Sunday, January 13, 2013

Read, eat, blog

Well, weekend's just about over.  A little excitement this morning when I heard back from the person that wanted to buy Lucy.  He had a right fit.  I apologized, but still another email came back.   I understand him being upset, but crimeny.  Well, what's done is done.

Today, on our walk, it was the toughest yet.  More ground is appearing, however, the snow is very slushy and slippery, and it was exhausting to walk on it.  I slipped several times.  I think one more day of warm weather, which we are due to get, and the snow will be all but gone.  And then the mud... It's already appearing.  Supposed to cool off by the end of Tuesday, so let's hope it does.  Sheep have been availing themselves of the barn, so sometime this week, another clean out.  In regard to hay, I will have to get more by the end of the month, that is for sure.  I want to use all I have now, and then get it.  I hate hay stacked very high- as I hate getting up to the top to get it.  As we age, we know that bones that are broken just don't heal as well...

I have been idling today, and my brother in law stopped over to clean my furnace which is great.  I had left over steak and am now just relaxing.  Finished my book- that was her best one yet.  I recommend it highly!
She has another series on museum based mysteries, and I picked up a couple of those, so will start today. This is truly a January day!  Read, eat, blog!

Well, that's it for now, hope everyone is well.

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