Sunday, January 27, 2013

Static Cling?

So, I get to the farm yesterday and I see the ram lamb is limping on his front leg.. Hmmm.  So, I grab my hoof trimmers, and sent Danny to gather them.  He's a nutty little guy, but we finally got him- a quick grab on the run by.. He's in fine fettle weight wise..  I could find nothing wrong- check the glands on his feet, both feet, felt for heat in his wrists, knees, elbows... I have no idea... He may have just stepped wrong, don't know.  I was considering working Joe yesterday (not using him obviously) but it was just too cold.  Again.

As I was checking the ewes, one ewe's vulva looks a bit looser than others..  Now, I could be hallucinating this.  I am sure there is variation in each ewe.  But, when I got home I decided to check my records to see when the first one was marked.  I was wrong in believing the 27 of Sept.  She was marked by the 15 of September, so this means she needs her vaccination asap.  There are two that were marked by Sept 27, and the rest were marked before the 20th of October... So, this means quite a spread on my lambing... Oh joy.  But, that's sort of how it works... you can't instruct the ram to do his thing on your schedule... unless you do things like CIDR inserts, which will synchronize ewe estrus...  Any way... So, today, my usually light, save for cleaning the barn Sunday, will be busy.

We are forecast to have rain through Thursday, so really need that barn cleaned and refreshed today.  Will vaccinate everyone, and trim wool (crutch) the ewes that need it- and I will bring a note pad to note who is where in terms of bag appearance- I really want to see the Border Leicester/Romney cross ewes, they are so woolly, it's any body's guess right now where they are....  Then, I want to get my jugs ready, set them up and get the straw in them as well.   That should be it... I hope... That's more than enough.  I asked on FB if anyone could help, and no one offered- well, people 6 hours away said they would, but my closer friends were rather silent... Oh well... I will get it done.  Just know, that I have helped these people many many many times... No good deed goes un-punished ;)  But, that said, I would rather do this alone, than rope someone in who does not want to do it.

I plan to get the hay on Friday.  By then, my stack will be just  few days worth of hay, and I can re-arrange to get the new hay stacked.

Did not sleep much at all last night.  Lots of good TV, and just was antsy about all I had to do today.

Just finished my breakfast.  I am getting very good at making breakfast foods... I have also found that my appetite has decreased.  I generally only eat one egg, and the dogs get the other. I have definitely lost weight; not a lot, but I look smaller, and the fat is now more of a fat ring around me, instead of me a big blob... I would seriously like to know how I gained that weight to start from.. I wonder if it's static cling? ;)

Thanks for the well wishes for me not feeling well.  I will be good when spring is here!!!!!!!!!!

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