Friday, January 11, 2013

Costs and compensations....

So, apparently my belief in having gained weight was mis-guided.  Just a temporary case of colic, as it were...  Phew.  Though, I did get some protein bars, I can eat them as snacks, or breakfast if I desire.

Brought all the sheep in yesterday to body score them.  Dan was so happy to be doing something.  Still too much snow to work them, IF you can believe it.  It's not the depth so much as the fact that it's hard on top and the sheep crunch through.  No fun for me to walk on, or the dogs.  Anyway, got the girls into the barn.  Now, the door way to the inner sanctum, as it were- where I put jugs, is a regular sized (human) pass-door.  Sheep seem to like to go three abreast and get stuck, which they did yesterday.  I keep Dan well out of the barn, but sheep, when they commit to going forward, THEY COMMIT, so, anyway, I eventually got them in the side room, where I can get them in a tighter group and I checked all- especially the runty lamb and a ewe who looked lean from afar.  All scored at three or three +.  So, we're good.   We are due to get rain today/tonight, so they have the barn access again.  I fear it will become a giant mess soon.  Hopefully the cold air will return after the snow is gone... Not too early so we get ice.

Last night I was awoken twice in the middle of the night by work; there were issues with facilities operations, and I had to be kept abreast of the situation.  Needless to say, I barely slept a wink last night.  My friend invited me to work dogs, but no way I can drive two hours one way today.  Plus, it's money I can't afford to spent at this point.  I have to stay on track.  Sure would be nice to have someone to bounce things off of, but alas, being single has it's costs and compensations.

I think I will make a steak this weekend- haven't had one in ages, and feel the need for protein.  Besides that, I HAVE to dust/vacuum the house.  Goodness.  I did brush everyone out yesterday with the Furminator- that thing is amazing.  Nikke is sore on her neck where Lucy went at her last weekend.  Lucy leaves on Monday for a long trek out to her new home.  I am going to get her a tag with my phone number on it.  She's micro-chipped as well.  I pray all this works out.  I know living on a farm will be a dream come true for her.

Well, that's about it for now.  So glad the weekend is here.

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