Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keep on keepin' on

As it turns out, I was able to walk the dogs yesterday.  It wasn't too cold, at least it didn't feel that way.  The thermometer read 18 degrees F.  So, Joe and Dan got a good run and sheep chores were done and popped into the car to warm up fast... Stopped at my parents' house on the way home and ate some German cookies... mmmm.  When I got home, that's when I started to feel cold.  I ended up shivering, and had to take a hot shower.  I had some scrambled eggs for dinner and watched some TV.  I was tired...  I woke up about 8:00, and had low blood sugar and had to have something, so pb/j on Ritz crackers was it.

I slept through the night last night.  This is big!  I have not been sleeping well.  I think the usual animal movements were stymied by it being so cold out... So very very cold.  Neither the cat, nor Lucy was interested in going outside.  In fact, when I let everyone out this morning, they ALL came to the back door at the same time... that never happens.....  It was 5 degrees, so, I guess they are not that into those temps ;)  The cat took one step out and turned around.

Today, like every other day, nothing new to report.  I thought I may work Joe, but they say with wind chill it will be worse than yesterday, so I will have to think about that when I get there.  Got the CD&T for the sheep yesterday.  Vaccinations will happen around the first of Feb.  I will also crutch the Border Leicester girls too.

Well, that's it for now.  I hope those of you who are suffering through this cold are okay....

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