Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hoping it doesn't come to fruition

Yesterday was not a red letter day for me.  I again did not sleep well the night before, and at work I was tired.  I had some lovely potato soup for lunch (am back on my healthy food schedule), but I did also have a hot dog like item as I thought maybe this tiredness was due to not enough protein.  After work, I did the usual, which is starting to feel a bit boring...

The sheep did not finish all their hay the day before, so they get a bit less yesterday, but as in all things animals, I second guess that, as the girls are all now in the last third of pregnancy and this is when they will need the most nutrition and I don't want problems with Toxemia.  For some reason, this year, I am most worried about it...  They are up to 6 lbs of grain amongst all of them, and I will be gradually raising that to about 7.5-9 lbs which will get everyone to at least 1/2 lb.  The smartest thing would have been to scan (ultra sound) the ewes and see who is really pregnant, and though I would grain everyone, I would give a bit extra to the ewes (depending on body score) that needed a bit more.  I still have to get the CD& T and will just order it from the company I always have, and also buy a decent halter, and then that's it, except for maybe a few other things.

I brought Lucy with us to the farm yesterday, and she had a nice run with the dogs.  I worked her too a bit, and considering she has not worked very much at all, she did well.  I may have a home for her, just have to organize her getting there.  This has been hard on me, and may well be why I am not sleeping well, but really, this dog deserves more than what she is getting at my house.  That said, I am still very picky about where she will go...

Ginger seems to be past the most recent episode of stomach issues, and is on the pro-biotics.  This is good. 

I am getting a cold, it has been peeking around the corner at me since last week.  I hope it doesn't come to fruition, because being that I never get sick, I don't do well with handling illness!

Well, I hope everyone is having a good week.

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Elaine P said...

Feel better, my friend. You work hard....take care of you, too!