Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good she was fighting

Yesterday, the footing was terrible (again) at the farm.  Our walking track is slick and it's not easy going for me, the flat foot.  The dogs seem to be better with it.  I am getting sore insteps from walking in the muck boots- I want GROUND!!!!  Nothing unusual yesterday.  I did hit the market and got a sirloin steak (big enough for two meals) and some GIANT Russet potatoes.  I mean BIG, as in grown near Chernobyl big...  The grocery lady said with left overs I could probably make home fries!

I was pretty useless last night.  Tired as all get out.  Had pb/j on Ritz crackers for dinner and read my Sheila Connolly mystery- another good one titled "Bitter Harvest".

This morning I got up and cleaned.  I find if I don't clean first thing, then it does not get done.  So, bathroom done 100% and also dusted the bedroom.  Still three other rooms to do, but good start.  Feels good to have things cleaner.  Then, for breakfast, was not really into pancakes, as I did not feel like making them, but the animals were already queuing up...  Okay, so did that.

Spoke to my helper Charlie yesterday.  He's got foot rot in his goats- I helped him previously, but it went on to full blown foot rot, and now he's got a doe with Listeria.   He called me last night to help him get some oatmeal into her- I suggested using a turkey baster, instead of a spoon that he had used, but when I called later, he said she fought too much.  I told him it was good she was fighting, and to leave the oatmeal out there for her.  

Today there is nothing on the agenda, other than maybe more cleaning and chores.  I sure wish I could work the dogs.  Too treacherous.  By the time I can, I will have to separate out the pregnant ones, as they will be too big/unwieldy to work.  Ho hum.

Well, that's all I have for now.

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