Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Work, rock walls

I worked Joe yesterday... Well, sort of.  I only have the crazy lambs to work.  Only four, as the ram lamb, who looks 99.9% recovered from his lameness, I did not want to work to give him more time to be 100%.  So, I sent Dan to get the flock, and lay him down so I could get to the barn door sooner than he, but Dan did not feel he should stay laying down and pushed them all in.  Then I had to send him in to get them out and then of course, get them back- and he was way too tight causing them to slip, to get away.  I was annoyed.  This is not how we handle sheep, and Dan should know better... But, anyway, I got them in the barn, and all into the smaller room and pulled out the lambs to work. 

Joe was good, pushy, but good.  We need heavier sheep to learn to drive on.  He doesn't really have to push these lambs at all (that is an understatement).  Then, they made a break and made it to the smaller paddock and up on the rock wall near the barn, which is dangerous, and I am afraid someone will get injured if they jump down.  I tied up Joe and got the lambs out of there, and then got some temporary fencing together to block that.  This weekend I will fence off that area 100%.   

Supposed to get hay tomorrow, but may hold off- we are getting a lot of rain tonight which will make the driveway a mud pit.  May wait until Sat. 

Well, that's all she wrote for now!

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