Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Into every life............

Twas a nice New Years' day.  Nothing out of the ordinary, except for stopping at my parent's house to help my nephew with his college applications.   Lots and lots of requirements these days; especially writing assignments.  A lot more work than when I applied!

I see that last night the House approved the Senate bill dealing with the "Fiscal Cliff".  But, we will all have less money in our paychecks anyhow, as the Social Security cost to us has gone up.  We need to REPORT those who are collecting disability for themselves and therefore, for their kids, when in fact they DO work.  I have no issue with people collecting when they are legitimately disabled, but I see very very many people with far less health issues than most, who do a lot more taxing physical work, but collect...  That's what bothers me.  I guess soon enough we will see what our paychecks are reduced by. 

I have stopped using credit cards.   I just can't use them responsibly, and I need to get rid of that huge debt, or I will never have my own place- never.  I put myself in this mess, I need to get myself out!  So, for orders I make, it will have to be planned ahead and a check sent.  This is a do or die now, because I am in it deep.  The sheep life has cost me, and I knew it would; I call it start up funds, so I need to deal with this.  Being single can really suck sometimes.  But, I am not looking at blaming anything but my own stupidity, and I will get out of this.  If I can stop adding to the credit card debt and keep paying what I do, I will be out of it (maybe when I am 60, but...)

Dogs are good.  I am good- this walking has been excellent for my butt and legs- both areas that need a fair amount of work.  I thought I might try working Joe yesterday, but no dice- still too much snow.  Both he and Dan seem happy just taking our walks.  For now, that will have to do.

Today it's very cold, it was 7 degrees F when I checked.  That's really cold... I noticed that the sheep are spending a fair amount of time in the barn, which means more work for me.  I tried to shut the barn door to keep them out, but too much snow.  Now that I see how cold it was last night, I guess that's a good thing.  

It's back to normal at work now, and lots going on there, in terms of projects and construction, neither are things I want to deal with... But, I guess into every life a little change must fall.

Well, better get to it.

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