Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If you ever wondered....

If in fact, the two aforementioned humans were actually Yin and Yang to each other... Take a look at today's blog posts...  Just so you don't forget why you are to give money to the poor (who own two houses/farms, and who are un-employed).

Thankfully, I have gotten to a point in life, where animals are not concerned, that I can laugh at these two.  Seriously.  And, I think my laughter is shared by many who visit said URLs.   I can't blame people for needing money.  Goodness knows, I need some too- oil and hay to purchase, which is starting me at the face, and what I wake up to each morning....  Sometimes, I hear people tell me I should put a contribute button on my blog... But, you know what?  If I have to beg for money to pay basic bills, or, as some would have you believe, for a blog (which, by the way, blogger is free), um, then, I need to do something wherein I cut back my bills or up my income, legitimately..  Pledge drive?  Seriously?  Really?  Like PBS?  My kind of pledge drive is selling something I own, or eating more PB/J for dinner.  My contributions are when someone opens a door for me at Dunkin Donuts, or maybe gives me an extra helping of desert...   Things are tight everywhere.  Grain for the animals is not cheap, I pay twice what others do for hay, and on top of that, taxes are increasing every year.  It's tight.  Yep, that I know.  But, please, do not get sucked into donating to either of these causes, because they do not write for US, they write because they like to write- they are writers, after all, and without people jumping to donate, they may actually have to get a REAL JOB like the rest of us.  Imagine that.



Debbie said...

Looks like more CAF animals will die this winter. I had to quit reading it for my own sanity.

Elaine P said...

I think both of them have pushed the envelope. She certainly doesn't get the commentary she used to. Heavens, does it ever stop? Sugar-coat it anyway they want....donations, contributions,support,now it's "pledges."

Both are pathetic.

On a real and important note - Congratulations on your interview, Julie! How exciting! Thanks for always sharing your days with us with honesty and integrity.