Friday, October 5, 2012

I paid my taxes yesterday, thank GOD.  This year was extremely difficult because of the car purchase, but I got it done.  I also purchased a new computer yesterday- two of them.  Yes, two of them.  The first one the optical disc reader did not work, and I drove back and got a replacement.  The second one, guess what?  SAME STUPID THING.  I am so annoyed.  I spent hours on that.  At least my router worked well.  So, today I bring it back.  I want nothing to do with that particular model, and I want something with more RAM, as the tech guy hinted that 4 gig RAM is not enough.  So, at some point today I will go deal with that.  I need a new computer, just one that all parts work, eh?

I am not in the best mood- never am when I have to work weekends.  Oh well, the money is duly needed, so I will deal with it.  No work for Joe yesterday, too wet and icky.  Also, a day off is not a bad thing for a pup.

Was really warm last night; had the window open.  Slept really hard last night.  Had Ginger Snaps and milk for dinner- that was good.  Have to hit the grocery store today too.  And more gas in the car... the killer.

Let's hope I get a functioning computer later today................

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