep, and then go to my parents.

The next few days should be interesting.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ram, dogs, storm

So, I really really like this new ram lamb.  He may just be staying a while.  Not sure who here knows the difference between show bred sheep and what I call grade sheep, but the difference is basically that the show world breeds for tall, lean and horse like creatures, and the grade folks like me, breed for the original breed type, the well muscled, not overly framey, easy keeper, and hardy sheep.  The ram I had previously though he wasn't absolutely horrible, he was too tall and lean, and I am sure would do well in today's show ring.  This new ram lamb is very different.  He's blocky, sturdy and well built at only six months of age. Above is a picture of him.  Hoping things will go well with him in the future.  He's already noticed the girls.

Kylie my ten year old Kelpie has a stomach bug.  She was out a long time today, and I decided not to feed her breakfast.  Her stomach is making those horrible stomach bug sounds... So, no food for her today.  Don't know what would have caused it, but she has always had a propensity for upset stomach- ever since she had a gut blockage as a young dog.

Worked Joe and Dan yesterday.  Dan was a bit off, but Joe did well.  Only a very short work time for him and he's getting more comfy driving, but I may focus back on flanks/outruns, because they suffer a bit when he starts driving...

Big storm coming starting tomorrow.  Lots of rain expected.  It's a huge storm right now, they said on the news last night it was two thousand miles across.  That's pretty huge...I cleaned out my gutters yesterday, cleared debris from the down spouts and put various things away. Glad I got that leak in the roof fixed...
I hope we don't lose power... but if we do, at least, it won't be too cold.

Cleaned the house today, did laundry, and messed with my piece of garbage water softener...  Hopefully less iron will be around... I doubt it.  That's why my freaking hair is red.  I am so about to take major chemicals to it, or shave it.

Well, that's it for now.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Joe, Dan, lamb

Yesterday after work I went up to go get the ram lamb.  First I worked Joe in a big field where he has never worked before.  He was good.  The advice I got was he was too tight, came in to hard and fast, which I know, but the good word was that he was MUCH better than the last time they saw him.  Appropriate sheep and every day working will do that to a pup :)

At one point we had two sheep on the fence and just started talking.  Joe settled in, at one point he almost got up, but put himself back down, because he remembered I had asked him to lay down.  That's the sort of thing I love about these good dogs.   It was a very enjoyable time working him.

I also worked Dan, who did well, but I think I need to lay off him a bit, as he will eat grass if I give him too many commands.  He will do as I ask, but it takes the fun away, so I am going to work on getting my line set as we make our turns, and then just let him hold the line, instead of trying to steer so much. 

When it was time to go with the ram lamb, I had brought a medium vari kennel and we put some hay in it and covered it with a sheet.   He didn't make a peep the entire trip.  When I got to the farm, he would not come out of the crate, so I had to un-ceremoniously dump him out.  Luckily, the girls were there, and he ran to them, but he was scared of the black sheep...  Which was bad, because the blackest one I have was very interested in him ;0)

I left after I gave hay, and he had tucked into it like his girlfriends. He's a stunner of a lamb, a true Border Cheviot in build.  He's already looking regal, even at his young age.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Joe, Kylie, ram lamb

Things are going well here.  The other day when working Joe, I tapped my leg asking him to walk up and he did, and we did a little walking behind the sheep.  The next day, I tapped my leg and he walked up and past me... He's already getting driving.  I kept it very short as one or two times he went to grab at some grass, and I believe he's just worried if he pushes they will get away, and plus he's very young.  But, he's learning so damn fast, that I am afraid if I don't change things up it will become boring for him.  At this point I could use him to do chores I think.  That's hard to imagine.  He's just such a cool dog.

I loaned out a ram lamb to a friend of mine and now I have a buyer for him, so that is great.  More money in my pocket (that will fly out fast) is a good thing. 

Going to go get a new ram lamb for me today, and put it in a vari kennel in the car.  That should be very interesting.  Want him here to grow up and then use him next year.  Will also work Joe and Dan.  We ended up getting into the last trial of the year, so that is very cool, and now I gotta school Dan a bit.  A fb friend asked if I was going to run Joe (he has seen his videos) and I said God no!  But, I bet he could run in about a month or two..... He just learns so damn fast.

