Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quiet day

Yesterday after work I had a ton of errands to run.  I always combine all that running, as it saves gas, and it saves me the bother later.  When I finally got to the farm, the sheep were milling/laying down.  They seemed great.  I didn't work Joe because it was just slick enough to be not good.

Got home, and made a steak for dinner and then retreated to bed to do some reading.  Did not sleep well at all last night. Ginger was meowing in my ear almost all night, who knows why???  Anyway, I think I am cursed to never sleep a whole night again!

I made eggs for breakfast today.  Turned out better than I can get out, so that's another thing I can cook well, and thusly, save myself some money :)  I am doing some laundry and then will vacuum.  It is majorly needed.

Then, will do the usual.  May or may not work Joe.  It all depends on the footing.  Quiet day, which I really like.  Boring, I know, but good for me.

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