Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Work to do, ain't it cool?

Finally, I have gotten my stuff together, and moved forward with the fencing for the sheep. Will start on it today/tomorrow. First job is to remove the fence posts we have that are in the ground from a previous (unused) fence job, and then start getting them lined up, and determine where the corners will be. We will need wood for bracing/corners, and since there is LOTS of old timber around, it will not be hard to come by that. It feels good to be moving forward. Something usually tells me "I can't", but no, I know I can.

So, that will probably be the better part of a week. Plan is to have all this done in a couple of weeks and get the sheep moved in. It's a very nice setting for them, I hope they like it.

I also want to build a small pen to work Danny in. That means some of the sheep have to be knee knockers. That's okay- good to start sane.

I have to mow the lawn at today as well. It has finally dried out in the lower section, so the whole thing can be done (darn).

My life has been changed by Danny. Never before have I felt compelled to go out and throw a ball for a dog in the morning. But, my guilt has gotten the better of me, so out we go, after all the other dogs are in. I am so NOT a morning person, but if it makes Danny feel useful, so be it. That's what it is- he isn't bored so much as he just wants to work with me.

Kelpies in my experience are different. They do what I do, and are happy. Lucy loves to play, but if I chose not to, then so be it. Danny is always hoping to play- always. I start and end the games, but he's always hopeful.

He's going through a rough stage now, digging, being a brat, you name it. It will be good when August rolls up and we can do more serious sheep training. He needs work.

Well, that's it for now, I am about to be REAL busy.

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