Kylie, my ten year old dog is having vision problems; I have to get her into the vet.  This week/weekend I will bring her in to have her eyes and heart murmur checked.

Well, better go now..  Hope everyone has a good hump day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm getting a camper

So, I got a call last night when I was on the phone with a so-called friend (which is not true, but I don't want to talk about that), and when I checked who called, it was the camper place.   I had been approved for a loan for the camper, but I had to decide what I wanted to do in terms of down payment.  The term is very long, good God, is it long, but the payments are doable, but I may still try and get them lower.  Every time I try to convince myself not to do it, I decide against that... So, I think I must...  I bought this new vehicle with the express intentions to be able to tow, and with the trialing that I do, which is not as much as some, but certainly enough, it makes no sense to stay in hotels.  Mainly, I want a camper so I can go and rest during the day.  I get very tired mid day, and when I can't just relax for a time, I just get behind the eight ball as it were...

So, Friday, I guess, is the day I pick it up and they install the tow package on my truck.  My driveway entrance is pretty narrow, good God, I hope I can get it in there... We shall see...  It will take every ounce of my memories from pulling horse trailers to do it...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ram, dirt, beer, and popcorn

So, the weekend was fast!  Saturday morning I did take a bit of time just to relax in the morning, and then headed up to the sheep and wool festival.  I brought the dogs with me so I could bring them to the farm afterward.  My friends and I walked around, and I had a very good lamb gyro, and for desert, apple crisp a la mode- THAT was amazing.  Before my friends showed up I took a bit of video of some of the sheep, here it is:

We watched some of a sheepdog demo, and then I got the stuff from Sydell, and then I headed out.  Something about throngs of people, and noise wipes me out...

Oh, that morning, a guy called me about my ad for my ram for sale.  He said they were going to the festival and could they stop by and see the ram when they left.  I agreed, and went home, and came back later to meet him at the farm.  They took forever.  Apparently, it took them an hour just to get out of the parking lot... I warned them about that...

Anyway, they are newbie farmers, and only have a small flock, but have Cheviots ewes to breed.  So, I got Dan to fetch me up the sheep, and the guy put a halter on him- an Al Paca halter, which was small, and just barely fit over his nose, I mean barely.  So, we got him out of the pasture, and then I had to go tie Dan up.  See, Dan and this ram do not get along, and Dan figured that maybe he needed to teach this ram a lesson once and for all- who knows, all I know is Dan was looking a bit excited...

So, I said "Be right back, going to go tie the dog up" and when I got back, the ram was already in the truck!!!  What a neat trick I just figured out... Will have to use that again.  So, he made a makeshift pen with boards and wire and his wife suggested that he loosen the rope a bit for the ram.  As he did so, at the same time as I mentioned how good he was with people, the ram went for the guy (just his arm, as he was outside of the truck).  I was surprised, but could not blame him as the halter was a bit taut and he was tied...  So, I got paid and they were on their way.  It was a long day for me.  I got an email later that night saying that they had gotten home and the ram was settling in well.  That's good.

So, Sunday rolls around.  I had made tentative plans to take Dan and Joe to work them at my friend's  place, but when the morning came, my stomach bothered me and I was just really tired, so I almost begged off.  But, she convinced me to just come, so I did.

She worked her pup first, and then I worked Joe, and then we worked the adults- Dan hates his off pressure flanks there, and I always end up having to school him on them.  Then we had lunch, and then back to work Joe a bit.  He's a good boy.  He acted the same as he does at home, so that bodes well for his brain, I hope :)  I do really love working him.  He's very full on, but I like that, because he's also listening.

After I got home from that, I cleaned my house.  Good Lord, I really needed to.  The Bissel vacuum I have is amazing.  I could not believe the dirt and hair it got up.  I took all the books off the book shelf and vacuumed them, and well, just went to town.

Then, I had a beer, and made some popcorn in my new popcorn maker- I LOVE it! 

Then, I got in bed and read my new mystery, which is very good, and then SLEEP!

And the winner is....

