Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ha!!! I bet you thought I was going to do a post-mortem on another person's interview in a new online magazine...  Well although that may come, I find it rather humorous that I was interviewed as well recently, only in a peer reviewed journal in my field. 

I have been doing the same sort of work for twenty five years, and I suppose the time had come for a little recognition?  Who knows.  In this world, people get recognized for all the wrong things (see aforementioned allusion to other person's interview). 

Anyway, this little interview consists of me being asked questions, and answering them honestly.  I was happy how the interview turned out.  I am proud that my work has helped to save lives, and that animals are better for their interaction with me.

Following is the last paragraph of my interview, and quite possibly, words that could be my epitaph:

".... It's a bit like farming or ranching, the animals come first.  This means that 365 days a year, no matter how ill you feel, or tired you may be, the animals come first.  They cannot clean or feed themselves; we must do it for them. I sleep well at night when I know that all of the animals have been fed, cleaned and cared for with respect."

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