Monday, May 31, 2010

First trial of the year

We had our first trial of the year. I entered Lucy in Pro Novice for, I thought just this trial, as the other trials I entered, I entered N/N. Well, I learned I can't do that, so now I am stuck in Pro Novice for all trials. This realization caused me a moment of apoplexy. Lord. Well, as my grandparents used to say "You am not going to learn any younger".

For our first run, the sheep took off early, and Lucy seemed to be drifting in on her outrun, so I gave her a get out command, and then we commenced the fetch, and terrible turn at the post (we had to attempt more than once). Lucy got them started toward the panels and then, I had her basically fetch them back to the pen (I think one went through the panels). We got them in the pen by me laying her down on the pressure side. It wasn't pretty, but we finished. She was high, and that's never good.

On Sunday Lucy had a better outrun, and I think she took a stop on her fetch- honestly, I can't remember, because our fetches are usually really bad, and I tend to block them out...seriously. So, they got to the post, and they tried to beat it for the exhaust, and one did. Lucy let her go (she was at a dead run), and the ewe made it into the exhaust pen. This left me with two sheep. We did get them around the post and drove them a bit (Lucy was looking very good with this), and then we were thanked by the judge- you can't go on with just two sheep, but I had to go as far as I could because Lucy was looking good- what can I say!

So, that was our debut in pro-novice- could have been worse, could have been a lot better, but we did it.

There is more to the weekend, but it will take me a while to have time to put it all down.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another thing done, and Scott Glen lesson

After work on Tues, I met with Chris, the chainsaw guy and he fell somewhere in the 20 tree range. There are myriad dead Pine trees, and they all need to go. Then, we will have a massive bonfire. I was ILL yesterday. I was sneezing and just felt terrible. I thought it was a cold. No, I think it was just an overdose of cedar/pine tree pollen. It will be SO WONDERFUL to get the sheep pasture cleared of all these non-essential trees. Will be able to do some good work with the dogs in there, and they won't be able to escape! Chris should be coming back Friday after work to cut more. There's at least 6 more hours of cutting to do, and he can only do 2 hours at a time, because his chainsaw is so heavy, and it's HARD work. So, yes, another thing done.

Today I had a lesson with Scott Glen. Wow. He cleared so much up for me as to why Lucy was doing things, and why I needed to do things, etc. The help with the driving was nothing short of miraculous.

Danny worked with Scott just a short time, but he got hot VERY fast, so a couple times he went and layed under a tree. It was 90, so I can't blame him. He was good, although too fast and tight on his left, and he told me what to do to fix that.

I also watched some other lessons and really, he stands out as a clinician, because he takes each dog as an individual, and really makes a difference. It was just so great.

When I returned home, I mowed the lawn so I won't have to worry about it this weekend.

It's been a great day :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One thing done

After work yesterday, I headed up to the farm to help my brother extend the fence for the steers. Four hours later, we got it done. Lucy was a champ while we worked, just hung out. Oh, she was interested in the chickens, but I think she wanted to herd them, not eat them. At one point my brother's friend and I were talking and a chicken came up, and Lucy just stared intently at it. All of a sudden I heard the Chicken squawk, and said "Jeez, the dog's been there all along, why now get freaked out?" Mark replied "She lifted a paw a little". Ha ha! That's a great training chicken!

Apparently Lucy made quite the impression on the steers, because when my brother called them to go to their newly opened up area, they were hesitant to do so, because of Lucy, never mind that she was not even in the pasture, but on the other side of the fence, some fifty feet away.

When I got home, I did chores, had a peanut butter and strawberry preserve sandwich, and hit the hay. Just so tired. Am still very tired today. Still need to work the dogs, and talk with chainsaw guy. But, I got one thing done.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy week ahead

So, I have a lot on my plate this week. First thing I want to get done is have my chainsaw guy come out and cut down a mess of trees. All the cedars can go, and that's a big number. THEN, I will be able to work dogs properly in that field. Right now, the sheep are light, because they can try to escape. Or, maybe they are just freaking light anyway. They are not baby dogs, because they are so tense. Lucy works them well, no slicing, no nothing and STILL they are ninnies. They have been good for Lucy, because there's a heck of a lot more work for her, if she isn't honest, calm and decent.