Carolyn Harwell!  Please fb private message your address to me :) I picked out the winner this way:

I had six people in the pool.   I have six food tubs that I feed my sheep in.  Every day, one tub is tipped over.  That day it was number six.  Carolyn, was #6!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We have a winner!

The winner of the shirt give away will be posted shortly!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Festival we are coming!

Am about to head north to Sheep and wool festival.  I wanted to go to the farm first, but I will get a mess, and for once I want to be human. So, I will go to the festival and then the farm.  Someone contacted me possibly interested in my ram, so I may bring them to the farm to show him to them.  I hope they buy!  I hope they have a trailer with them too!

I am going to video tape our wanderings around the festival, and I will not forget to pick up the equipment, as I have left myself a voice mail on my cell phone!  I have not picked a winner yet.  I am going to do something at the festival... I am sure it will be interesting.  You are all getting assigned a number, in ascending order, so for instance, Diane will be #1, and so forth.

So, that's it for now guys, back later to let you know who won!

Camper? Maybe?

I saw that camper yesterday, and it fits the bill.  It's a Jay Feather Sport, 2009, and has a full bed in front and a teeny tiny slide, which gives just s scosh bit more room.  The only weird thing is that the bathroom does not have a sink- it's got cabinets instead.  LOTS of storage in this puppy.  I like it, and I applied for the financing, but have not heard back. I still do not have to buy it based on the financing I get, so we will see.  Was up a lot last night thinking about it, and it does still seem like a good idea.    So, we will see.  If I am not approved, I will take it as God's will, and I know that everything happens for a reason.... Will keep you posted.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Shopping and scald

Yesterday I shopped... I had that 30% off coupon at Kohls, so I went after work.  I got some new jeans, socks, etc., and even a popcorn maker... Good deal on what I got.  After that I hit the mall looking for new salt/pepper shakers; finally finding them in Target.  I did a lot of walking around, and was beat after that...

On the way up to the farm, the saleswoman from the place I saw the nice small camper called me and told me they just got a used 19ft camper in, in excellent condition.  So, I made an appointment to see it today.  Unless this camper is just what I want, I will hold off...  After that, I got a call from Charlie saying that one of his lambs was very lame in front.

I went to the farm, worked Joey for just a little bit (it was pretty warm out there), and then I decided to give a bit of the hay, to see if they wanted it... the pasture is getting eaten down, so I want to make sure no one is left hungry...   This is where it got funny.  The three Romney crosses were still out in the field when I brought the hay out, and did not go to it... Then I let the Cheviots out who went right to it and then BOOM! the Romneys come charging over.. It was so funny- it was like they were letting the Cheviots determine if those suspicious hay piles were safe...  Verdict on the hay?  They all loved it.  It is alfalfa/grass mix, so it's pretty good stuff.

I stopped at Charlie's the ram lambs front foot was sore, and it looked a bit like scald.  Two of their pet dairy goats also had bum feet, and they definitely had scald (all sorts of pasty grossness between their toes).  I have since bleached all my foot wear and my car mat, because I do not want to bring that home.  That is a good reminder not to go to other farms so lightly...

After all that, I went home and was just beat.  I get beat easy...  I HAVE to remember to pick up the stuff that a fellow shepherd ordered from Sydell at the sheep and wool festival tomorrow.  My memory is not the greatest lately...

Last Chance to sign up for shirt give away

Today is your last chance to sign up for the shirt giveaway.  Not sure how I will pick the winner- it may involve the sheep or the dogs, or both.  We will see. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Limbs, rams, dogs

It was a very nice day yesterday.  Fall is my favorite time of year; cool, no bugs and a sense of renewal in the air. 

I had to gather the flock in yesterday, and I wondered how the ram would be.  No problem was the answer.  He simply went with the Cheviot girls into the barn, no muss not fuss.  I am glad of that. 

