Sunday, January 6, 2013

No more advice, please

Okay, this, I just have to write about. Cold Antler farm proprietor has for some time now become very similar to Jon Katz.  If you don't know who he is, google.  Trust me, he is ALL over the place.  CAF owner believes that he is the bees knees, and tries to emulate him as much as possible.  Recently JK bought an old farm that came with a 30 something blind pony, and JK decided to just put his Donkeys and sheep out with the old pony.  Of course he was attacked (the Pony).  In a matter of days, Rocky all of a sudden got very old and feeble (he had been doing great until then) and they decided to put him down- they were not interested in adding fence, or doing anything that would crimp their style, so off with your head Rocky.

CAF has killed so animals- the lamb by letting her pony chase it, the ewe's new lambs by forgetting that she abandons her own, the chicks who she let her dogs get into, the fowl outside by Fox because she doesn't feel like locking them up at night- the other Fowl who freeze to death because when she does lock them in in the winter, they get out through gaping holes in the barn.   The BC that bit her father and friends- mercifully, that one got off the farm before it too was dead.  The Maine Coon cat she loved so much but dropped dead.  The female Maine Coon who went outside to live, but is now gone too.  The other kitten that disappeared.  The adult sheep that have died.  I wonder why she is getting advice?  Maybe we are tired of seeing the body count grow. She is not interested in being told anything, she already knows how to kill animals all by herself; hubris is rather spectacular.

I have up trying to give her advice- she blocked me on facebook and so has JK.  Only positive comments are allowed on CAF blog, and there are much fewer comments since she instituted that new rule- this must mean that there are loads of um "advice" comments.

Those two should hook up.  That way, they can have only one blog and much fewer electrons have to be used presenting their ego-maniacal drivel.


Elaine P said...

Those two take "SMH" to a whole new level.

These two use and exploit animals for their own financial benefit. The demise that Rocky saw was sinful. Not entirely surprising though, as this is the norm and M.O. of Mr. Self-Appointed Expert, aka "when an animal gets to be too much, let me just get rid of it." Mrs. Self-Appointed Expert seems to have developed into his cosmic twin; an immature one at that...."whaaaaa, don't tell me what to do!!! I know it all!!" BOTH of them seek, ask for, and solicit advice via their blogs and FB; trust and believe though, it's all for boosting a fan base, nothing more. Her own sister had quite the comeback and answer for her on FB....bravo!

I've noticed the same about her blog....numbers have dwindled. One gets back what they put out in this life. I think he's getting his karma via the fact that his first farm still sits, and sits, and sits with no takers.

I'm glad you addressed this on your blog and allow us to engage in dialogue with you. Hope all is well in your corner of the world...hoping the New Year brings much peace and blessings to you!

Kelpie and Collie said...

No problem, I think there are a lot of like minded people out there, who are frustrated with being taken by these persons... And, now we hear that no one got their wool- paid for a year in advance.... She messed up the order of the initials when she called it a CSA, she really meant to call it... SCAM.... And, those wool share buyers have paid for her horse, and other frivolities.

Elaine P said...

Agreed. Have you seen today's post? She's asking for "help" "advice" "input" for a title for her book.