I also am helping my brother extend the other cow pasture a bit, maybe later today. That will give even more grass to the cows eat. They eat an incredible amount of grass.

I want to work Danny and Lucy one more time before the weekend, on a good field. On Thursday we have a lesson with Scott Glen. This I am greatly looking forward to. Will work both Lucy and Danny.

Then, on the weekend is the Cummington trial. We shall see how it goes. Lucy is Lucy, and no matter where I go, there I am.

Before the weekend I need to get house/yard stuff done too. It will get done, I am sure.

So, that's it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Communication and Worming

Lucy and I went to Pet Palooza yesterday. It was a nice small affair, and there were a lot of different breeds of dogs. Lucy was extremely well behaved. It's so odd. I never trained her to behave like she does, she just does. When we stop and talk, she would go and lay under a chair or a table. She was also friendly to everyone; most especially the animal communicator. She did a reading and told me that Lucy told her that she felt she was my Champion. That I would agree with- that Lucy thinks of herself a champion- watch her work, and you will see what I mean ;)

Today was a busy day. First, it started out with washing curtains, and putting them back up (I hate this job) and then a wee bit of coffee. As I sat drinking my morning coffee, I heard the distinctive sound of baby birds in the Parakeet cage. Once you've heard baby birds make the sound for food, you don't forget it. How exciting! We will see how many make it to fledging. I still have no idea how many eggs or anything. All I know is that Mrs. Parakeet is still pooing in the water bowl, religiously.

After doing a little more wash, I headed out to Tractor Supply. I wanted to get wormer for the sheep. One sheep is looking a bit lean, and I learned from their former owner that she didn't really worm, so they would be due. I also bought some probiotics for Lucy.

I then stopped by Barnes and Noble and bought the newest Earlene Fowler book. I am SOOOO happy. She's got to be my favorite author.

Then I headed up to the farm. Chatted with my brother and his girlfriend a bit, and then went up to worm. Well, I got three of the four done easy peasy, but #22 harbors angst toward me from the whole foot issue, so she would not settle anywhere near me. Lucy worked her butt off to hold them to me, but we were not in a corner, so I finally decided to head to the gate, where there is a corner, and I was able to grab her. Phew. Lucy was HOT. I then decided to dump the water and clean out the tank, and refill. When I went up to turn the water on, the steers were in the barn. Why? I have no idea. I had to skootch by them to get the water on.

After all that was done, I took a walk around the pasture to check the fence, and seee how the grass was holding up. Looks fine. I think I could put a few more sheep in there.

Got home and more cleaning and now I am just going to chill. Twas a good weekend.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, here it is, toward the end of the week, and what's going on?

Well, not much. This week was one of catch up with the house/yard work. Last night I got home and string trimmed the yard. It was sorely needed. My left arm just about quit on me, but I endured ;0) and got it done. Afterward I brushed the dogs. All of them had undercoat to come out, except Lucy who has the perfect coat. Danny loves to be brushed- he just closes his eyes, and soaks it in.

While I was brushing the dogs, I noticed Danny looking at something, so I looked over, and saw two Pileated Woodpeckers doing a courtship dance on a tree that is on my property line. It was very cool. Everything the male did, the female did. Eventually, the disappeared. I have never seen a Pileated Woodpecker at my house, let alone two. Neat!

After that, the day was drawing to a close, and I settled in for some tv.

This weekend is planned to work the dogs, and even work them in the cow field, once I get the cows out. Oh, tonight I mow the lawn, so no chores like that this weekend- YES!

Well, that's it for now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The whole not the parts

I had a pretty good day yesterday. Work was good, and then I went home, popped Lucy and Danny into the car, and headed to the farm, to give some mineral to the sheep, but also do a bit of work with the steers. Yes, the steers. These are not calves, they are about two year old steers, and they are somewhat people tame, but not dog broke.