Then I worked Joe, and as I did, I noticed all the big downed limbs laying in the field and took a break from working Joe, to go get the pick up and start collecting those limbs for the burn pile.  I got probably less than half picked up in one trip, and will finish today.  There is one GIANT limb, more like a tree I have to tie to the pick up and drag out.  Charlie has been busy, so I have to handle this myself.  The field looks better.  Oh, and today I am buying some wood to make a feed trough for my sheep.  They sully the feed sometimes, as they step in it, so I want a trough style.  I wanted to buy them from Premier, but the cost of them, plus the shipping is astronomical.

So, after picking up the sticks, I went back to working Joey, and he was very good.  I am at the point where I am standing about half way to the sheep, and it's working beautifully.  He's the right distance from them, and he's running out fast, intent and watching them too.  It's very cool.  I do like him.  I think I may have said this before... 

Got home and decided I have to clean this house, and opened my mail- finding I have a 30% off coupon for Kohls department store, so I am going there today.  I need some clothes, and I want a real pop corn maker- I do not like microwave popcorn at all....

So, that's the deal for now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rammy Ram and Campers

So, I went to a camper dealer yesterday.  I looked at a new 14 ft camper, very nice but small.  I talked numbers with them, but they were not really budging, except, that they would install the tow package on my Jeep free...

I went home and thought about it.  Then I called my older, wiser sister.  She told me she thought I should have gotten a camper a long time ago, and that it was a very good idea, given how much I travel with the dogs....  So, we talked a lot about what I really wanted.  I really want a bed, not one that  has to be "made" every day, and a decent bathroom, and last but really not at all least, something that is light, thus easier to tow/stop with.  So, I charged my sister with finding me a camper... We shall see what happens.

I had one person comment on FB that they just use friends and do hotels, why get a camper?  Well, I must not have as many friends as she does, because I have never had someone offer to have me stay at their place, and you know what?  At some point EVERYONE wears out their welcome.  I don't like to do that, and this way, I am autonomous, and not using other people.  Once in a while it's okay to ask friends, but not year after year...  That's how I feel anyway.  So, hopefully I find something I like.  I may not, who knows, but at least now I have a starting point.

Worked Joe yesterday, did some fence line work, and got some advice from a FB friend on what to and not to do.  He likes Joe a lot, and I trust his advice...  Joe is just one very cool dog.  Oh, and before I worked Joe, I had to bring in the sheep and keep the Romney girls out for use by Joe.  Well,  the ram decided he did not want to go with the Cheviots into the barn and turned and ran away with the Romneys.  Dan gathered them back and the ram did not want to go in the barn again, so I wrangled him and just as I got him in the barn and Dan was standing next to me, the ram saw Dan and was loaded for bear and just was going to cream him.  The look in his eye, and his kneeling, just about kneeling forward stance... well, I did not want my Dan to get hurt.  So, I picked up a board and fought him  back.  If I had not done that, he would have knocked me over to get to Dan, simple as that.  Now, Dan has gone after this ram before and will again, but when a ram is in breeding form and wants to be with his girls, there are not a lot of brains operating, and I thought to save everyone from injury, I would handle it.  Today will be interesting... We will see if the ram causes trouble again. 

Anyway, after all that, and working Joe, I got some fencing up on the gate, and also tied the stock panel that had come un-tied to the post... I have to get some new panels and get them up.  Hopefully things are a bit more solid to prevent the dogs from getting in should they chose... I don't know though.

So, wish me luck on the ram front (he's for sale) and also finding a camper!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trailer, re-considering

I have been giving a lot of thought to the camper situation... I am not sure I want to over extend myself for the camper.  I do go to several trials a year (optimally), but several are not far enough that I can't stay at home, and go, and well, I just am loathe to get more debt.  I spend most of my life worrying about money, and well, I just feel like it's a dead heat between the camper making sense to get and paying off some debt.  Don't really know what to do...

Plan today is to add some wire to the gate at the one pasture at the farm.   There are stray dogs coming around and they have decimated our chickens, so I want to make sure that there are no obvious places for them to get into my sheep pasture...

Will probably work Joe again today, and then that's it.  I was supposed to go look at a trailer, but it is so far away, I just can't make another 2+ hour trip each way...   I know of a couple other ones that are closer, but well, I am going to let a higher power help me in this decision.... 

I am a bit tired today, owing to the fact that Ginger kitty woke me at three something and I did not go back to sleep.

