Monday, July 20, 2009

Road blocks

Well, as it turns out there is just not anything I can do until the fence line is completely cleared. My brother bush hogged the other side of the field, and it is looking to be VERY good sized. Longer than wide, so not the best for outruns, but it will certainly yield decent working space, as well as good forage for the sheep.

Bugs are just horrible lately- can't be out there without getting eaten. So, the upshot is, I will wait to hear from my brother as to when I can get my helpers (any out there???) and get moving on the fence.

Today, while throwing the Frisbee for Lucy, she did the MOST amazing thing. I threw it, she ran for it, but just missed, so she did a complete 360 around the disc, and caught it dead on. I don't know how she did that.

I cleaned out the stock tank and Danny, who likes water now, got in with his front feet and started to paw at the ball/water. He bowed down with his front feet/body in the tank and his butt out of it. Something else that boy is!

Smile for the day:

While up in the upper meadow, I heard a peep peep. Then, I saw Turkey. For a second I thought it was a Quail peeping, and the Turkey was going after it. Then I realized, it's a baby Turkey. Extremely little, and cute, and very afraid of me!

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