Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shots, barn

Stopped and picked up a couple bales of straw, and will get the rest of the hay and straw I need on Thursday.  Thankfully, my hay supplier will be delivering it to me straight of the trailer and two guys will do the unloading... This is WONDERFUL. I vaccinated everyone today.  Went well, save for the blackest ewe who was a real fighter.  Exhausted me to where I had to stop.  For whatever reason for like four years now, when my heart gets going, it feels like it's rubbing against my chest, and I get tight in the chest and have to just stop.  All the sheep are in good shape and turning them was not always easy.  But, I got it done.  Then, it was time to clean the barn.  I actually considered not doing it, but decided just to get it done!  I figure exercise will not kill me.

 The photo above shows the cleaned out room, and bedding thrown to perimeter.  The blue container holds Lime.
 Here I have put down Lime and then re-distributed the straw from the perimeter.
 Here I am fixing to remove the bale wire with the pitch fork
 Here is the finished product.

Here the girls come and check out their re-freshed digs...

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