So, comments are welcome on the trailer, yeah or nay....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Give away

I have set the comments section to allow anonymous ids, so if that is blocking you, should not be a problem now.


I made a trip up to meet the used rv dealer and get a better look at the camper.  He knew in advance I was coming, yet did not do anything to it (as in clean it) or set it up.  I walked in and thought I might go through the floor- he said was going to fix it, and I asked if he would replace it, he said no, that he would just put new floor on it- will be stronger.. ahhh, leave that disgusting floor and just put new plywood on top.  Anyone who knows me knows that I like things done right... Okay, so moving on, lots of storage space, and then he goes and gets the canvas ends pushed out.  I immediately did not like that- too much room for wetness and well, basically it's like a pop up...  the canvas was also dirty/mildewy.  I went into the bathroom and the floor to the bathroom/shower floor was so thin, I thought that I might go through that- and it was small, I am not small, but if I gained any weight I would not be able to fit in there....  I told him I was not "feeling it" with that camper and looked at others.  He had a mid 80s on there, and you could see a leak had gone though above the cabinets and destroyed the fake wood.  Basically, this guy doesn't really DO anything to these things, he just flips them.  So, I now know I do not want a hybrid, that's for sure.

When I left I realized I did not have my atm card, so I could not get cash for the tolls, so had to take the scenic way home... I had left my card in my pants pocket after I had gotten gas the previous day.  Just glad I did not lose it, and had other options for routes to get home.

I worked Joe a bit when I got home, and checked sheep.  All have been marked.  We will see if he marks anyone again next month, but then we should be fine.

This week going with Charlie to pick up a ram for John to use.  John's truck is out of service, and Charlie has a stock trailer.  My days of lifting sheep into pick ups are done anyway.

Well, that's it for now...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

T-shirt (or Sweatshirt) give away!

Next weekend is the NY State Sheep and Wool festival.  It's the best one I've been too, and I am going this year as well.  Am picking up some things a fellow sheep person ordered, but then I am free to wander, eat and shop.  This year they have a GREAT design for their shirts (see above),  If you would like a chance to win either a t-shirt, or sweat shirt, please write a comment, and list what you prefer (sweat or tee) and your size.  I will do a random pick. Once the winner is selected, I will ask you to contact me with your mailing information.  If for some reason, they don't have sweat shirts, it will have to be a tee so, and I will let you know if that's the case.  Remember, I need your size too!

Camper.... decisions.....

Yesterday after work I headed up to check out the camper. As it turned out the guy was not there, but I peeked inside and saw he had been checking it all out.  It's small.  It's a 2001 Keystone Cabana Hybrid.  Has enough for me and my dogs. No a/c, but I can deal with that, just to get started in it.  I was un-decided...  So, I called him today, and all of a sudden the price went to $2500, up from the $2000.  So, I plan to head up there soon and tell him I want it, but will pay no more than $2300.  He said he would do a lay away sort of plan, so that could really be a God send.   So, we shall see, actually excited about this...

Today, my dad came over with the power washer, and we got the house spiffy.  Looks so much better- where does all that dirt come from???  Have some things I need to trim, and almost all the leaves are down, so the next thing is leaves!!!

Ran some errands, and then worked Joe.  Wow, he is just amazing.  Perhaps all dogs who get a bit of training each day progress like this, but I am just uber happy with him.  He is like a sponge.  I *really* like him.

Will make myself a nice dinner with a Pork Chop as my protein, and then read my book and chill out.

I have an announcement, will reveal in the next post!

Friday, October 12, 2012


That's my euphemism for "dang it's cold out there!  It was cold last night, and damp.  That combination forced me to allow the furnace to come on.    I slept like a baby last night and did not wake until I heard the paper delivery guy drive off.   For me, that's a big deal.  It was a good night.

Yesterday, I worked Joe, and also got the last lawn mowing for the year done.  Now, just have to wait a bit for the rest of the leaves to come down, and will get started on them.  This weekend, my dad is coming by to help me power wash the green off my house.  For some reason, my house attracts this, and it just looks bad, and I am rather proud of my house, so we will get it cleaned.  I am also going to ask him to cut down my half dead pine tree in my front yard.  It looks so bad, it has to go.  Then, I will trim back a bunch of my shrubs.  One other item is to replace some rotten boards on my front step. 