The last debacle when the steers ran with the sheep, made me realize that I needed Lucy to be able to work these animals, at the minimum, to move them off into another pasture so I can work the sheep. The pasture where the sheep currently live is still to heavily forested, so it is not doable to work Danny on them there.

So, I got to the farm and grabbed a long (really long) line, so I could have a hold of her, if she got a bit big for her breeches.

Wouldn't you know that the first steer we meet is the smaller hyper one that caused the stampede. I walked Lucy up to him, and she looked at me as if to say "Uh, THIS? what do you want me to do with THIS?" She went behind me to my left and to my right. I encouraged her and she ran at the steer, and then went back. Then she ran again and barked. I told her she was a good girl, and then she finally went up and bit, well, you would call it a bite, but on such a big head, I doubt she got any purchase, the steer, and he swung around and cow kicked. Luckily I had Lucy on that line, because she wanted to follow through.

We did the same thing to the other black steer, and then it was time for the white headed steer. He had his head down and was just curious. Lucy by this time was well practiced and in one motion (after I told her to get him) she ran up and bit him on his forehead, which I know she made contact because a big cloud of dust came up. He backed up and then they all left.

Later, I decided to walk her into the pasture, and she was gung-ho to get on with it. Glad I had a line on, because she was pulling me to get to them. Didn't take much for them to take off running and Lucy wanted after them badly.

So, she did it. It is not easy- those are big animals, and she has never been near them. Now she's all for it.

Oh, then I decided to try and do some shedding with my sheep. They are so flighty, Lucy worked her butt off, and only got 1, 1/2 a shed.

So, then it was time to go home. When there I threw the ball for Danny, and the Frisbee for Lucy, who is now back to normal energy wise, ergo, she had lots of speed catching those Frisbees.

As I sat there early evening, I thought about what my girl just did for me. She did it because I asked her to. She plucked up the courage, based on her trust in me. As she lay there near me in bed, I patted her and thanked her for being there for me.

Why I focus on her sheepdog trial faux pas so much, when there is so much more to her, I will never know. I need to remember that it's the whole package, not just one piece that matters.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Working dogs, up early

After work yesterday, I worked dogs. Lucy is just not normal. She's doing stupid stuff, like zinging sheep off a fence, and her lift has all but disappeared. She's weak, and that's not like her. I didn't work her much yesterday, but she desperately wants to, so I did a bit. She did not eat breakfast yesterday, and when I gave her part of a buttered hard roll, she tried to bury it.

Danny did okay. Well, better than okay. He ran the entire length of the field on an away outrun, running FAST and checking in on his sheep. It was a thing of beauty. But, then we moved around the field and he was not so good. He doesn't generalize well... But, I have to remember, Danny took a long time to get to go AROUND sheep, so this is to be expected....

I came home and made a nice steak dinner with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I did not sleep more than about 1 hour last night. I was upset about Lucy's work. She's definitely just not right.

Today I plan to clean a bit, and then finish working in the barn to clean up the piles I made, and maybe work dogs. It depends on my energy level.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Herding sheep, and COWS?

It's a long story, so I will like Rose on Golden Girls, start from the top.

Yesterday, I took some sorely needed time off. I have just needed to decompress from this whole sheep pasture thing, and I could not think of a better way to do so, then to work sheep.

I worked Lucy first, and she seemed better- more energy, and less heavy panting. She also ran a lot faster. She was having trouble driving the sheep. Heavy sheep are not easy to drive for Lucy. She has this BAD habit of what I call "windshield washing" where she wears side to side, and that just does NOT move the sheep forward. She desperately wants to move them, but her lack of eye in that situation isn't helping. What I did was put a line on her and go along. For some reason with me there, she stops wearing... Suppose at a trial they will let me help her? NOT. Poor Lucy, poor me!

