Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Sheep....

This morning was similar to most... Awake some times before 5:00 and try to stay in bed until at least 5:00.  Boy kitty was loud- did not help.  Got up at 5 on the dot.  Then I watched Big Cat diary, and then It's me or the dogs...  Then, time for breakfast.  Pancakes were super good this morning.

Got some coffee to go and headed to Home Depot, the bank and then I stopped to get some more straw.  Turns out the straw I got last time was Rye, which accounted for it's crumbliness.  This time I got wheat.  Much better.  Then to the farm.  Walked Joe and Dan, and then fed the sheep.  I bought a gutter for feeding the sheep (grain) and it worked eh- it needs to be anchored.  The irritational thing was that I put some patio blocks on my sled to bring down to where the gutter was, and I just let he sled go... and go it did.... all the way down all the hills- and smashed into the fence.  Broke the front (where the pull string is).  I untied the string and put it at the back in the holes that where there... Anyway, then it was time to clean the barn.  It wasn't too bad, but  took me a bit.  Spread out the new straw, and then I was knackered. I was just beat.  But, I knew Joe would want his second lap, so I dutifully fulfilled that wish.  After THAT I was beat... Stopped by the market on the way home.  Made an early dinner of hamburgers and potato skins with cheese and bacon bits, and a piece of coconut custard pie for desert.  Now I am watching Pit Boss and am about to nap... I am really beat.  I just hope my butt and thighs are responding to this work!!! Though, seeing what I ate... it's doubtful!

Tonight new Pit Boss, Pit Boss, and Dr Pol on TV.  I shall try really hard to stay up to watch it all.

Well, that was my day.  Oh, cuteness- the sheep are feeling very frisky and after they finished their grain, they stotted on the way up to their hay.  Happy sheep makes me happy shepherd :)

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