Worked Joe yesterday, he did great, he is so much fun to work, he's got that great combination of instinct, biddability , initiative and confidence on sheep.  I would take another just like him. 

Today, I am going to look at a camper, after I get my errands run.  It will be a bit of a drive, but I think it will be well worth it, and it will pay for itself in a couple years of trialing.  This is the time of year to buy one- everyone is looking to unload before winter. 

The sheep are good, still one more to be marked, but then that's it.  My friend John does not have a ram yet, and not sure if he will find one.  I would sure like him to, because we want to have a trial at his place next summer, early fall, and just his adult ewes won't cut it.  So, we shall see.

Well, that's all for now, hope everyone has a good Friday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Me and the Firemen

I was under the impression that many firemen were a bit chunky, and out of shape.  No, that is not true, at least the group I met were not!

A few days ago I had gone with my dogs, to go look for some Angus heifers that had gotten out because the new to farming and new owner to these girls left the  barn door open- yep, that old saying is true...  Anyway, we went looking and I told him that there was just too much land to cover and to call me if he had a sighting.  He called me day before yesterday and told me a caretaker on a 350 acre farm nearby had spotted the heifers in one of his fields.  So, yesterday after work, I met the owner of these guys at his house, and several firemen, and one plumber showed up..  I was the only girl with seven men, kinda cool....

So, we headed out to where we saw them last.  I drove my Jeep into the fields and had to use 4wd at one point, which I had not used yet, and got to the field where they were.   I hopped into the caretakers Polaris Ranger, which was really nice, and Lucy, Bob, and I set forth looking.  Lucy looked all over (she quarters like a hunting dog) and nothing...  So, most of us got back to our vehicles, but three guys were lost- and they were the ones with the GPS!  That was not lost on us... (no pun intended)  We took a fair bit of time beeping the truck horns and driving roads to find and pick up these errant firemen...

We all went back to the owner's place, and I told him to let me know if he or someone sees them...

I get a call last night, that the caretaker saw them.... Right where we were... I swear they are laughing at us.  So, I told him since the field is not fenced, that he needs to start feeding them there, and get some cattle panels to make a fence up.  He asked if he could use hog panels, or that sort of thing, and I made it clear that they would make mince meat out of them if they got scared- and they would-  as they stampede the minute they seem someone.   So, he's going to try to get the panels and gradually start putting the feed in the pen.  It's really the only way, because that field is in the middle of woods, and there is no way we can herd them to where they need to go.  It will have to be: get them in the pen, and get a trailer up there, some how, and load them up.  What a huge pain this is. 

I did work Joe a bit yesterday, and Dan too.  Sheep are good.  I think there is only one more girl, maybe two to be marked.  

I am extremely tired today, don't know why.  I have a lot of yard work to do- the last mowing of the year and then will have my nephew do leaves (he's desperate to make money for his phone).  I could also have him pick limbs up in the sheep field, as they are out of there, so that's another job he can do.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dust and Deen

This weekend was a pretty good one, considering.  Got a bit of house cleaning done, which was good, because it's not often that urge strikes me...Have more to do, but it's much better.... I don't know where the dust comes from, but I am sick of it!

Saturday was a blur.  Worked all day, and then went to the farm, worked Joe and Dan a bit, and then moved the sheep to the new field.  Lots of good fodder up there for them.  Joe worked so nice.  He's so workman-like- and that is what his breeder selected his mother for, and his dad is also like that.  I am trying to mix it up a fair bit, and just let him have his head, so, if things go wrong, he can learn from them,  instead of  me not letting him figure things out.    After the farm I drove to the farm of a guy who lost two Angus heifers.  I offered to help him catch them with the help of Lucy and Dan.  Well, when I got to his place and we drove around a bit, there is just no way to go "find" them in all that farm land.  I told him he has to wait until he gets another sighting and I would be out.   That was the tail end of the day, and I was beat that night.

