Monday, October 29, 2012

Straw, work, hang time

Yesterday, got up to the farm about 2:00 or 3:00.  It was still nice out, no wind, no rain, so I took the dogs for a walk and then worked Dan and Joe.  With Dan we just did a bit of the usual stuff, and then I brought the three girls to the fence to work on shedding.  Basically, it's me working on it, so I can set it up right for him.  I figure this is a 50/50 partnership, so if this is not his forte, let me at least make it so he will be successful.  I was able to get two ewes to go one way, and the third to go the other and call him in and have him push her away.  We will keep doing this push away, until he gets that it is very good to do this. 

Joe was very good.  He's getting driving- I know I said I didn't want to, but he offers it, so I went with it.  At one point I was able to tap my leg and have him come to me having the beginnings of an inside flank.  Good God.  I think I need to slow down, he's learning way to fast for me.   I want to go look at videos of other dogs at this age, to see if other dogs are like this.  I don't want to rush him.  Oh, and at one point he took off early without me sending him and I was able to stop him.  Yes, stop him mid gallop.  I keep wondering if maybe there is a shoe to drop some where....

After that, I set up the barn so the sheep could go into the big room, and got some new straw in there.  I don't think they will want to go in there, but maybe.  Then I gave out some hay, and filled up their water, and headed to my parents' house. I hung out there and watched a PBS show I forget the name, but during the Edwardian era- it was very good.  Then I watched football.  Then we had a wonderful dinner, and then, finally home.  I was beat.

The wind has kicked up here, and no rain yet, let's see what happens....

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