Danny did well. He has really begun to mature, just working now. His left outrun is still too tight. I will take a wee bit tighter than his most favorite side EVER, but this is too tight, and will rattle the sheep. So, we work on it. I stop him if he's tight, and chastise him, but this just basically makes him go faster once I release him... Got to get this solved... As his last outrun I sent him on the right, basically his little treat for working on the icky left. It was very good, nothing wrong anywhere. He's my boy! He comes in thoughtfully, and he even sat there, which I think happens when he's tired, but partially, he's trying to learn to push sheep, which I took a bit out of him when he was younger, so we've got to build that.

After that, I left and stopped at the farm to check my sheep. As soon as they saw me they left, talk about giving me a complex. What? You don't like me? The one who gave you your own little peace of Eden? The one who only works you once in a while? Well, I never!

Anyway, my brother suggested I work the sheep in the cow pasture, since they had moved over to the meadow. Okay, will do. Only slight concern was having to get the sheep out of their pasture, into the meadow, then back out a gate, to go through the yard into the cow pasture. Well, best laid plans and all.

As soon as I got the sheep out of their pasture, the steers starting running at them. Lord. So, then the sheep bolted up past the barn (still fenced in) and ran WITH the cows to the cow pasture. Okay, one sheep came back. She's the same ninny who always splits off. So, I walk with she and Lucy to the cow pasture, where I find the other three sheep standing near the water. The cows had dispersed. So, I thought that maybe I could work Lucy for a bit. Riiiight..

Cows came running over again. Okay, enough of this. I don't want the sheep, Lucy or me hurt by these big dumb steers. So, I walk my sheep back to their pasture, and lock them in. We must get a gate for that opening. Then I can actually work my sheep. That will happen toute suite!

I then came home, had a sandwich for dinner, and hit the hay. Sheep are looking really good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain rain rain

Well, today is a rainy day. A good day to sleep in, say my dogs. When it rains, my dogs all try and sleep in, they do not like to have to go out in the rain. Can't say as I blame them.

Lucy ate her dinner last night, but her breakfast was not so successful; she ate a very tiny amount and then left it. She's just odd. She seems to act okay, but she is starting to lose a bit of weight. I don't know. Maybe it's the food? I just started a new bag, so maybe that will do the trick.

It's cold out today, 42 degrees F cold. This is such weird weather. I am happy for rain, as the sheep need it for their grass, but I certainly can't get any chainsawing done in this (don't worry, I am hiring someone to do it!).

Well, that's all for now. I think after work, I may hit Barnes and Noble, to see if any of my mystery writers have anything new out...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Avian divine intervention

Mondays, ick. When I retire, I think the best part will be when I can wake up on a Monday, and not HAVE to be anywhere. It's the concept that I will be happy to wash down the drain.

Anyway, after work yesterday, I headed up to the farm, and saw that my brother got some high tensile electric up for the steers, so they could now happily eat in the area adjacent to my sheep. This is very good, as they had eaten down where they had been. I then did some picking up of stuff (that never stops on a farm, eh?).

I then went and zip tied the fencing to my gate, and cut off the sharp edges that were loose, as that is just too dangerous. It looks a lot better now.

Then, I decided I should trim feet. The sheep needed it, some more than others. So, I got Lucy and got them brought up to my usual "mess with sheep" place in the pasture, and got set. My friend gave me good techniques, which I had practiced earlier, and it went well. Lucy was good, and stayed calm, and off the sheep. I actually looked like I knew what I was doing... Then came #22. She doesn't like to be messed with, as she is the one who got the nail in her foot. She fought a bit. Lucy came in, to "help", but I had to get after her, because it WASN'T helping. Anyway, I got her done, and let her up, and together, Lucy and I walked down the goat trail (the steep hill on the way to the gate), and we headed out.

When we got home, I ran Lucy and Danny. Lucy is so happy to play, but gets to panting very fast.

I fed, and Lucy did not eat. Just wasn't interested.

