Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So Cold

Today was a funky day.  I had a busy day at work, then got to the farm and fed the sheep.  They were all laying down when I got there, and Laverne (the dark brown ewe) was slow to get up, but after watching her a bit, I think she was just comfy, as she ate just like the rest.  It was so cold that I did not even walk the dogs.  They say it's 8 degrees F with the wind chill.  That is just too cold.  So, fed everyone, and OF COURSE I needed to add water to the trough.  Now, it was over 3/4 full, but I never like to let it get down much for fear of losing power, or frozen lines... So, I filled it, and plugged in the heat tape for that hydrant as I bet tonight it will freeze.  Got that done and thankfully I was smart and left my car running so I could be warm right away.  Home now, and just beat.  Harried at work.  Harried with sheep.  Cold.

I don't mind cold weather that much, but it seems as I age, I mind it more and more... Getting wimpy in my old age I guess.  The sheep seem totally non-plussed with this weather, which is good.  I have to get some of the windows covered with either clear plastic, or plexi glass (in the barn) as several panes are missing making it drafty in there.  I will probably just do clear plastic bags, provided I can get them nailed up there to stay (probably use roofing nails).  Should be good for lambing then... Will have to play it by ear as to where to leave the pregnant ewes when lambing starts... If it's horridly cold out I won't leave them outside.  But, I would prefer they have access to the small paddock as it's more comfortable for them to move around when in labor.

Well, that's it for now.

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