Sunday was cleaning day, and at the farm, I just walked the dogs; did not feel like working them, and in general it was a nice quiet Sunday.  I noticed on Sunday, that the previous day/night, after moving the sheep to the new field, the other two Romneys were marked.  The ram is now being aggressive to the one he marked earlier- I think it's because she wants to hang out with her friends, and the ram wants those girls to himself.  Who knows, but he better not hurt anyone...  I plan to leave them in that field until the grass is even with where they came from, and then, holding pattern until some time in November- would love to not give hay until late November, but we will see.

Hope everyone had a good weekend- oh, I did watch some of Paula Deen's cooking show- and I see her son is now branching out- he can stop with the "ya'll" as it just does not fit him... I also watched/listened to the Pioneer Woman show- it was great- really like her and her family!  See?  Nice Sunday!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Computer is good to go!  Turns out it was operator error and when I got home after they proved to me there was nothing wrong with it, I realized I had not snapped the disc into place, as I never had to with my desk top.  Duh!  So, now all I have to do is get my data transferred from my old computer to my new one and that dust collector can go!  Will also free up a lot of space in my spare room.

Worked Joe just a tiny bit yesterday as it was really warm out there.  Weird weather.  Now we are supposed to cool off a lot- we shall see.

Pretty boring month around my place this month, except for the sheep and wool festival, nothing much going on.

Maybe something will come up, or maybe I just have to get things done around the house...Nooooooo... ;)

Friday, October 5, 2012

I paid my taxes yesterday, thank GOD.  This year was extremely difficult because of the car purchase, but I got it done.  I also purchased a new computer yesterday- two of them.  Yes, two of them.  The first one the optical disc reader did not work, and I drove back and got a replacement.  The second one, guess what?  SAME STUPID THING.  I am so annoyed.  I spent hours on that.  At least my router worked well.  So, today I bring it back.  I want nothing to do with that particular model, and I want something with more RAM, as the tech guy hinted that 4 gig RAM is not enough.  So, at some point today I will go deal with that.  I need a new computer, just one that all parts work, eh?

I am not in the best mood- never am when I have to work weekends.  Oh well, the money is duly needed, so I will deal with it.  No work for Joe yesterday, too wet and icky.  Also, a day off is not a bad thing for a pup.

Was really warm last night; had the window open.  Slept really hard last night.  Had Ginger Snaps and milk for dinner- that was good.  Have to hit the grocery store today too.  And more gas in the car... the killer.

Let's hope I get a functioning computer later today................

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Great Mushroom

Remember the Peanuts movie "The Great Pumpkin"?  Well, we've got the Mushroom version!

This is, I think, the world's largest mushroom.  I was walking the dogs, and saw this.  Thinking it was a soccer ball, I kicked it, and it sort of fell to the side.  I picked it up and took a whiff, and sure enough, it's a mushroom.  It's huge!  I had to get a bit of video, because I did not have my camera with me.  All this rain we have been getting makes things like Fungus grow I guess!  Wish we could enter it in the fair... Smells just like those mushrooms you pick up at the grocery store; the ones we use in say, spaghetti sauce...

Worked Joey a bit yesterday, but it was a bit warm out.  I think I did too much yesterday- I started using whistles, and it was confusing him.  So, back down a bit. I am also letting him scoop sheep out of weird places now that he has the concept of starting on one side and not crossing over.  For the most part, he is good about that anyway!  I wondered why every time I brought him into the field he was pulling me toward the right.  Well, yesterday I followed him and he was bringing me to the barn.. Ah, he knows the flock is in there....

Lambs are getting better, one even jumped straight up into the air yesterday for no reason- that, I like to see!

Will be glad when this rainy week is over.  I have to work on Sat, so my weekend won't be great, and I have to stay late on Friday too...

Here's a video of Joe at the end of our work yesterday. Nothing in particular, just allowing him to just do his thing and not get around to the head of me, which he is getting :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You can't go home again......