This morning a little excitement. I had let the dogs out and I heard some bird noise. LOUD bird noise. I looked and saw a Cardinal female dive bombing Kylie. Well, a fledgling had apparently landed in my back yard and it was screaming for dear life.

I then got the dogs in, even though they weren't finished, and the little thing flew/hopped to the fence line, and sat there. I went out and saw that though very small, he/she was fully feathered, and very scared.

Later I saw the mom and dad on the fence, looking down on it, probably conveying to said fledgling that he/she better get a MOVE on out of there.

I then let the dogs finish their morning constitutional, and didn't see the baby bird again. At first, I thought how dumb to land in my yard, but then I realized, that it wasn't THAT stupid, because there are a glut of cats around, but none in my fenced yard. Oh, with the BIG exception of Mr. Chips, who for some reason I didn't let out this morning (divine intervention I would say).

I am really happy that the baby Cardinal was spared. We don't have nearly enough of them around in the first place.

I then fed the dogs. Lucy, again, would not eat. So I caved and gave her some of that Fresh Pet food, which she ate with gusto. She has to have food with her anti-biotics, so you gotta do what you gotta do.

Lucy isn't ribby, so I think she's okay, but this is just weird. Maybe it IS a false pregnancy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleepy, but good day

Sunday I didn't get work done at the farm. Suffice to say I got up early, did chores, and then back in bed. I was just really tired (I wonder why!?). I finally did leave, and stop at the farm, and my parent's place, and then I headed out to work sheep.

Lucy is working well, but very tired. VERY tired after just a couple outruns. She wants to work, but she isn't feeling well, I can tell. I had to move some ewes/lambs and a ram with her. She did very well. Not a problem. She listened well, and nobody got crabby- so that means she didn't pressure them too much, which is exactly what she needs to do.

Danny did well. We didn't work too long, and mainly, we are working on just left sided outruns. This time he knew exactly what to do each time he came up on the lift. Quick study that boy. I did only one right sided outrun, and it was good. He got up to the top, and sat, and I asked him in. He generally only sits when he is tired, or unsure, so going from lots of it to only once, well, that's an improvement!

I am so pleased that Danny's brain is engaging now. Phew. I think he may just make it.

Lucy wouldn't eat her food last night, so I gave her some of that refrigerated "Fresh Pets" food, and she ate that with gusto. She also ate her breakfast this morning, so that's all good. Let's pray things continue to improve.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Went to bed early (as usual) last night. Victoria Stillwell's program "It's me or the dog" was interesting. She was working with an out of control Shepherd mix named "Sammy". She almost got bitten, because she wasn't told he was possessive over certain objects, one of them being a bone she was tempting him with. She was a wee bit angry that the owner never told her about this, as I would have been!

It's very chilly this morning, which I will take. Going up to the farm, then my parents, and then to work sheep later today. I need to zip tie the fencing to the gate that I have, so I can cut off the excess edges, and see how everything is faring. Then, I head up to see my mom for mother's day, and then sheep work.

Lucy has started her antibiotics. She ate her breakfast this morning, albeit a bit slower than normal. Danny is being a nudge, as usual. I will work his butt off today. As soon as I get the field cleared a bit, I can go ahead and work him at the farm, but for now, no way- the sheep just get away too much.

Planning on getting some more sheep later this month as well. That will help eat everything down.

Well, that's all for now.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dog tired

Awoke this morning to thunderstorms. I couldn't get up, I was just so dog-tired. Wonder where that expression came from? Hmmm. Well, anyway, I remain so. I have to work today, and then the apple blossom festival, which, with this weather won't be great. But, what can you do? Those festival weather committees never seem to hold up their end of the bargain!

Lucy would not eat this morning. An interesting thing, is that my old kitty Ginger is a lot more mobile lately, and all Lucy wants to do is focus on the cat. So, I had to get her to leave the cat staring/working, and call her to eat. She ran in her crate and popped right out. She did eat the cat treats I give her and the two cats before I leave, but no food.

