Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rammy Ram and Campers

So, I went to a camper dealer yesterday.  I looked at a new 14 ft camper, very nice but small.  I talked numbers with them, but they were not really budging, except, that they would install the tow package on my Jeep free...

I went home and thought about it.  Then I called my older, wiser sister.  She told me she thought I should have gotten a camper a long time ago, and that it was a very good idea, given how much I travel with the dogs....  So, we talked a lot about what I really wanted.  I really want a bed, not one that  has to be "made" every day, and a decent bathroom, and last but really not at all least, something that is light, thus easier to tow/stop with.  So, I charged my sister with finding me a camper... We shall see what happens.

I had one person comment on FB that they just use friends and do hotels, why get a camper?  Well, I must not have as many friends as she does, because I have never had someone offer to have me stay at their place, and you know what?  At some point EVERYONE wears out their welcome.  I don't like to do that, and this way, I am autonomous, and not using other people.  Once in a while it's okay to ask friends, but not year after year...  That's how I feel anyway.  So, hopefully I find something I like.  I may not, who knows, but at least now I have a starting point.

Worked Joe yesterday, did some fence line work, and got some advice from a FB friend on what to and not to do.  He likes Joe a lot, and I trust his advice...  Joe is just one very cool dog.  Oh, and before I worked Joe, I had to bring in the sheep and keep the Romney girls out for use by Joe.  Well,  the ram decided he did not want to go with the Cheviots into the barn and turned and ran away with the Romneys.  Dan gathered them back and the ram did not want to go in the barn again, so I wrangled him and just as I got him in the barn and Dan was standing next to me, the ram saw Dan and was loaded for bear and just was going to cream him.  The look in his eye, and his kneeling, just about kneeling forward stance... well, I did not want my Dan to get hurt.  So, I picked up a board and fought him  back.  If I had not done that, he would have knocked me over to get to Dan, simple as that.  Now, Dan has gone after this ram before and will again, but when a ram is in breeding form and wants to be with his girls, there are not a lot of brains operating, and I thought to save everyone from injury, I would handle it.  Today will be interesting... We will see if the ram causes trouble again. 

Anyway, after all that, and working Joe, I got some fencing up on the gate, and also tied the stock panel that had come un-tied to the post... I have to get some new panels and get them up.  Hopefully things are a bit more solid to prevent the dogs from getting in should they chose... I don't know though.

So, wish me luck on the ram front (he's for sale) and also finding a camper!

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