Monday, October 1, 2012

My computer is on it's last legs, so I have borrowed a lap top.   Now I NEED to get a new computer... But, not until after I have paid my taxes next week.  I swear, if I won the lottery, I would just set aside tax money until I died....  and pay everything off ;0)

The puniest lamb is doing better and he color is coming back.  Glad I treated those who needed it.  Still have some of that wormer left, so will keep checking everyone- especially the lambs.  I cleaned out part of the barn on Saturday, and now my back hurts a bit- that hay loading I did really did a number on my back.  Anyway, still a couple more areas to go, but it's better.  Sheep are otherwise good.  One of the new Romney girls has been marked, and even if I didn't have a marker on the ram, you would know who he has bred by how he sticks so close to his "favorite" girl.    He must be very happy lately. 

Worked Joe both Sat and Sun, he's doing well, and now, when he takes off, he knows it's for an outrun, as opposed, generally to being wild and crazy.  I do like working him.

Had a nice dinner at my parent's last night, pork roast with browned potatoes.  Any meal with potatoes is a hit with me.  I had to work Sunday, so my day was sort of off kilter.   This week Charlie and I will get more done, and I will continue the usual stuff.  No trials coming up, but that's okay.  I could use the no spending of money time!  Gas is enough to kill any un-necessary spending anyway!

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