Lucy can't afford to lose a lot of weight. Today I pick up the antibiotics. I hope we see a change. She will get her dental on Weds, as even though I can't afford it, I think maybe she has real problems in her mouth causing this, at least it will be ruled out....

Well, that's all I have for now.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I can't believe it.

The guy showed up, right on time and he was a GREAT worker. He's an un-employed electrician. He was born in Ireland, just a neat little detail on him. He worked very hard, and I did not have to supervise. Can you believe that? He got all the barbed wire installed, but did not have enough to quite finish, so my job will be to search for un-used barbed wire on the farm, and use it :) He also helped me put up the fence chute, the outside, to the barn, so now, if the sheep get out of the pasture, they can head RIGHT for the barn....

Which leads me to what ELSE I did... I cleaned out the barn. Made a garbage pile, consolidated wood, and swept the garbage/soil/detritus up into piles. I made it down to the cement. This will be great for the sheep (all ages).

It was a very productive day, and I feel like I can actually sleep now.

On the Lucy front, her blood work came back normal, but the vet still suspects a tick borne disease, so we are going to start treating her tomorrow. She has a hard time chewing her food- only opens her jaw so far. Won't eat her small morning biscuit. She still plays but wears out fast. And, of course at the vet yesterday, she fell asleep in the exam room (VERY out of character).

Tomorrow I have to work, and then hit the apple blossom festival. Our church serves the BEST bratwurst, and potato salad. After that, I will try and get the lawn mowed, if the rain holds off.

Sunday I may work the dogs. Next week the chain saw guy comes out and we get down to business!

My left arm aches from getting back into the swing of working and my mid-back hurts from that lifting I stupidly did yesterday.

Going to sign off now, gotta watch my Golden Girls :)

Fence (again), Lucy

After work yesterday, I had an appointment with Lucy at the vet, and I also wanted to get *something* done at the farm. I got there, and immediately started on the barbed wire. Yuck. The spool of it is SO heavy, that I strained my wrist, and my mid back muscles heaving it a few feet at a time. I had good thick gloves on, but still, it's not fun to work with. I have to get some crimpers because I cut it a bit short from the next wooden post (figures).

I have a guy (supposedly) coming today to put it in, and also pound in posts for the chute and get the fence up, but we shall see if he actually shows up, some how, I doubt it. Whatever, I can do it myself, if I must.

I then went to the vet with Lucy. Vet doesn't believe it is her teeth that is bothering her, rather, that something else, maybe tick borne. She tested her for Anaplasmosis/Lyme, but that came back negative. She also drew blood for her pre-dental check, so maybe that will enlighten us. Whatever it is, she sure is hesitant to eat her food. She does it very gingerly. She also fell asleep in the exam room at the vet's yesterday, which is not like her.

This morning she ate her food, only after trying to figure out how to, if you know what I mean. I just don't know. Blood work will be back today, so I will call and see.

Well, that's all for now.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, the guy who was supposed to work for me this week canceled, due to a death in the family. I completely understand him canceling (at least he CANCELED), but I really want to get the chute done, the barbed wire up and the trees cut. Basically just two days work. But, on the other hand, I am out of money.... I should know better than to think that we would get this stuff done in one short period of time, by hiring folks off of craigslist! I am trying to get the other guy who did some chain sawing to come out, but he was supposed to call me this week and hasn't. For a time when the economy is so bad, it surely doesn't feel like people want to work much.

Lucy's teeth are giving her problems. I always knew it was a matter of time before at least one molar had to be pulled. Lately she won't eat her biscuits, and this morning she would not eat her breakfast, which is completely not like her. I have an appointment next week for her to have her teeth done, and to be spayed. This will probably prevent her from running in the trials I have entered, so I will have to pull from them. I have decided that a) I will never get another Lucy, and b) I do not want to have to deal with puppies in my teeny tiny house.

This morning a rabbit was LUCKY enough to escape the dogs when I let them out, and that was probably only because Lucy wasn't out yet- she's the bunny chaser extraordinaire!

