Friday, January 18, 2013

Just so he can get a front seat....

Another day, another trip/fall.  Using a sled to bring hay out to the sheep has it's issues. The pull string lends itself well to catching your foot as you walk by with full arms.   I don't think I will forget again though... Thankfully the ground is not hard and frozen when I have fallen.

 The day before yesterday, on the way home I picked up sheep feed, because I doubted I would have enough for yesterday.  But, when I went to weigh all I had left, I had EXACTLY the right amount left.  WHEN does that ever happen? 

I have started to feed the grain ON the hay piles as so far, two sheep have choked when eating their grain.  I did all I could; keeping the grain flat on the pans, lots of pans, you name it.  But, apparently, it either tastes REALLY good, or they are just piggies.  So, now they have to work for it. 

I worked Joe for about five minutes yesterday.  He hadn't been on sheep in about a month, and I felt like he really needed something to do.  He was good.  Acted his age, but never crazy or thoughtless.  He's so serious. He's like a kid who gets to class early, just so he can get a front seat....

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