Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It was bad weather yesterday when I got to the farm.  It was snowing on the way, and then it turned into sleet.  I walked the dogs, as they have no worry about bad weather.  The sheep were absolutely unfazed by the weather as well.  They were covered in white, and were grazing around the field.

After they were fed, I checked everyone, the ram lamb who was limping is 95% better, just a slight hitch in his gitalong.  I am thinking he may have bruised his foot. 

After filling the water trough (they go through a LOT of water), I saw that the sheep did not even go in the barn.  How nice!  Keeping it clean just for me!

When I got home I was very sore.  That was a fair bit of exertion for these out of shape muscles... that barn cleaning.  I ended up falling asleep really early, and then of course, was up until after midnight because of it.  Had some weird dreams... I never had so much trouble sleeping.  People tell me as you age, especially if you are a woman, your sleep is just not great....  Oh, one reason I may not have slept late, is no dinner.  Too tired to make it. 

Well, that's all she wrote for today!

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