Yesterday, as I walked down the fallen leaf, rain soaked lane with my dogs, I started to think about my younger life; living at my parent's house (which is a little over a mile away, or less as the crow flies) and how life was so very good then.  I remember playing kick ball after school with the neighborhood kids, and bus rides where we all sang songs.  We had some very cool bus drivers, and out school is in a small town, so we had a small classes.  What I miss the most was the sense of being, of belonging.  Knowing how your day would go in school, and after school, what you would do.  During Christmas time, we would go Christmas caroling with real oil lamps.  We would stop by The Knauss' house and Mrs Knauss would give us all apple cake.  All the neighbors loved to see us arrive and listen to us.  Halloween would see a bunch of us kids going together and having brown bags half full of candy.  We never worried about pins in candy, or other scary things.  We also did not do bad things, we were a good group of kids.

My parent's house is on about an acre and a half, and they have always kept it neat and well landscaped.  I always feel at home there.  As I drove up there for dinner the other day, I got upset thinking about when the time comes that my parents either sell the house, or us kids have to.  Will the new owners care about it like we did?  It makes me want to never let it go.   So many memories there.

As adults we spend so much time planning, and doing, and life goes by so much faster.  We have new memories to forge and new friends to make, but none, so far, at least for me, have reached the bar of my child hood memories, and the feeling of belonging.   I do feel at home in my home, and believe me, it took a long time for that to happen, but I would not say I have many memories there- that said, selling it would be hard, because it finally is home.  Basically, I don't want to move anywhere else alone, because I would still be just that, alone.  I am so blessed to have my family near, and that my parents are doing well.  In the end, as long as you love, and are loved, you are living, that I believe.

Part of me wants to move home now and turn the clock back.... but I know you can't go home again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sore and then some

After a full day of work yesterday, I met Charlie at the farm to get the paddock fence in.  I had a new roll of sheep/goat fence sitting there, beckoning me to get the job done.  So, after we cleared out the pile of limbs that was in the paddock, we set to the fence.   Not that much fence at all, but we used trees, yes, you read it, trees as some of the posts.  This is a tree farm, and well, I decided to make use of the ones that stood in a nice line.  We got the posts in, the fence stretched and all the clips on/staples in where we needed it and it took us several hours.  Way longer than I thought it would.  Afterward, I was BEAT, I mean just beat.  So glad it is done now though.  Just have to hang a gate and we're good to go.  They should not be able to get out of here- I hope.

After we finished, I took the dogs for a walk and then headed home, stopping for some fast food on the way.  I just could not see having the energy to cook.  So, got home, took care of animals and got in bed, yes, that's exactly what I did.  I didn't even read my book.

This morning I got up and noticed that I had several cuts on my hands (you always get cut doing fence) that hurt, and my back, oh my aching back.  It hurt from when I cleaned out the barn, and this morning it hurt worse from the fence.  Bending down to open dog crates... ow...  So, today is a normal day again, and hope to work Joe.  He gets buggered up when he can't work... 

Anyway, that's all for now!

Monday, October 1, 2012

My computer is on it's last legs, so I have borrowed a lap top.   Now I NEED to get a new computer... But, not until after I have paid my taxes next week.  I swear, if I won the lottery, I would just set aside tax money until I died....  and pay everything off ;0)

The puniest lamb is doing better and he color is coming back.  Glad I treated those who needed it.  Still have some of that wormer left, so will keep checking everyone- especially the lambs.  I cleaned out part of the barn on Saturday, and now my back hurts a bit- that hay loading I did really did a number on my back.  Anyway, still a couple more areas to go, but it's better.  Sheep are otherwise good.  One of the new Romney girls has been marked, and even if I didn't have a marker on the ram, you would know who he has bred by how he sticks so close to his "favorite" girl.    He must be very happy lately. 

Worked Joe both Sat and Sun, he's doing well, and now, when he takes off, he knows it's for an outrun, as opposed, generally to being wild and crazy.  I do like working him.

Had a nice dinner at my parent's last night, pork roast with browned potatoes.  Any meal with potatoes is a hit with me.  I had to work Sunday, so my day was sort of off kilter.   This week Charlie and I will get more done, and I will continue the usual stuff.  No trials coming up, but that's okay.  I could use the no spending of money time!  Gas is enough to kill any un-necessary spending anyway!