It was a nice afternoon yesterday, so the dogs got to play a bit. Danny gets hot so fast, that I make him chill out (literally, as he goes in the stock tank). Border Collies just don't generally handle heat anywhere near as well as Kelpies.

So, I guess after work today, I will attempt to get the fence posts pounded in, and some of the barbed wire installed. It will not be easy. I really want the chute in, because it will lead to the barn, and if the ladies get out again, then they can only get to the barn, which apparently, is the only place they want to go anyway! Spoiled they are!

So, that's about it, for now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Danny boy

Mid week update

Middle of the week, and things are going pretty well. Let's see... I worked Lucy and Danny again, and Lucy did pretty well, but she was having trouble with these sheep and driving, so instead of yammering at her, I put her on a line, and went with her. That really did the trick. She just needed a little help :)

Danny is doing well. We have been working on outruns, and his right is very good, but we have to do lots of left sides to open him up a bit. He's tight on that side.

I also have to work on him lifting sheep, because we had to spend so much time getting him to not bust INTO sheep, now when he is deep on his outrun, and comes in on his lift he's a little wishy washy about exactly what to do. I have no doubt he will get it with more practice, as he did a few pretty well, but Danny is Danny, and we go at his pace :) Danny gets hot pretty fast when working, not clinically over-heated, but hot from all that brain work, so we take breaks pretty often. He runs out so fast on his outrun, and he is a little guy :)

The other day, the sheep got out. What a pain. I was going to take ONE day off and not go out there, as my brother was around. I get a call saying that they are out. I hop in the car with Lucy and head out there lickety split.

When we got there, I was told they were behind the barn. I walk to the barn, and look who is IN the barn? The sheep. Yes. Standing there. They minute they saw/heard me, they walked out of the barn, trotted down the hill, through the gate and back into the pasture, while Lucy and I stood there looking rather dumb. Do I have trained sheep or what? LOL!

Later this week I have a guy coming to help finish up the work (make the chute to the barn, and other things), and then I can honestly take a small break. It's been extremely tiring.

I have been thinking about the trials, and I am sort of dreading them. I am not sure Lucy will do well... But, it's been a while, we shall see.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy, just busy

Lots to report, I guess, if you're interested! I worked the dogs this weekend. Danny had a bit of an epiphany. He gathered off a person, and his away side is spectacular, but his come by side is still a work in progress, but I've not doubt we will get there. We worked him a bit long so on the last come by, he got behind the sheep and sat ;) I have been alternatively stopping him at the top and just letting him be, because he seems to have no real need to get more focused, or I don't know. I think I over did it though, so the next time we work, I will just let him be and only steady him if he's bumping them. Always second guessing myself with him.

Lucy did well, but you know, she is slower than normal. Still working on opening up her outruns. She gets the correction I use, so it's not too bad.

Okay, so that's done. On Saturday after work, I rushed to the farm to meet the guy I hired to put up the barbed wire fence. He NEVER showed/called. What a LOSER. That was a giant waste of time. The roll of barbed wire is just too heavy for me to move. On the way home I stopped by the rental place and reserved a brush hog (walk behind). It ended up getting delivered late Sat afternoon. I had already gone home, so I went back to the farm to "get my hands dirty" with it.

It worked very well, but even though it's self propelled, it has no steering, which is exhausting. I only got about an hour in, before I had to stop.

Sunday I got to the farm at 7:00 am, so I could get as much possible before the heat hit. Well, I ended up having to take a break every hour, because my arms were screaming and I was just weak and HOT. It was 94 degrees in the shade. I got as much as I could before I simply had to quit. I drank so much liquid, I am surprised I didn't pop a leak!

I finally stopped, and I went home and mowed the lawn, and put various yard tools away.

I then made a nice dinner, and now I am watching "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" which I rather enjoy.

Plan is to get in bed early, read my book and SLEEP!

Pray For You-Jaron And the Long Road to love w/lyrics